How The Magic Lake Offer A Touch The Same As Magical Sticks On Your Body & Soul With Blue Clay!

The Magic Lake Dahab

An enchanting scene of blue waters in the middle of the yellow sandy land in the wonderful desert of Dahab. And if you reach the clay inside this crystal lake, here will be the surprise. Hence, it was called the magical lake. The Magic Lake is so named because it is famous for its healing blue mud similar to that of the Dead Sea. If you put this dark-grey clay that shines with blue color on your body. It will be a touch of magic sticks that will rid you of rheumatic diseases, acne and, wrinkles, and skin diseases.

The Magic Lake in Dahab is also healing the relief pain from joints, cleaning and refresh skin, nourish skin, easing rheumatic pains, relaxing muscles and providing inner calmness, and improving the skin’s natural processes. This lake in Dahab is the best place for recreation. The calmness of this lake and the charm of its beauty. Its magical clay are enough to make you a new person free from pain, stress, and pressure and with pure skin free of any problems.

All you need to do is to relax in the heart of the lake to get out of any pressure. And then put some of this mud with a thick layer and let it dry. After that by using the freshwater rinse off it.

You can also practice various sports activities in this magical lake, such as swimming, snorkeling, and windsurfing. Near the lake, there are many restaurants and cafes that serve the most delicious local cuisine.

How To Arrive There

Reach the Blue Hole. And from there you will take a boat or a camel to take you to the magical lake.