Nabq Protected Area 

In the South Sinai Governorate, the Nabq Protected Area or Nabq National Park is about 35 kilometres north of Sharm El Sheikh. Sharm el Sheikh is by far the most well-known and frequented resort town in southern Sinai, followed by Naama Bay. Both of these locations are extremely popular tourist spots in Sinai.

However, only a small percentage of those visitors are aware that one of Egypt’s most breathtakingly gorgeous regions is only a short drive away.

The Nabq Protected Area, which spans 600 square kilometres, is widely regarded as one of Egypt’s, if not the world’s, most magnificent national parks. This area’s unspoilt natural beauty is truly breathtaking.

The Nabq Protected Area is one of the lesser-known Sinai tourist attractions, although it is unclear how long it will remain such. It is home to a diverse range of plant and animal species, some of which are unique to the planet, and the natural beauty does not stop there.

The Bedouin Tribe of Nabq Protected Area

If you prefer being outside in nature and are visiting Sharm el Sheikh or Naama Bay on your trip to Egypt, you must visit the Nabq Protected Area.

You will not only be awestruck by the natural beauty of the area, but you will also be trying to fund some of the local Bedouins.

Many of these people continue to live in the same way as Bedouin tribes have done for centuries. They still rely on natural resources and survive off the land. They are, however, partially reliant on tourist income these days. As a result, they have essentially complete control over all tourists in the area.

The local Bedouin always provide services at the Nabq Protected Area; including meals, camel rides; and other activities. Some Bedouin in the area strive to augment their income by manufacturing and selling souvenirs and lovely handcrafted clothes.

Because vehicles are normally prohibited in the area; tourists can only explore by foot or on the back of a camel. Any trip to the area – which is also teaming with birds – will be made that much more memorable if you are accompanied by a local Bedouin guide.

Possibly the Best Diving Site in Egypt

Some of the world’s most magnificent dive locations may be found throughout Egypt’s entire Red Sea coastline. It’s a bold statement to say that the Nabq National Park is the best diving spot of them all; but it’s true nonetheless.

While the water in this location is not as clean as it is at certain Red Sea water sports activities; the volume of coral and the sheer diversity of coral and other marine life in this area is incredible.

In the region, there is also an old shipwreck that can be reached on foot. However, because most of the rocks are literally covered in shells and starfish; it is strongly advised that you wear appropriate footwear.