Mosque-Madrasa of Sultan Hassan – Cairo

Mosque-Madrasa of Sultan Hassan – Cairo

Get To Know The 4TH Pyramid In Egypt By Visiting Sultan Hassan mosque

Learn about a ruler who had controlled Egypt, the land of history, twice; the first time when he was only 13 years old. The ruler who was chased by princes, high officials, and the army attacked. So, he escaped, and no one has known his way till now. Other secrets wait for you in the Sultan Hassan Mosque.

Follow our tour guide to the end of Muhammad Ali Street in front of the Al-Rifai Mosque. You are in the Salah Al-Din Citadel Square (Salah Al-Din Square). There, you will go back in time to the period between (1356 AD till 1363 AD). As you arrive at the Mosque-Madrassa Of Sultan Hassan. Each inch in the way to arrive at the mosque carries a great story from history. So, that your way to Sultan Hassan Mosque means to go further with your feet in the hiddens of history. You will lose your sense of the current time. As you will enter historical times to live the thrill of majestic events.

Sultan Hassan Mosque

Since in 1356 AD, Sultan Hassan bin Muhammad bin Qalawun decided to build this remarkable monument in his second time ruling Egypt. But the Sultan was killed before the completion of this greatest construction among the Islamic artifacts. And the body of Sultan Hassan has disappeared to this day.

So, Sultan Hassan was deprived of burial in the great mausoleum that he had built for himself in the mosque. But his sons were buried there.

About The 4th pyramid In Egypt

Actually, when you arrive at the Mosque Of Sultan Hassan; you will realize why it is considered the 4th pyramid in Egypt. You will see a remarkable mosque that combines the strength of construction and greatness, the leaf of decoration, and beauty.

The French orientalist Gaston Viet said it deserves to be in the first rank of Arab architecture, thanks to its high dome, the height of its minarets, the greatness of its breadth, the grandeur, and the abundance of its decorations.

So, if the pyramids are the most stunning features of Ancient Egypt, Sultan Hassan Madrassa is that of Islamic Egypt. Let me tell you that when going around Egypt, the Levant, Iraq, Morocco, and Yemen, you will be certain that Sultan Hassan Mosque is the most beautiful memorable monument in the Islamic world. You can see this remarkable monument yourself.

The Greatness Of the Mosque From Inside!

Sultan Hassan mosque has a rectangular shape with irregular sides. The largest length of which is 150 meters, the longest width is 68 meters, and it is free from all sides. Therefore, the mosque has four facades. The main facade is located on the northern side, which is 145 meters long and 37.80 meters high.

When you enter through the huge brass door of the mosque, you will find directly in front of you a facade made of mosaics with exquisite Islamic geometric patterns.

Then you will be in a huge courtyard with a square shape, 34.60 meters long, and is furnished with marble, and in the center is a fountain for ablution topped by a wooden dome set on eight columns.

Sultan Hassan Mosque

Around the fountain for ablution, there are four perpendicular iwans – rooms of three sides – and next to each iwan; there is a door to one of the four madrasas, and behind each door are four floors containing approximately 150 teaching rooms.

In the middle of the iwan, there is “Dekkat Al-Mouballegh,”; which is the bench where the Takbeers of prayer repeat behind the imam – stunning marble columns decorate this bench dazzlingly.

You will charm with the mihrab, Pryer Niche, it marble decorated with pieces of golden inscriptions. Also, on the right of the mihrab, you find the white marble minbar, Pulpit. This  Pulpit has a stunning door made of wood laminated with a copper corrugated star.

Sultan Hassan Mosqu

About The Enchantment Of Sultan Hassan Mosque Mausoleum

In fact, you will enchant by the mausoleum of Sultan Hassan Mosque that set in the left of the door of the mihrab in the mosque; a high dome surmounting it and the muqarnas Stalactites. bas-reliefs that resemble honeycombs are surrounding this dome. Luxurious marble covers the walls of this mausoleum.

Inside each inch at this mosque are wonders of the architecture of exquisite and very delicate decoration. Ensure that whatever the description of this remarkable Islamic building that you will read. Also, is not the same as you see it yourself, visiting the Sultan Hassan Mosque.

Info You Need To Know About the Mosque of Sultan Hassan

  • The Entrance Fee for Sultan Hassan Madrassa and Refaai Mosque (Islamic Cairo)  is 80 L.E.
  • The open hours for Sultan Hassan Mosque from 9 a.m; to 5 p.m.

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Why was the Sultan Hassan mosque built?

Importance of Sultan Hassan Mosque

Between 1365 and 1363, Sultan Hassan, the Mamluk monarch, constructed this mosque. The Sultan Hassan mosque's location was crucial due to how close it was to the Salah El Din fortification; which stood where the Palace of Yalbugha al-Yahawws once stood.

What is the significance of a minaret?

Minarets in The Mosques

They helped to distinguish mosques from the nearby architecture and acted as a reminder that the area was Islamic. They served as representations of the political and religious might of the Muslim tyrants who constructed them.

Why do mosques have 4 towers?

These towers were constructed as "landmarks of Islam" in order to be seen from a distance and to imbue a location with an Islamic identity.

What is the top part of a mosque called?

In truth, The minaret, a tall, slender tower that is typically located at one of the mosque structure's corners; is a popular element of mosques. In mosques with minarets; the top of the tower is always the highest point and frequently the highest point nearby.

What is a mosque tower called?

Mosque Towers Name

In fact, A mosque may have a tall tower next to it or attached to it. It is made to ensure that everyone in a town or city can clearly hear the call to prayer, which is broadcast from mosques five times every day.

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