Mount Moses Sinai

Mount Moses Sinai

How To Take The Same Journey Of prophet Moses Amid Charming Nature To Where Allah Has Talked On Mount Moses Sinai

Mount Moses Sinai

Mount Moses Sinai by

A mountain that had heard the god sound, where you walk in the prophet Moses steps till finding a charming panoramic view of Sinai Peninsula mountains, to stand in surprising seeing magical nature in a spot where Moses had met Allah and received the Ten Commandments, according to the Three Abrahamic Religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The suspense will begin once you meet the Bedouins, who will guide you to on a 2,000year-old tour into Mount Moses Sinai.

Following the trail of God’s prophet Moses

It is the journey to ascend ” Mount Moses Sinai ” that everyone around the world comes to dreaming of following the trail of God’s prophet Moses, while overwhelmed by the longing to walk more than two thousand meters above sea level, they savor the taste of adventure mixed with the desire in seeing the magic of the sunset on this blessed, magical spot.

Mount Moses Sinai

Every meter you step above in Mount Moses Sinai is sanctity, finding yourself sinking in the events of meeting Moses the Holy Spirit while climbing Mount Sinai.

So, the summit of Mount Moses Sinai’s that is with a height of around 497ft (2,285 meters), gives you the most wonderful A landscape between the peaks of the mountains that are colored in different colors, as the age of that region dates back to millions of years and prehistoric times.

How Will Be Your Tour Up To Mount Moses Sinai Summit

Your tour will begin from arriving at Saint Catherine’s Monastery, 3 hours north of Sharm El-Sheikh. When starting

Mount Moses

The Mount by

your journey, you only have to gather with your friends to take a carriage to the bottom of the mountain before the entrance to St. Catherine’s Monastery, and there you begin the journey to follow your Bedouin tour guide who will explain the history of the mountain and the peaks adjacent to it During the trip.

You have two ways to reach the summit of Mount Moses Sinai; the first is the Camel Trai, it is the easier route up to the summit, walking along the northern wall of St Catherine’s Monastery past the end of the compound, and the suspense will be in this road when riding a donkey or a camel to climb up in a wide clear, and slopes gently up to the way of the Mount summit till arriving at 300m below the summit at a plateau known as Elijah’s Basin.

The view of the mountain chains surrounding you. You can enjoy walking through this space, finding a lot of kiosks on the way up to take a break and drink water, tea, coffee, or even snacks.

Steps of Repentance Another way to The Mount

Another way to Mount Moses Sinai summit is the Steps of Repentance. It begins from the southeastern corner of the monastery compound to walk through 3000 steps up to Elijah’s Basin; these steps were set by a monk as a form of penance. Then, the two routes lead to Elijah’s Basin, where you have to take a steep series of 750 rocky and uneven steps to the top, where there are a small chapel and a mosque.

Whatever the route you will take, ensure that you will live the charm of the Sinai nature.

Info You Need To Know When Climbing Up Mount Moses Sinai Summit

You need a backpack so as not to hinder your ascent, and make sure you wear “sports shoes” that bear the rock and the mountain floor, and a heavy “jacket” due to the cold over the top of the mountain, and of course, a camera to record those irreplaceable moments.

Related FAQ

What did Moses do on Mount Sinai?

Moses ascends Mount Sinai in the Bible to receive the Ten Commandments. But he was the one who was picked, whilst I am only a mortal.

Where is mount Moses?

Mount Moses is located in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.

How high is Mount Moses?

The Mountain of Sinai or Mount Moses is about 4000 Meters.

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