The Karnak Sound and Light Show brings ancient Thebes’ epic history to life. The exhibition tells the story of some of Egypt’s greatest pharaohs; complete with beautiful descriptions of the ancient artefacts. Pharaohs appear to recount the story of their fascinating lives as tourists stroll through the complex of temples; while melancholy music strangely flows through this ancient city. Ancient and beautiful voices inform visitors about the founding of Karnak temple and the heroic exploits of pharaohs and the god Amun. Listening to sound effects and gazing at the spectacular ruins lighted during the well-presented presentation is an amazing and magical experience.

Why will you enjoy this trip:

  • In night, enjoy a wonderful display at the Great Karnak Temple.
  • In a show of light and music; walk through the halls and statues.
  • Very convenient — pick-up and drop-off from/to your Luxor location
  • It’s appropriate for people of all ages and genders.
  • Hear the narrative of the temple’s construction from the pharaohs who built it.


Luxor and Aswan Travel will pick you up from your Nile Cruise / hotel in Luxor after dusk for a magnificent 1 hour show at the ancient complex of Karnak temples. The performance begins as you go down Sphinx Avenue; halting at the imposing facade that leads to the great court and the magnificent hypostyle hall. Walking through the complex; a booming Pharaoh’s voice recounts the history of rulers who contributed to the construction of Egypt’s largest temple; which dates back over 2000 years and includes additions made by rulers such as Tutankhamon, Ramses II; and Queen Hatshepsut, as well as Greek and Roman leaders.

The second portion of the Luxor Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple begins with you selecting a seat overlooking the sacred lake as the complex is illuminated and the Egyptian drama unfolds. While the show is appropriate for people of all ages, the land in and around Karnak is uneven; so please wear comfortable flat walking shoes. After the tour; you will be taken back to your Nile Cruise or Luxor Hotel.