National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

On The Majestic procession of royal pharaonic mummies Find Your Way In The Heart Of The Pharaonic Civilization To National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

procession of royal pharaonic mummies

In a majestic historical scene, the procession of royal pharaonic mummies was launched from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square by the leadership of the pharaonic King Seknen Ra. The Egyptians lined up with pharaonic wears, greeting these pharaonic royal chariots that were carrying 22 mummies of their ancient Egyptian kings  (18 kings and four queens). The voice of the Isis hymn was rising in this majestic royal road. The light was shining from the hand of the Egyptians carrying the symbol of Amun. With the passage of their ancient Egyptian kings, to arrive at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

With glory, the pharaohs roamed the land that they ruled and where they established their great civilization. To walk amid their grandchildren on the road reached them to this historical Islamic land, Fustat. It was the first capital of Egypt after the Islamic conquest (641 AD), Fustat. It is where the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization was established. That created a fantastic scene that reflects the great mix of Egyptian civilizations.

That is how the pharaonic kings made for you a path in the heart of the ancient Egyptian civilization now. Yes, you can walk in the footsteps of these pharaohs, where the procession of royal pharaonic mummies wandered to arrive at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, finding these royal kings and queens waiting on your arrival amid more than 50.000 rare monuments and shiny pharaonic treasures.

Frightened Light & Shining Pharaonic Treasures Welcome You To Wander In The Middle of The Valley of the Kings in the heart of Cairo!

the National Museum of Civilization

the National Museum of Civilization by Roland Unger

In an atmosphere utterly similar to the Valley of the Kings, where these mummies were found, you will find the royal mummies in a majestic display that attracts you in the central exhibition hall. To greet those royal mummies of the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth dynasties amid their own shiny treasures and the majestic coffins; the same as if you are in tombs of these kings and queens. And the surprise that you have the chance now to find out the stories of the death of their owners three thousand years ago by the to X-ray images. They are located beside these mummies.

A magical tour with the accompany of Seqenen Ra, Ramses II, III, IV, IX, Thutmose II, III, IV, Amenhotep I, II, Seti I, Merneptah, Queen Hatshepsut, and Queen T, to find yourself in the hospitality of the greatest kings of ancient Egypt, not with their inscriptions, tombs, and majestic temples, not even with their dazzling treasures, but they themselves are in front of you. You look at those who made all this glory in the cradle of civilization.

For Where In The History of Ancient Egypt, The Pharaonic Mummies Escort You Inside the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization!

the National Museum of Civilization

the National Museum of Civilization by Roland Unger

Here in this spot, you wander around the pre-dynastic period. Since you will be surrounded by the pharaonic daily tools, living the details of learning agriculture. And there, the features of civilization have begun to form, so you feel as if you are part of it.

A spot takes you to the stage of the ancient Egyptians learning pharaonic writing and crafts. And wandering in the middle of the Old Kingdom, then the Middle Kingdom, and the modern Kingdom. There you live as an ancient Egyptian, learning to write as if you need to tell the whole world about this majestic civilization, acting as a member of ancient Egypt and one of who had established all this greatness. A unique magical feeling.

How was the Nile for the ancient Egyptians! Exhibits full of treasures that can transport you to the heart of the Nile Delta in ancient Egypt. There, the farming tools and dams surround you.

But How These Exhibition Halls Designed to Make You Feel As Ancient Egyptian!

The original Pharaonic tools, rare artifacts, majestic monuments, and shiny treasure physical. And also the imaginary models, as well as visual and audio displays. In addition to the latest technical display systems, such as holograms. All of that gets you the feeling that you wander in pharaonic Egypt in real not a just museum.

Each area inside the museum takes you to the heart of a side of the ancient Egyptian civilization, where you coexist as a pharaoh in his environment. The state, the system of government, and the culture in ancient Egypt surround you. Medicine, women, music, architecture, all the features of daily life in ancient Egypt are here.

Not Just The Pharaonic Eras! The Kings Of Ancient Egypt Are Amid The Whole History Of Egypt To Be A Witness Of All The Eras That Passed on The Cradle Of Civilization

Another spot takes you from the grandeur of the pharaonic world with its luster majestic artifacts to dissolve in the magic of Greek and Roman history.

How was Egypt in the Coptic and the Medieval eras; This exhibit hall can answer you. At the same time, the vibrant decorations escort you to the Islamic era. This will be your tour inside the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. You walk through Egypt’s history until finding yourself in the Contemporary eras.

Info You Need To Know About the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization!

The establishment of the museum beginning in 2002. To be one of the most important and largest archaeological museums in the world. It includes commercial and recreational buildings. And also a research center for ancient materials science and restoration. This opening was on February 16, 2017. The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization was designed by the Egyptian engineer, Egyptian architect Al-Ghazali Ksaiba.

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