The Bent Pyramid in Dahshur

The Bent Pyramid in Dahshur

How History Will be Running In Front of You at The Bent Pyramid

bent pyramid

Bent Pyramid is the 2nd pyramid that had been built in the ancient Egyptian civilization. It led us to the right technique of building thebent pyramid pyramids. So, when visiting the bent pyramid, you will be inside the mind of the ancient Egyptians.

You will uncover how Senfru thinking developed up to build the 1st true pyramid in history. It is the red pyramid in north Dahshur. Then Giza pyramids came to amaze the whole world and become the 1st important monument in the world sightseeing.

So, do not give up on seeing the whole history with your own eyes by visiting the bent pyramid. Yes there, you will be in the right place to search in the mystery of one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, the Khufu Pyramid.

When arriving at the Bent Pyramid, you will find a curved pyramid with a height of about 121 meters. The length of each side at its base is about 188.1 m. The pyramid has two angles of inclination. The first of 54 degrees, up to a height of 49, and the second 48 degrees up to a height of 52 meters.

bent pyramid

The pyramid has two entrances. The first is on the northern side at the height of 12 meters, leading to a long descending corridor of 79.5 meters. From it, you can arrive at the exhibit hall with a truncated roof.

bent pyramid

And then to an irregular corridor leading to the right side of it to the western entrance of the pyramid. While the left side leads to the unfinished burial chamber. In which there are wooden beams of cedarwood. There, you will know the full story of building the pyramids.

How To Make your own eyes a witness for The whole Story Of Building the First shape of a real Pyramid in History by spending charming time visiting the bent pyramid!

Bent Pyramid

In the 27th century, BC Senfru, the founder of the Fourth Dynasty in ancient Egypt, which ruled 2600 BC and called “The greatest Egyptian mason,” had decided to build a tomb in a pyramid shape after building the Meidum Pyramid, the Egyptian monument, which is a secret of the ancient Pharaonic civilization. But most historians agreed that Meidum built to be for the Ka or the soul of the King.

And despite the passage of more than 46 centuries after its establishment, it still carries many mysteries; even historians and the most famous Egyptologists in history were unable to classify its appearance, as some assert that it is a complete pyramid, forming a link between the Saqqara pyramid of Djoser, which was built Sixty years before the date of the Meidum construction, and among the known shape of the pyramids.

bent pyramid

In fact, it does not take a pyramid shape. But it appears in the middle of the desert in the form of huge cubes, made up of three steps. There is a layer that covers them that made them flat, to the point of making them more like a real pyramid.

But when building the Bent Pyramid, The Southern Shining pyramid for the ancient Egyptians, a reference to the fact that it built at the southern edge of Dahshur, Senfru ordered to build in a technique that would result in the explicit shape of the pyramid. And already the pyramid was beginning to rise at an angle of 58 degrees. But when the construction reached half the pyramid’s height, they discovered that the angle was large. It was after the pyramid reached 49 m.

bent pyramid

If they continued to erect the pyramid at the same first angle, then the pyramid would have risen more than expected. And the pyramid engineer noticed that the inner walls had already started to crack, and the base of the pyramid could not bear this weight. So, engineers built a retaining wall that made the angle of inclination 55 degrees, then completed the construction with a curved angle.

How The Bent Pyramid Led To Building The Exact Shape of the Pyramidal Forms In History!

After that, Senefru took advantage of this technique by building his giant pyramid but with the right degrees and called it the North Pyramid, and it was called the Red Pyramid, which is located about 1.8 kilometers north of the curved pyramid in Dahshour.

That is how the Bent Pyramid is where the history is running in front of you to tell the full story behind the most important artifacts in the world

Your visit to the Giza Pyramids will not complete without visiting Dahshour Pyramids. There, you see the first building took the shape of a pyramid. It is the Bent Pyramid. Then to the first true pyramid, which is the Red Pyramid. That will make the picture in front of you complete and clear.

How Will Be Your Tour Inside The Bent Pyramid

When you go inside the Bent Pyramid, you will be inside a masterpiece where the workers did not know what this construction would be in the future! But in fact, they were building a foundation that has led to building a great history. So, what had those workers set! What about the entrances, corridors? And how the burial chamber looks like!

bent pyramid

The internal structure of the Bent Pyramid will surprise you.

There are two internal structures with two entrances on the North and West sides.bent pyramid

From the north, a passage leads down to an antechamber. Its roof made of different courses, with each course projecting more inwards than the course below. The pyramid at the Meidum building also followed this technique called corbelling.

When you arrive at the burial chamber, you will also find a corbelled roof is located above the antechamber. It is not the only burial chamber. But there is a second entrance, in the West face of the pyramid. It leads down via a descending passage to a horizontal corridor. There, you find the second burial chamber. Behind these portcullises, there is a corbelled roof.

This second burial chamber is at a higher level than the 1st burial chamber. There is a passage that connects these chambers.

bent pyramid

Inside this pyramid, you will ask in confusion if the king’s body is here or inside the Meidum pyramid. We are still waiting for future detections to reveal for us this fact. But what we are certain of is that the majestic of history appears obviously in this great masterpiece.

Related FAQ

Why was the Bent Pyramid bent?

Reasons to bent the Pyramid in Dahshur

It seems "bent" because the slope changes halfway; the bottom section of the pyramid was built at an angle of 54 degrees, but the top part was erected at an angle of 43 degrees.

Was the Bent Pyramid a mistake?

Secrets about Bent Pyramid

Sneferu's bent pyramid is the southernmost and was completed earliest. The architect made a significant mistake during building and didn't notice it until the pyramid reached 48 meters in height, causing them to finish the pyramid with an inclination instead of a smooth service.

What was the Bent Pyramid used for?

The 101-meter "bent" pyramid for the king Sneferu, which represents an important development in the history of pyramid building, has just been made public in Egypt.

What is unique about the Bent Pyramid?

Bent Pyramid in Dahshur

The Bent Pyramid is thought to be the first attempt in history to try and build a smooth-sided pyramid, which is one of the most significant facts about it. The only pyramids before this one were "step pyramids," which were just flat platforms built on top of one another.

What happened to the Bent Pyramid?

Egypt made the decision to reopen the Bent Pyramid to tourists in July 2019 for the first time since 1965. Two 4600-year-old chambers are accessible to visitors via a 79-meter-long, constrained tunnel constructed from the pyramid's northern entrance.

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