Qaroun Lake

Qaroun Lake

Qaroun Lake

Why Your Soul Will Dance In The Qaroun Lake, Where You Will Be Charmed With The Eras!

Be A Witness Via Eras From Prehistoric Ages Till Now In Qaroun Lake, it is the oldest natural lake in the world where the fresh air breeze takes you to travel through eras until reaching the world before humanity, as you will find the marine, river, and continental fossils deposits that date back about 40 million years back, including the huge Fayum animal that resembles rhinos. 

Animals lived near the Lake

There was a huge estuary with sedimentary cycles where the ancient elephants lived with the Fayum animal and the hippopotamus, as well as dolphins. There are also sharks and ancestors of birds that live in Africa. All these fossils you can see with your own eyes when you walk on the banks of this lake.

Cross with the time to the first civilizations with the Qaroun Lake, as you will live the story of many important historical monuments representing the cultural heritage that dates back to the Roman and Pharaonic era. When you arrive at “Bahr Youssef, “you will see one of the Pharaonic projects up and running from the 19th  century BC until now, which is one of the ancient water channels established by King Amenemhat II to supply Lake Qaroun with floodwaters. It originates from the city of Dayrut in Assiut, and then passes through the governorates of Minya and Beni Suef until it reaches the lake.

Monuments near Qaroun Lake

Qasr Al-Sagha

One of the most famous of these monuments is Qasr Al-Sagha, which is located to the north of Qaroun Lake. It dates back to the Middle Pharaonic State, and it is a small temple

Abolifa Monastery

In addition, the monastery of “Abolifa,” which was established in the era of monasticism, is about 3 kilometers from Qasr Al-Sagha in the belly of the mountain and in an elevated area far from the oppression of the Romans, and there is also the temple of “Dimiyat al-Sebaa,” which dates back to the Roman era, and from the Greek era there is the city of “Biskinobaios.” 

Qasr Qarun Temple

The “Qasr Qarun” temple, which dates back to the Greek and Roman age, was used by priests to worship the god “Dionysius,” the god of wine and love for the Romans, and the god Sobek, the god of fertility and military prowess, an ancient Egyptian god, which was in the form of a man with a crocodile head, this palace was used to store grain. Also, there are the Pharaonic quarries, which date back to 2500 BC, which are interconnected archaeological units.

Qarun  Lake Reserve

Live The Magic of the nature in Qarun  Lake Reserve, While history carries you through its years, you will be charmed with this nature reserve that includes 88 species of birds, the most important of which are the blue gull, the hook, the Abu Muallaqa, the ducks, the hawks, the grouse, and the flamingo, in addition to 17 types of wild plants, including the harpy plant, the sour intellect, the grouse, the goby, the fortune teller. In addition to, 10 Species of fish include tilapia, plaice, mullet, Tobar, seabream, Kurumi, shrimp, eel, and catfish.

When you fall in love with the various birds’ songs that will attract your soul to pump the meaning of happiness and wishes inside your heart to feel energized with enthusiasm, you will get to know that the Qarun Reserve is a warm haven for tens of thousands of birds that escape from the bitter winter of Europe, and these birds usually breed on the islands of the reserve, especially the islands of Hammoud and the Golden Horn, and although Hammoud Island does not exceed a square kilometer, it is the most important place for the breeding of birds, because its land is higher than the surface of the water and the land surrounding the lake, which preserves migratory and resident birds

Prepare yourself for the surprise of meeting the Egyptian mongoose, red fox, and other mammals, some of which are at risk of extinction.  That is how Qaroun Lake.

Your Soul Will Dance With This Unique Nature Reserve That Keeps Secrets about the Pre-historic Eras

The Strange Nature Of The Qaroun Lake

Qaroun Lake is the third largest lake in Egypt with 44.3 meters and 44.8 meters under sea level, and average water depth is about 4.2 meters in total. More than 75% of the area of the lake’s depth (2-5), and about 20% of surface-depth (5 to 8) meters, it not connected to any sea. 

And despite the river origin of the lake, it has salty water, which made it the home of some marine fish, in a miracle that scientists have spoken about. So, it has become an important source of Nile & Marine fish wealth, where dozens of species of fish live in it, such as tilapia, mossy, mullet, sea bream, eel, catfish, and shrimp.

Twenty-seven kilometers northwest of the Fayoum, and fifty kilometers west of the Nile, you can live all that magic.

Related FAQ

Where is Qarun located?

In Egypt, Fayoum.

Can you swim in Qarun lake?

The lake is a popular destination for locals to go swimming, and the season lasts all year long. However, due to the cooler weather from January to April, swimming is not advised.

Are there any lakes in Egypt?

Seven large lakes—Nasser Lake (High Dam Lake), Moreis Lake (Qarun Lake), Mariout Lake, Edko Lake, Burullus Lake, Manzilah Lake, and Bardawil Lake—have a combined surface area of 3,600 square miles in Egypt.

How deep is Qarun lake?

The average water depth in the lake is 4.2 metres, and its level varies between 44.3 and 44.8 metres below sea level. More than 75% of the lake's area is below two metres in depth, while only 20% is over five to eight metres in depth. Agriculture drainage and domestic wastewater are the lake's main water sources.

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