Dahshur Pyramids

Dahshur Pyramids

Live the Full History of Building the Pyramids in Ancient Egyptian Civilization In Pyramids of Dahshur Area

The same as the ancient Egyptians who had lived directly on the Nile; you can spend a time at the south area of Memphis Cemetery that looks over the Nile directly, 71 kilometers from the Giza plateau, and walk through the pharaohs’ steps where they had built royal pyramids with magnificent treasure and a collection of unique monuments. It is the Pyramids of Dahshur area, where you find the first complete pyramid in the ancient Egyptian civilization, which is the Red Pyramid or the North Pyramid.

pyramids of dahshur

Pyramids of Dahshur Is Where You Will Be a Witness of the Story for Building the Pyramids in the History.

Giza Pyramids

The Giza Pyramids are the most attractive sightseeing in the whole world, which touches the sky thousands of years ago and narrates a great story of challenge and creativity in architecture. And the Pyramids of Dahshur are where you find artifacts tell the history of building the pyramids and how they developed up to the pyramid of Khufu in the Giza plateau, one of the ancient seven wonders.

The height of the Red Pyramid is 99 meters, while the height of the Khufu pyramid is 146.5 meters. Hence, it is clear how Egyptian architecture developed to reach the pyramid of Khufu.


So, in case you need to live the full history of building the pyramids in the ancient Egyptian civilization from the beginning up to the Giza pyramids and feel that the ancient Egyptians are carrying the great stones in front of you to follow creative engineering drawings that would result in building the pyramids of the Dahshur till building the Giza pyramids, Pyramids of Dahshur invite you to come.

In the southern wing of Saqqara, which is the first stone structure in history, you will find the Dahshur Rocky Plateau that Snefru, the father of the king Khufu, had chosen to build the Snefru pyramid that is called the Bend pyramid, and followed it with the Red pyramid or the North pyramid that was the first one had taken the form of the pyramid correctly and that the Giza pyramids had taken.

Pyramids of Dahshur are where you found the most important archaeological treasures, as more than one archaeological discovery of gold was found inside its pyramids and tombs, besides extensive tomb complexes that were built for queens and nobility from Memphis up until the 13th Dynasty in the Middle Kingdom.

That is why Dahshur is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Pyramids Inside Dahshur Area

pyramids of dahshur

The Red Pyramid


pyramids of dahshur

Step Pyramid of Zoser


pyramids of dahshur

The Bent Pyramid


dahshur pyramids

Pyramid of Unas


King Chefren Pyramid

The Black Pyramid


In the Middle Kingdom, some of the kings of the Twelfth Dynasty, who are Amenemhat II, Senusret III, and Amenemhat III, built their pyramids there.

So, you will find the most important pyramids that the Dahshur district includes; are the Bent pyramid of King Senefru, The Red pyramid of King Senefru, The pyramid of King Amenemhat II, The pyramid of King Senusret III that had included a precious collection of jewels and gold and this treasure is displayed in many global museums, and the Black Pyramid, which is the last pyramids of Dynasty 12, built by King Amenemhat III, the sixth king of the Twelfth Dynasty.

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Related FAQ

How many pyramids are there in Dahshur?

Dahshur Pyramids

Seven pyramids' worth of ruins, as well as enormous tomb complexes constructed for royalty from Memphis to the Middle Kingdom's 13th Dynasty, have been found during excavations in Dahshur.

Who built the pyramids at Dahshur?

In fact, Sneferu, the father of Khufu, who constructed the Great Pyramid at Giza, constructed the Bent Pyramid in Dahshur before the end of the 27th century BC. It serves as a significant developmental stage for the construction of pyramids. At Dashur, Sneferu constructed several pyramids, but the Bent Pyramid was the first.

How old is Dahshur?

Dahshur Age

It is well renowned for its several pyramids, two of which were constructed between 2613 and 2589 BC and are among the oldest, largest, and best preserved in all of Egypt.

Why is Dahshur pyramid bent?

In truth, Kurt Mendelssohn postulated in 1974 that the angle shift was a security measure in response to the disastrous collapse of the Meidum Pyramid while it was still being built. A shift in ideology could have led Sneferu to give up the Meidum Pyramid and accompanying Step Pyramid.

Where is Dahshur pyramid located?

In fact, South of Cairo, on the west bank of the Nile, is where you'll find the Dahshur Desert. The bent pyramid and the red pyramid, which make up the majority of the region, are regarded to be the royal necropoli for the Egyptian royal dynasty.

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