New Library of Alexandria

New Library of Alexandria

While the New Library of Alexandria will never be able to fully replace the historic Royal Library of Alexandria, it is undoubtedly worthwhile destination.
TheNew Library of Alexandria;also known as the New Library of Alexandria, is located near the site of the original Royal Library of Alexandria which was destroyed completely.  Without doubt, the new library is worthy monument to what was once the world’s most valuable library.
The old library was home to most of the world’s oldest manuscripts; books dating back thousands of years. When the world lost the old library; we literally lost significant chunk of history. There are a lot of theories and a lot of discussion about how and why the first library burned down; but no solid proof to back any of them up.

An Educational Goliath

The new library’s construction began in 1995 and was completed seven years later in 2002. The structure as it exists today is certainly a work of art, and it is well worth a visit even if you have no desire to read any books. Countless donations of books; manuscripts, and other precious historical records have been made to the library. The library; which was built to accommodate roughly eight million books, now houses multiple smaller libraries; as well as a conference centre, lecture rooms, and other amenities. The primary reading room alone is 70,000 square feet.
There is also a distinct library for children and a special library for the blind. In addition to all of this, the New Library of Alexandria houses four temporary art galleries, fifteen permanent exhibitions; a planetarium, and a specialized manuscript repair facility.

An Architectural Masterpiece

The New Library of Alexandria is a stunning four-story structure from an architectural standpoint. The building’s roof also contains a big glass paneled part that represents a 160-meter-diameter sundial. This glass sundial lies 32 meters below, exactly above the library’s main reading room.

Carvings depicting 120 distinct scripts may be found on the walls, which are composed of grey Aswan granite. The New Library in Alexandria is difficult to express in words, so anyone visiting the city should make an effort to see it in person.

The New Library of Alexandria is a source of national pride for Egypt, and it is widely renowned as a center of educational excellence. It should come as no surprise that the library provides a “book print on demand” service available to individuals who visit the library. You can learn more about them by visiting their website.

The New Library of Alexandria is not included in many Egypt trip packages because it is not one of Egypt’s most famous ancient landmarks. As a result, if you want to visit the library during your vacation in Alexandria, you should absolutely discuss it with a tour adviser when booking your tour.

Related FAQ

Is there a new Library of Alexandria?

The old Royal Library, which was there before being completely destroyed, is not far from where the Library is now.

How much history was lost in the Library?

The Library of Alexandria's roof eventually housed an estimated 700,000 books and scrolls, according to historians.

Who destroyed the great Library?


Julius Caesar himself is the first to take the fall for the Library's destruction. Caesar was chasing Pompey into Egypt in 48 BC when an Egyptian fleet at Alexandria abruptly cut him off. Caesar gave the order to set fire to the ships in the harbour despite being greatly outnumbered and in hostile territory.

What was inside the library?

A total of two library branches are thought to have held between 200,000 and 700,000 books at the library.

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