The Red Pyramid in Dahshur

The Red Pyramid in Dahshur

The Red Pyramid Is The First True Pyramid In Egypt That Leads You To Suspense Without Any Hesitation

Rows of green trees take you to a desert road that was the way since 7 thousand years ago in Dahshur district; It’s located at a short distance from Saqqara to find The Red Pyramid of King Snefru in front of you; which was built in the 4th Dynasty to be the first successful structure of the pyramids.

This pyramid of the king Snefru is the third pyramid in Egypt in the height after the pyramid of his son Khufu; also his grandson Khafre; But it is the oldest, as its age exceeded seven thousand years.

Ensure that once you arrive at the Red Pyramid, your legs will take you to the entrance of the pyramid without any hesitation or even a moment of thought; as you will feel as if something is calling you to begin the stunning discovery.

The Red Pyramid in Dahshur

The Red Pyramid in Dahshur
by krunstrom

Climbing Red Pyramid

You will find that climbing down inside the pyramid is very easy and suitable for all ages. Although the height of the pyramid reaches 104 meters, its entrance is only about 28 meters from the ground; which made climbing a comfortable adventure full of enthusiasm. At this point, the suspense will begin at a steep small horizontal passageway with 60 meters where you will be inside the first True Pyramid in the ancient Egyptian Civilization after the experience of the bent pyramid, and in the middle of the technique that was the Giza Pyramids had been built with.

Inside The Pyramid

While you walk inside the Pyramid and the adventure soul leads you to go far more seeing these cold and silent passageways to be surprised with the stone blocks that had been set side with each other wondering how the ancient Egyptians carried these blocks and pasted them with this ingenuity, you will be in front of the burial chamber after ending the second chamber. You can go to the 2nd  chamber by a low, rectangular passageway, which is positioned roughly 8 meters high off the ground.

After ending your tour inside the Red pyramid and witness these two chambers, which are about the same size, with high walls, and a corbelled ceiling, you can go to a wooden ladder that will take you up to the entrance, about 8m above the floor level.

Entry to the Red Pyramid

Entry to the Red Pyramid
by Jorge Lascar

Outside Pyramid

After going out of the pyramid, look up to the top and think the same as King Snefru thought. Due to the severe structural issues that Snefru encountered while building the Bent Pyramid; the previous pyramid of building the Red Pyramid, Snefru decided to build this pyramid at a small distance to the North; and following the same angle from bottom to top – 43 degrees.

That was how this pyramid is the first, perfect, complete Pyramid in history; that became the “blueprint” for all future Pyramids; which appeared during the 4th, 5th, and 6th dynasties.

This pyramid of Snefru also has another name, the Red Pyramid; as the core of the pyramid is from red limestone. It was originally encased with white limestone, but that has gone missing over the years. And about his second name, which is the North Pyramid as this pyramid is located at the North of the Dahshur cemetery.

Inside the Red Pyramid

Inside the Red Pyramid
by Jorge Lascar

Some Notes You Need To Put In Your Consideration

  • If you feel not comfortable in the enclosed spaces, do not go inside the pyramid.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and cotton clothes.
  • Bring plenty of water to drink, and do not worry, there are clean toilets.

Related FAQ

What is special about the Red Pyramid?

Red Pyramid in Dahshur

It stood before the largest pyramid ever constructed. Possibly the most significant pyramid ever built in Ancient Egypt was the Red Pyramid. It was the first pyramid to have smooth-sided sides; the Great Pyramid of Giza, an even more magnificent building, took its design cues from it.

Why was the Red Pyramid called the Red Pyramid?

The Red Pyramid name

The Red Pyramid, the tallest structure in Dahshur, got its name because of the stones' reddish-rusty color. It was once a stunning pure white of Tura limestone, south of contemporary Cairo, instead of its current hue. This white limestone used to construct the casing of every pyramid was still being used in the Middle Ages.

What is inside the Red Pyramid?

The name of king Sneferu was written in red ink on the facing rocks; which is why it was given the nickname "red pyramid." The third funeral chamber of the red pyramid is a rare architectural marvel where the ceiling stones gradually overflow. The red pyramid comprises three funeral rooms.

When was Red Pyramid built?

Pharaoh Sneferu of the Old Kingdom constructed the Red Pyramid, his third pyramid, between 2575 and 2551 BCE.

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