Pyramid of Chefren

Pyramid of Chefren

Pyramid of Chefren

Stands Towering By The Ancient Egyptians Shoulders: Chefren Pyramid and What Lies Behind it! Get to know all secrets about King Khafre Pyramids!

Pyramid of Chefren

The Great Sphinx and the Pyramid of Khafre by walter sedriks

King Khafre (Chefren) came to power in 2559 BC to line up thousands of workers in Giza Plateau again after building the Khufu Pyramid. They were gathering in a specific site, carrying giant stones from the wooden ships that were coming from Tura quarries via carved channels from the Nile to the site. Those ancient Egyptian builders were holding these enormous limestone stones on their shoulders and raising up to establish the second largest pyramid in Egypt that has been still standing tall since (2559 -2535 BC), enduring immortality in its heart. It is the Pyramid of Chefren, where you find yourself next to it as if you are a grain of sand on the face of the universe. But, there is a trick behind this monumental tomb!  Then, what is the secret behind Chefren pyramid!

Chefren’s Intent Is the Key to This Mystery! Jealousy of kings and A Dream Facing Conflicts!

The custom broke out in the old kingdom (2575 to 2465 BC) that each king had to build his own tomb as a pyramidal shape.

The pyramids’ construction did not begin on the Giza plateau. The story of building a high tomb has begun with Djoser, who ruled from 2650 to 2620 BC.

Djoser built the 1st tomb that takes a form similar to a pyramidal structure, establishing six giant terraces, each one topped with a smaller one. It is the Step Pyramid of Saqqara that is considered an important historical turning point in the ancient Egyptian funerary monuments.

Pharaoh Sneferu came into the rule (2575 to 2545 BC) to set the pyramids theory. He established three pyramids during his reign to announce the golden era of ancient Egyptian history. Actually, He set a mystery that baffles scientists. Even some of them said everything fears time except for the pyramids, the time that fears them.

Khufu, the father of Chefren aimed to surpass his father, Sneferu: he had to build a larger pyramid on the edge of the Giza plateau for all to see. It has already happened; Khufu’s ambition was credited with building the most towering in Egypt. It is the “Great Pyramid of Giza” with a height of 148 meters and a width of 230 meters. In addition, it is the tallest human-made structure globally. From This Point, Khafre’s Trick Came!

Was Khafre really able to compete with his father by building a larger pyramid! If he failed in this, how Pyramid of Chefren Seems higher than Khufu!

Pyramid of Chefren

Khafre and his engineers found in the southwestern side of the Great Pyramid of Cheops the appropriate site in pyramids plateau to construct the Chefren pyramid. It is the highest area for this middle pyramid to stand on, so it makes the Pyramid of Chefren appear taller than the pyramid of Khufu. That is consistent with King Khafre’s intention to build a pyramid that exceeds the gigantic building of his father, the pyramid of King Cheops.

This high hill was the only thing that served Chefren in his plan. As for the height of the pyramid itself, it did not rise above the pyramid of Khufu at all. It was built at the height of 144.78 meters. So, the Chephren pyramid originally was 10 feet (3m) shorter and 48 feet (14.6m) more narrow at the base than Cheops Pyramid. Although it seems that the Chephren pyramid is taller than Cheops Pyramid from far away.

Pyramid of Chefren

Pyramids of Giza by pyramidtextsonline

But, Chefren angles slope came to be higher, 53 degrees compared to Khufu’s 51 degrees. Also, Chefren Pyramid is free of the highly refined stonework that Cheops Pyramid has.

Conflicts obstructed Khafre’s dream!

When Chefren assumed the throne of Egypt, his hand was not completely free due to the internal disputes that arose between him and the sons of ” Ra’djedef. ” But this did not affect his determination in constructing a pyramid that would match the pyramid of “Khufu” in its grandeur and majesty, even if it was slightly smaller than it.

Therefore, Chefren could not build a building as grandiose as Khufu because of these conflicts, while the Chefren pyramid is now more elegant than the Great Pyramid! How that!

That is right, it is not higher than Cheops Pyramid, but something makes for it a really significant structure in ancient Egypt!

Pyramid of Chefren

Khafre’s Casing
by pyramidtextsonline

Pyramid of Chefren is where you can see the original casing that was covering the pyramids in ancient Egypt when they had just established, viewing how the pyramids were appearing in the pharaonic times!

While there was a gorgeous smooth limestone covering the entire pyramids, this limestone was transferred from Tura quarries via Nile channels. The Pyramid of Chefren is the only pyramid that still has the remains at its very top from this luxurious limestone casing. It gives an appearance as if there is a white cap on top of the pyramid.

Also, the excavations that were carried out recently on its eastern side indicated that the base of the pyramid on its four sides is covered with well-preserved red granite material.

That is why the Pyramid of Chefren is the best-preserved one; even its height is almost the same as it originally was, due to this casing stones that are located at the pyramid’s apex, which remain intact.

How Had The Ancient Prepared Chefren’s Tomb!

The same as the greatest pyramid, the ancient Egyptians carved a rock outcropping from the Rocky Giza Pyramids Plateau to be the core of the Chefren pyramid. They cut the northwest corner 10 m (33 ft) out of the rock subsoil and they built the southeast corner. Then they made the surface of the site where the pyramid would raise up very smooth.

So, on a flat terrace, the ancient Egyptian workers set the Chefren pyramid core using blocks of local limestone, establishing the pyramid on a base that measures 215 meters to build up stones. Its weight is around 4,880,000 tons, to find that the pyramid takes horizontal courses. The stones used at the bottom are huge, but as the pyramid rises, the rocks become smaller.  It becomes only 50 cm (20 in) thick at the apex. So, each giant stone has been topped with another one magically until the pyramid arrived at the high of 143.5 meters (471 feet ). The base of the Chefren pyramid measures 215 meters, its angles slope to be 53 degrees.

But what are the remains of this historical wall that is surrounding the pyramid! You are in the heart of the pyramid complex!

It Is Not Just A Pyramid! There, You Will Be Surrounded By the Whole Events of Chefren Death! Just Follow This Wall!

Pyramid of Chefren

This historical wall arrives you at where the nobles and priests were carrying the funeral of King Khafre. To find yourself amid this most well-preserved valley temple. You are in where the body of King Khafre was mummified. Surrounding you with the lintels and pillars made from big Aswan granite-based rectangular blocks. The valley of the temple was built of Giant monoliths made of limestone covered with granite. While the floors were covered with alabaster.

The archeologists had found inside it seven statues that were dedicated to Khafre. The most well-preserved statue of those is the diorite statue that represents Chefren with a Horus falcon. Despite the hardness of the pharaonic diorite stone and the difficulty of its formation. But the ancient Egyptians had made an exquisite work of art in this statue. This statue is now displayed in the Egyptian Museum.

From the charm of the Valley Temple of Chefren, complete following the parade route of the king. The mummy was prepared in the valley temple. So, it is time to transport it in a large procession via the causeway. It is 494 meters long and links the valley temple to the Mortuary Temple.

Pyramid of Chefren

This mortuary temple became the standard in the old kingdom for establishing the mortuary temples. After performing religious rituals on the deceased in the Mortuary Temple, the king’s mummy was placed in the sarcophagus. As it was time to bury him inside the pyramid.

At this time, you will stand in confusion, asking; which one of those two entrances that the funeral used to find a way inside the pyramid of Khafre?

 The Pyramid of Chefren From Inside!

Yes, there are two visible entrances that lead into the pyramid, unlike all the pyramids that include one hidden entrance. Each entrance is directly above the other. The upper entrance is 50 feet (15m) above the ground, which we use now for entrance. From this entrance, you will be in front of the lower narrow horizontal corridor. It is linked with a ramp that descends at a 25-degree angle leading to the burial chamber. But this chamber was empty. So, the scholars believe that this chamber was for funerary furniture.

Then comes a vestibule that leads to another chamber that rises to the top. This inner chamber is larger than the 1st chamber as it is 46.5′ x 16.5′ x 22.5′ (14.2m x 5m x 6.9m). And the roof of this chamber was made of limestone. It was set at the same angles of the pyramid face the same as the Khufu pyramid. This design was in order to reduce the stress caused by the weight of the pyramid stones. It is the main burial chamber in which the sarcophagus of King Khafre was placed. This sarcophagus was somewhat sunk into the floor made of red granite. Half of it was covered with the thick material that covered the floor of the room.

Near the sarcophagus, you can find a pit; some scholars believe that it was for the canopic chest that contained Khafre’s internal organs during the mummification. Therefore,  Chefren Pyramid is where you are in the heart of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Related FAQ

What was the purpose of the pyramid of Khafre?

Pyramid of Chefren or Khafre

The purpose of A. Khafre's pyramid was to house the pharaoh's tomb and to represent authority and permanence after his passing. A. There are several corridors inside the Pyramid of Khafre that lead to a burial room that contains the king's sarcophagus.

What was found in the pyramid of Khafre?

Belzoni discovered animal bones within Khafre's sarcophagus, which was carved from a solid block of granite and half buried in the ground. The bones were likely those of a bull.

What was the second pyramid in Egypt?

The Pyramid of Chephren was the second pyramid in Egypt.

Who built the other two pyramids?

Between around 2550 and 2490 B.C., three of Giza's famous pyramids, along with their intricate burial complexes, were all constructed quickly. Pharaohs Khufu (tallest), Khafre (background), and Menkaure constructed the pyramids (front). Please treat copyright with respect.

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