Prince Mohamed Ali Palace

Despite receiving consistently high reviews on numerous travel-related websites, Prince Mohamed Ali Palace is a frequently ignored tourist attraction in Cairo. Prince Mohamed Ali Palace is not currently included in our current selection of Cairo tour packages; but it may be added to any of them upon request. Of fact, there are an almost unlimited number of Cairo tourist attractions; and most visitors simply do not have the time to see even a small percentage of them.

However, if you are visiting Cairo for a few days; and are putting together a list of must-see things; Prince Mohamed Ali Palace is a must-see landmark by all accounts.

Prince Mohamed Ali Palace may not be the best spot to come if you expect to view an unbelievably; beautiful palace filled with historical items. To some extent; one could argue that the Manial Palace isn’t truly a palace at all; given how different it looks from the outside from most other royal palaces in Cairo and elsewhere.

However, if you want to get a sense of how royalty lived in the 19th and early 20th centuries; Manial Palace and its museum are a must-see destination.

It’s also a great destination to come if you’re looking for a break from Cairo‘s hectic pace. The large gardens provide a delightful sense of tranquilly; while the museum’s interior is filled with fascinating antiques. There are also numerous stained glass windows; which allow you to take some absolutely stunning photographs.

A Brief History of the Manial Palace