The Lagoon Dahab

The Lagoon Dahab

The Lagoon Dahab Is A Spot Out Of The Planet With Magical Nature – Unique Calmness & Amazing Scenes

The Lagoon Dahab

The Lagoon Dahab by Tim Sheerman-Chase

Lay on golden sandy soft land, and look towards the magic of this crystal turquoise sea. Take a deep breath from a clear atmosphere at this transparent nature full of dazzling scenes. The orange and brown Sinai Mountains greet the Sun at the sunrise to shine the fantastic mixture of nature’s colors. The Sun hands magically extend to illuminate the charming nature around you to spend an imaginary time feeling like you are outside the earth. You are in a magical area. Then, these mountains that surround you become golden-red color at sunset. And with amazement, the lightning stars spread in the clear blue sky above you. Welcome to the magic of  The Lagoon Dahab.

A lively morning that is mixed with the entirely calm, and relaxed night that is blended with romance. Simple life provides you with a peaceful soul, relieving yourself of any stress. Here in The Lagoon Dahab, you will fell in love with the simplicity and the silence. You hear only the sound of blue water when the breezes caress it that passes over your body as if they carry infinite happiness to your spirit. It is an oasis of tranquility

Actually, Another musical rhythm that comes in harmony with this nature music. It is the unique Bedouin rhythm that comes with the night with candles illuminate your night at these charming Bedouin tents in The Lagoon Dahab.

Before this shiny night come, spend a time of your day at this tongue that separates the lagoon miraculously. The beauty of the lagoon, with its clear crystal water, attracts you to relax your body in its sparkling turquoise color. And above you, a clear white sky.

Activities To Do  In This Rare Spot in The World In Dahab!

A unique Bedouin breakfast is accompanied by a day in the turquoise waters of diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing. Warm, soft sand receives your body with tenderness to find your comfort and purify your soul through a unique nature. Then, find an adventure in skiing on the sand. And also with following the Bedouins on a journey in the Sinai mountains.

Take a short walk to the mountains, and roam around the amazing cliffs. Relish a unique sunrise or the sunset, viewing unforgettable sense over the entire Blue Lagoon that gathers the sea with the mountains. The Lagoon Dahab is a great atmosphere for meditation.

With the appearance of the first star in the sky, receive your amazing night in the midst of complete calm with fun in the Bedouin tents. Enjoy the Bedouin tea with its unique taste, and Barbecue dinner with festivals and the fantastic Bedouin atmosphere.

You can spend your overnight at “Huschas.” They are small huts built by the Bedouins to enjoy a simple & comfortable accommodation in The Lagoon Dahab. Also, you can find high-quality hotels for your accommodation.

Related FAQ

Where is the Blue Lagoon in Egypt?

Approximately 15 kilometres north of the Egyptian city of Dahab sits the beautiful Blue Lagoon.

Is the Blue Lagoon natural?

In close proximity to the Svartsengi geothermal power plant, the Blue Lagoon originally appeared in 1976. Contrary to popular belief, the lagoon is a man-made swimming pool rather than a naturally occurring hot spring. It is sewage from a power plant looking for steam and hot water.

Is the Blue Lagoon safe?

Blue Lagoon Safety

In other words, even though Iceland is home to numerous naturally occurring hot springs, it is not one of them. The water in the lagoon is nonetheless incredibly pure, safe, and all-natural. The lagoon's warm waters are teeming with minerals, silica, and algae that have descended hundreds of feet below the surface.

Can you swim in the Blue Lagoon?

Swimming lazily is ideal at the Blue Lagoon. Its warm, milky waters are unsuitable for vigorous activity. In a same vein, diving is forbidden everywhere.

What is special about Dahab?

Dahab is one of the most attractive cities in the world with its moderate climate and pouring waves that gently approach the coast.

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