The Hanging Church Cairo

The Hanging Church Cairo

 In The Heart Of Spot Of  Three Religions, Historical Towers Carry Unique Basilica style. It is The Hanging Church Cairo.

In a holy area, where you cross through Amr Ibn al-As Mosque and the Jewish Ibn Ezra synagogue, going in a unique historical and privileged location, a meeting point of civilizations and religions; to find yourself amid a rare spot of history as you will be surrounded by historical architectures for three religions and while you are in this magic, a spot carries for you sacred steps that will take you to a unique architectural charm. It is The Hanging Church Cairo.

Follow the steps of the Holy Family in search of a safe haven away from the oppression of the Roman Emperor, Herod. That is how you reach The Hanging Church in Cairo. It was where Mary and her child had reached so that you will be in arms. Holy events you will cross through and live on your road to The Hanging Church Cairo.

The Hanging Church Cairo

An amazing archaeological entity described as one of the most ancient religious monuments in the world. Its design takes Basilica style. This church was on the ruins of another great historical monument. It was erected on two towers of the old Roman fort (Fortress of Babylon), that Emperor Trajan built in the second century AD. These remains of the Fortress are still visible. That is why the Virgin Mary Church had taken the nickname of The Hanging Church Cairo.

Unique basilica art wonder

So, in the remains of majestic historic architecture, you will wander around the majestic historic building, to be in aThe Hanging church Cairo mix of the fragrance of history, living a unique allure that will begin once going into the gate of Babylon Fortress, finding the two giant towers rising highly, to advertise unique basilica art, which will make you race to see this wonder, while you will be in the first seat of the patriarchs in Cairo.

Iron gates under a pointed stone arch will lead you to a long corridor that will push you through the history of the early Christian era to live these events with the hanging decorations and drawings, finding yourself arrive at a basaltic staircase of 23 steps, reaching the first floor of The Hanging Church Cairo.


There, you will begin your tour inside this historical church that was as a humble construction in the 3rd century; establishing on palm logs and stones as a foundation.

Thirteen magnificent pillars in its interior, representing Jesus and his 12 apostles, will attract you to live with the ancient liturgical Coptic language and witness a living vestige of Ancient Egyptian history; to find another charm calls you in the wall above the altar.

The Beautiful lotus-shaped inlaid wooden panels decorate The Hanging Church Cairo. While you live the dazzle of this unique Coptic art, some influence from Islamic art traditions is there to achieve a fantastic combination in the Hanging Church Cairo decorations.

You will stand at the eastern side of the church, a door leading you to the oldest part of the building; as three sanctuaries will be surrounding you. In front of you, in the middle; there is the structure that is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, on your left; there is St. George, while the right section is dedicated to John the Baptist. Each sanctuary prepares for you a surprise of painted baldachins placed above the altars.

Unique basilica art wonder


While a wooden screen will take you to the magic of unique art and is richly geometric patterns and crosses in ebony and ivory. These precious icons crowned this wooden screen. Raise your eyes up to find two bell towers loom above the church; they formed resemble Noah’s ark.

Hanging Church Cairo visiting means cutting a distance at the magic of the Coptic Cairo to reach a stone facade inscribed with Coptic and Arabic marks. At this time, you will be at the entrance to the 9th century inside the Hanging Church Cairo. You will find each inch carries a great story.

The Hanging Church

While three barrel-vaulted, wood-roofed aisles will get you the chance to go deeper into this magnificence. There you will stand among 110 icons, including a series of inscriptions. These decorations get you the chance to be a witness to the life and torturing of St George and the life of St John the Baptist.

These Intricate geometric designs that are distinguishable from Islamic patterns only by the tiny crosses date from the 9th century; but the 1st establishment of  Hanging Church Cairo is as early as the 3rd century AD; which makes it one of the oldest Christian religious site in Egypt.

Info You Need To Know About Hanging Church Cairo

The Hanging Church Cairo is about 30 minutes from Downtown Cairo. It is in the heart of Old Coptic Cairo in the Old Cairo district. This spot includes the concentration of Christian churches and other Christian sites dating from the centuries between the decline of the Pharaonic religion and the arrival of Islam, as almost Egypt was Christians.

The church’s daily opening hours every day from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and there is no entry fees.

Related FAQ

Why do they call it the Hanging Church?

Hanging Church Name

The church had the name The Hanging Church because its nave is suspended over a passageway; its location is above a gatehouse of Babylon Fortress, the Roman fortress in Coptic Cairo (Old Cairo).

Where is the Hanging Church located in Egypt?

The Hanging Church is a short distance from the Babylon Fortress and its location is in Old Coptic Cairo (Masr al-Qadima); which was Heliopolis Nome in ancient Egypt.

How old is the Hanging Church?

The church dates back to the ninth century, but the church's first location in the third century AD, making it one of the oldest Christian religious sites in Egypt.

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