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Pyramid of King Cheops

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Pyramid of King Cheops

Run Since 2589 BC Narrate About Pyramid of King Cheops Miracles – Facts You Do not know About the Pyramid of Khufu!

The pyramid of King Cheops is the spot where a voice from history whispers in your ears, returning you back to the 26th century BC, as the Giza Plateau was a desolate desert covered with sand dunes.

The pyramid of King Cheops

The Great Pyramid of Giza (Pyramid of Cheops or Khufu)
by Jorge Lascar

Until the time to turn the Giza plateau upside down came. King Khufu, the second king of the Fourth Dynasty, and his engineer Hemiunu stood dreaming of building the Giza Pyramid Complex and the Great Pyramid of Giza to penetrate the sky and horizons.

The pyramid of King Cheops

the Great Pyramid of Giza

The era of the Fourth Dynasty (2575 to 2465 BC) witnessed the largest architectural renaissance in constructing the pyramids until this period was called the pyramid builders age. So, it also was called the Golden Age.

King Sneferu, the father of Khufu and founder of the Fourth Dynasty, succeeded in developing the magical theory of building the pyramids by setting the Red Pyramid after correcting the error in his 1st pyramid, the bent pyramid. So, he established an architecture art that the whole world scientists considered as a miracle that came to challenge even the time and physical factors up to the law of gravity until the great Pyramid of Giza was there to show the real miracle.

But Cheops did not stop at the Sneferu theory. So, how did he establish his miracle on the Earth!

How did Khufu surpass the miraculous theory of his father, King Sneferu building the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Complex of Giza Pyramid

Khufu improved his father’s innovations, which enabled him to achieve this overwhelming height of the Cheops pyramid until it became the largest pyramid in Egypt and larger to be built in the history of ancient Egypt. Khufu Pyramid surpasses more than 100 other pyramids.  Also, the pyramid of Khufu came to be the biggest pyramid in Egypt and the largest structure globally for 3800 years.

The pyramid of King Cheops

Sneferu started building the Bent Pyramid, his 1st attempt at building a pyramid, to ascend at an angle of 58 degrees. But when the pyramid building reached about half its height, it was decided to build the upper part at an angle of 43 degrees. As the large-angle causes a large steep rise to the pyramid, and this caused cracks in the base of the pyramid. That forced engineers to change the angle of elevation. The ancient Egyptian engineers built reinforcement walls. Then they completed the building with a curved angle of 43 degrees, which made it called the Bent pyramid

This technique benefited Sneferu and his engineers to build a complete pyramid with a new technology called the Red Pyramid. But Khufu wanted to make his pyramid the supreme and the largest.

Therefore, Khufu, the Great Pyramid in Giza took the perfect lateral angle necessary to complete an enormous structurally sound pyramid. The architects of Khufu decided that the sides of the Great Pyramid of Khufu should rise at an angle of 51.8 degrees from the sides of the 756 feet at the base.

From this point, the Pyramids Plateau was chosen as the appropriate location for the Khufu pyramid! Why!

Why Specifically This Spot to Establish Giza Great Pyramid Of King Cheops!

The pyramid of King Cheops

Khufu had selected this spot, as it is a rocky plateau. So, it could bear the heavyweight of the marvelous structure that was in his mind. Actually, the time proves that Khufu’s theory and his engineers was right. The other pyramids that were built on sand, like Meidum Pyramid, collapsed over time. However, they were not as heavy as the biggest pyramid in Egypt of King Cheops.  It is not the only reason!

Also, the high plateau allowed good visibility for the Great Pyramid in Giza. This is what Khufu wanted so that his tomb and the Giza Pyramid Complex should be clearly visible wherever you go. In addition, the Giza plateau was near Heliopolis, the center of the sun god Re cult. In the following lines, you will get to know why especially the god Ra!

Besides that, the ancient Egyptians took advantage of this rocky plateau to create the pyramid of King Cheops. How that!

Let’s move to events since 2589 BC to live the scenes of building the pyramid of King Cheops!

A Time You Spend With the Ancient Egyptians to Live Events From 2589 BC!

Pyramid of King Cheops Pyramid

The Sphinx and the Pyramid complex in Giza for King Cheops
by pyramidtextsonline


With determination and earnestness, in 2589 BC, the strong hands of the ancient Egyptian workers carved the point that was selected to be the foundation for the pyramid. They formed a part of the plateau inside the pyramid building to be terraced so that it would be easier to stack the stones afterward. They also filled the cracks with stones to complete the building.

So, they took advantage of these original rocks of the plateau to be the base of the structure to raise up the Great Pyramid in Giza. Then, the workers smashed the boulders over the pyramid sides and moved the rubble away from the site.

With the creative mindset of the engineers, they measured and determined the locations of the corners so that each face of the Giza Great Pyramid was directed towards geographical directions.

And already, they carried these giant stones. Each weighing between 2 and a half tons to 15 tons. They lifted to hold these giant stones together without cement or any other material, as per the genius theory of building the pyramids. By the year 2566 BC raising this pyramidal structure had finished with 2,600,000 pieces of stone to be the tallest structure made by human hands globally.

How the work continued hardly to 20 years

Twenty years were spent building the most important landmarks of the pharaonic civilizations. So, how were the efforts of the Egyptian workers in building this magic that has been established on the planet earth thousands of years ago to announce the genius of the pharaohs and set the foundations of a great human civilization!

How Was The Daily Work Along These 20 Years!

The pyramid mass is around 5.9 million tons. The volume of the pyramid, in addition to the inner mound, is approximately 2.5 million cubic meters. The base that includes an internal hillock was around 230.3 meters (755.6 ft.) square. So it is around 2.6 million cubic meters (92 million cubic feet).

So, based on these estimates, the construction of this pyramid continued for 20 years, cutting, moving, and installing around 800 tons of stone per day. Completing the construction would require moving about 12 blocks to the pyramid location every hour, day and night.

Then they covered the first layer of the sides with a row of white limestone that came from Tora quarries. After that, they adjust the sides of the pyramid and the right angles to its corners. The foundation was carefully leveled, and also the ribs of the pyramid.

This process was carried out by the most skilled ancient Egyptian engineers, led by Hemiunu, the engineer of King Khufu.

That was how the ancient Egyptians worked hard and determined to complete their great civilizational project, which was one of the main factors in consolidating the ancient Egyptian civilization.

These great historical scenes will run in front of your eyes when standing in front of the Pyramid of King Cheops.

But sure, you will ask how had they transferred these giant stones, especially when you know that the transport process was a distance of up to 500 miles! And how they raised these gigantic stones up to this overwhelming height!

The method used by the ancient Egyptians to build the pyramids has baffled archaeologists. In fact, the ancient Egyptians had not left any writings or inscriptions about that.

Finally, Archaeologists Have Discovered an Ancient Papyrus. Definitely Uncovering The puzzle Is here!

It was found in Wadi al-Jarf, narrating how the pharaohs in Egypt transported huge stones. Each is weighing 2.5 tons of limestone and flint, the hardest of stones, from places about 500 miles away to build the Khufu tomb!

It showed that the builders of the pyramids used a network of water channels that were cut from the Nile River to the site of the pyramid, in which special boats moved to transport stones.

The Pyramid building

Thousands of trained workers transported 170,000 tons of limestone across the Nile in wooden boats tied together with ropes.

Archaeologist Mark Lehner, one of the most prominent experts in this field, discovered evidence of a waterway under the Giza plateau. He said that the basin of the main channel was identified, which he believes was the initial delivery area (stones) in the Giza plateau.

The time to raise these giant stones had come!

The Cheops pyramid

The Great Pyramid of Giza
by pyramidtextsonline

A state of astonishment dominated all scholars when they reached the theory of lifting those heavy stones. The ancient Egyptian builders depended on the mud-brick ramp system. There are two theories about using this technique. The first said that they relied on the side ramp, as they raised it until they arrived at the top of the pyramid.

But this theory does not find enough acceptance from the scholars. This side ramp to arrive for the pyramid top, which is 149.4 meters, needs steep with 10 kilometers, and it is hard and needs a long time to be built. The other theory, which has been accepted by most scholars, the ancient Egyptians established the ramp from the base to raise it as a circle around the pyramid.

All these efforts and this hard work and unlimited genius were not just for building a pyramid. Yes, the pyramid of King Cheops was not just a normal pyramid!

It Is Not Just A Pyramid Or Even Khufu Royal Tomb!

This is the Pyramid of King Chefren (1)

This is the Second Great Pyramid in Giza

The pyramid of King Cheops is the only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, with a height of about 149.4 meters. That gave scientists the idea that ancient Egyptian scientists had a special secret and scientific way to cancel the Earth’s gravity in a certain area. This means that any weight becomes like a “feather.” Also, this made scientists feel that there is something in the measure of this height, as the distance between the earth and the sun is 149.4 million kilometers. Also, there is something strange in the circumference of the pyramid!

The ratio of the circumference of the Great Pyramid divided by the height of the pyramid equals 3.14. Also, in the chambers of King Khufu, the same ratio is 3.14. And the sarcophagus of the king is 3.14. This is not a coincidence in design and engineering. Therefore, in this, too, a special secret for the Pharaohs.

If you take the height of the Great Pyramid and multiply the number by 43.200, you get the polar radius of the Earth. If you measure the circumference of the base of the Great Pyramid accurately and multiply the result by 43.200, you get the equatorial circumference of the Earth.

What meaning is that thousands of years ago, and in the Dark Ages when humans did not realize that they live on a planet, regardless of what this planet and its dimensions are, the ancient Egyptians were building a landmark that accurately expresses the dimensions of our planet.

The location of the Pyramid of King Cheops came to be another pharaonic miracle!

It was located exactly in the middle between the five continents. The front part of the Great Pyramid is directed to the main directions (North-South-East-West). Specifically, the magnetic north and not the geographical north, this is not a simple matter, which reveals the secret of this design. Maybe the solar ships can answer our inquires!

The Found Solar Ships confirm that the pyramid of Khufu is not just a royal tomb! So What Is The Secret Behind These Boats!

From here, the god Ra would board the solar ships to sail. And the stars would row for him. With the oars of the boats, he would kill the evil spirits in the other world to end evil and sanctify him by his people.

That was how the ancient Egyptians believed when building this great pyramid. Also, The priests gathered and chose the name “Akhet Khufu,” meaning “Khufu’s horizon” for the pyramid, as it is the horizon from which the god Ra, who is King Khufu, would ride.

That explains to us the reason for the existence of these solar boats that were found inside the pyramid. There is a museum that was built for these solar boats, called the Solar Boat Museum in the Great Pyramids of Giza Plateau.

the Solar Ship Museum

So, some scholars agreed on the theory that this Khufu structure was not just a pyramid or a royal tomb but an ancient Pharaonic instrument that Khufu used to sail in the sky. That is why The pyramid of King Cheops shone at night like a shiny star on the planet, which would have been visible from space! But how!

How Was The Pyramid Shining In The Nights Of Ancient Egypt!

Khufu had placed on the top of the pyramid a small pyramid made of gold or covered by a layer of gold. So, maybe he wanted to illuminate the spot where he would fly from the land! While most archeologists believe it was a royal tomb, and this golden pyramidal was set to show the riches and glory of the pharaoh.

What enhances that it was beyond more than a royal tomb for some archeologists is the inner rooms and chambers design. The design of these chambers and the relation of each room to the other, also, the used material in their construction and the descending and ascending stairways do not give the sense that Khufu Pyramid is a tomb!

How Is Pyramid of King Cheops from Inside!

The System of Chambers In The Great Pyramid Is Still Mysterious, Why! When going inside the Pyramid of King Cheops, seeing what the ancient Egyptians hands had carved inside this greatest pyramid, we can find three burial chambers. Then why three! Actually, it is a unique design that no other pyramid has!

Some scholars say it seems that this system was a reflection of ancient Egyptian religious beliefs at that time. And others think that this design was served the main aim of the pyramid, as per the theory that said the pyramid of Khufu is where the pharaoh would launch from the land.

But due to the lack of writings in the pyramid, the secret of this system remains a mystery!

Were these chambers built in stages, or has the sarcophagus broken that theory?

Some archaeologists also think that the construction process took place in three phases. As in the first phase, the rocky room that has been located under the lower rock was built as the room of the king’s chamber. Later it was considered to be the queen’s room!

And in the second phase, the Great Hall was built! And finally, the corridor with a grandiose tiered ceiling that leads to the upper chamber was constructed. It is where you find the sarcophagus, where King Khufu was lying in! No one knows the truth of the matter. Especially there are scholars who have recently agreed that the chamber system was originally set as it is now and was built according to this design! What confirms this theory is the existence of the sarcophagus!

Yes, the presence of the King’s sarcophagus in itself surprised the researchers, especially when they realized the reason for its survival. That led to the discovery of facts that fascinate the whole world about the genius of the ancient Egyptians.

When all the treasures of the pyramid of King Cheops were stolen, even the golden pyramid, which decreased the pyramid height to 138.5 meters (454.4 ft.), but the sarcophagus remains the only survivor; there must be a secret behind it!

The Fact of the Pyramid of King Cheops Treasure Stealing Except for the Sarcophagus!

In pre-dynastic times, the pharaonic tomb was simple in formation. It was a hole in the sand, either round or rectangular. Over which the rubble resulting from the excavation was set. Then it was covered with mud bricks as a cover.

Then the hole was expanded to do not resemble the tombs of the humble people. That is why walls were built inside it. And then it turned from a mere pit in the ground to a burial chamber divided from the inside. They pinpointed the royal tomb, placing a rectangular piece of stone. So the pharaoh’s tomb became a tall, rectangular building with a flat surface and sloping sides outward.

The beliefs of the ancient Egyptians began to develop more and more. They believed in resurrection and immortality. Here the Egyptians began to put papyrus and maps in the tombs of kings. This papyrus would indicate the way to the afterlife, as the dead will face supernatural predatory creatures and difficulties. Then their thinking began to lead them that the king should be distinguished more. So, they were placing treasures next to him so that he could live his next life as a king with his jewels.

The kings began to compete in enlarging the stone step that would be placed on their tombs until Imhotep came. He placed two large steps. Then, he ascended with the smaller and smaller. Each smaller on top of the other until he reached the Step pyramid of Saqqara. With the expansion of the tombs of the kings, the treasure placed inside the tomb expanded.

More treasures, less protection!

So, generations had passed the information that pharaonic tombs were home to dazzling treasures and jewels. While the kings did not notice the idea of theft. And that the workers or perhaps one of their acquaintances might reach the king’s tomb and steal everything in it.

So, they did not secure their tombs sufficiently. Therefore, all the royal tombs, including the tomb of King Khufu, were stolen since ancient Egypt.

But why all this treasure had been stolen except the sarcophagus of Khufu!

The Secret of Khufu Sarcophagus! As if Khufu wanted to protect the sarcophagus in any way!

The Cheops sarcophagus is the only remaining thing inside the Great Pyramid of Giza! Wasn’t this pink granite stone sarcophagus attractive enough for thieves to steal; it was where the king’s mummy rested! No, it is gorgeous, but the genius of the ancient Egyptian defeated their evils!

The width of the burial chamber entrance was smaller than the sarcophagus width, with 1 cm. So, how had the ancient Egyptians entered the sarcophagus! That leads the scholars that the builders had established the sarcophagus before building the pyramid. After the establishment of the sarcophagus had finished, they designed the burial chamber less wide.

This sarcophagus chamber and its roof, called “pressure-reducing roofing.” It is one of the architectural creativity signs. Each stone in this ceiling weighs 70 tons of granite. There was no granite in northern Egypt. So, the ancient Egyptians brought it from the quarries of Aswan and transported it on the Nile to Giza.

The shipments had to arrive in time with the construction work on the Giza plateau. That required administrative work at the highest levels. So,  each step in the pyramid construction was a great challenge to the king and his aides. But they succeeded in establishing it. And now they keep in touch with you, narrating how was the greatness of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The fondness of Egyptian kings about The pyramid of King Cheops mystery and its secrets made us enter today the heart of the pyramid. How so!

Facts About the Enterance we Use Now To Enter The Pyramid of King Cheops!

Many of the Egyptian rulers tried to gain access to the secrets of the pyramid of Khufu. Among these was the Abbasid Caliph Al-Ma’mun. He came with his soldiers and kept looking for the original entrance, which is located on the northern side. Then he made a dig to be an entrance, which we use now. This hole places directly below the original entrance, which was closed, and they could not reach it.

And already, the soldiers entered in an attempt to discover its mystery. Also, they searched for the treasures that may be hidden within the largest pyramidal edifice in human history. But they did not find the treasures inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. All the treasures had been stolen since ancient Egypt, as we mentioned before.

So from the Abbasid Caliph Al-Ma’mun entrance,  you can arrive in the heart of this pharaonic miracle that takes a hierarchical form. You will be amid a real dazzling!

Is what you Can See Now The Real Pharaonic Casing For The Pyramids?! The Old Cairo Can Answer!

Khufu Pyramid

Pyramid of Cheops
by Jorge Lascar

Remember when entertaining the magic of the old Cairo with its majestic historical mosques, churches, palaces, and houses that the Great Pyramid of Giza built most of that! But how!

The Pyramid of King Cheops was built of local limestone and was covered entirely with high-quality, smooth white limestone cladding. These cladding stones were brought from Tora quarries by boats up to the pyramid. But now, this limestone casing was removed. It was used in building old Cairo.

For the Great Pyramid of Giza Builder, The Smallest Statuette In History!

This Ivory seated figurine is the only survivor for Khufu. It is 7.5 cm tall andCheops Statuette was discovered in 1903 AD, during excavation of Kom el-Sultan in Abydos, Egypt. Despite its smallness, you will find all the meanings of creativity in this statue. When they enlarged the features of the statue, they found that it is the only Pharaonic statue that has a smile on its face. Now, you can view this Statuette in the Egyptian Museum.

That is how Egypt is where you go through the eras. You will find yourself amid majestic historical events narrating incredible facts about those who had established the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Related FAQ

Who was buried in Cheops pyramid?

It served as a tomb for Khufu, also known as Cheops, the Fourth Dynasty pharaoh, and his queen. From 2589 BC to 2566 BC, Khufu is thought to have ruled throughout the 26th century BC.

Who built the pyramid of Cheops?

Khufu, also known as Cheops, the later Greek form of Snefru's name, erected the Great Pyramid at Giza, the largest and most well-known of all the pyramids. The pyramid's base was more than 13 acres in size, and its sides were more than 755 feet long, rising at an angle of 51 degrees 52 minutes.

Are mummies still in pyramids?

The kings and queens of ancient Egypt were mummified and interred in enormous stone pyramids after passing away. These pyramids are still visible today.

What was Cheops pyramid called?

The Great Pyramid of Giza

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