Meidum Pyramid

Meidum Pyramid

Meidum Pyramid

How Meidum Pyramid Gives You The Chance To Find Out Magnificent History Missing!

Meidum Pyramid

A three-stepped tower rising up from a hill of broken mudbricks; it seems like that there is magnificent history missing at this site, to find yourself come close, feeling as the pharaohs had left this structure to leave you in a sea of riddles to dream that one of the ancient Egyptian will eventually appear and give you the full story, but at first you only have to follow their footprints and see what they left behind, which will answer some of your questions to produce others. That is how the 2nd mudbrick structure and the 1st idea in humanity will appear, Meidum Pyramid.

A special and unique design; at first glance, some think that it is more like Saqqara pyramid, at this moment you will realize that you are in front of the second limestone bricks that were placed in humanity, rising steps that it is covered from the outside by a layer of white lime, which made it acquire the shape of the pyramids, feeling the others that it is the 1st idea of building a structure like the shape of the pyramid, but in reality, it does not take the exact pyramid shape, but it appears in the middle of the desert in the form of giant cubes.

Red and Bent Pyramids

That is why you will be inside a magnificent spot, far away from south of Dashur, about 50km on the western edge, where the ancient Egyptians had set the transitional phase from the first stone building in human history, which is the Pyramid of Djoser, to the stage of building what is closer to the pyramids and then to the construction of the first incomplete pyramid shape, the bent pyramid in Dashur, to the first completed pyramid in history, the red pyramid, and finally accompanying the great pyramids of Giza. Let’s imagine that you will live the full story of building the history.

Meidum Pyramid by Olaf Tausch

Meidum Pyramid Secrets

Pyramid of Meidum is an Egyptian monument, which is said to remain a secret of the ancient Pharaonic civilization. Although more than 46 centuries have passed since its establishment, it still bears many mysteries; even the most famous Egyptologists in history are unable to reveal these mysteries.

So, it is time to walk through these secrets and follow the remains to be in the heart of the enigma of the transitional period from the Early Dynastic Period to the Old Kingdom in the magnificent ancient Egyptian civilization. At first, the collapsed bricks will attract your eye, realizing that sure there is a story behind these limestones, which still are visible on the western side of the pyramid, where you smell the fragrance of history that comes from them.

At that time, you may take the same theory of the archeologists who believe that the Meidum pyramid collapsed in the Old Kingdom as a result of a collapse in the outer layer during its construction, but the recent archaeological research has not found a trace of any tools that would have been left behind by the workers, to find yourself thinking that it must have been collapsed at a much later date than was assumed.

Theories about the Pyramid Shape

That will take you to the other theory. Many archeologists believe that natural factors in the late 19th century of erosion and others or maybe an earthquake hit the area, which caused collapsing the Meidum pyramid. Also, there is an interpretation that says that this monument, like other artifacts, has been exposed to local peasants quarrying for stone.

Meidum Pyramid

Meidum Pyramid by Olaf Tausch

But is it sure that the Meidum pyramid was collapsed? More than six decades ago, specifically before 1430 AD, one of the most famous Egyptian and Arab historians described the Meidum pyramid as five degrees, which made some believe that the pyramid was two degrees larger.

Actually, about collapsing this pyramid, there is another belief that The ancient Egyptians in the era of Snofru began to build the Meidum pyramid at the same time that they were working in the bent pyramid, but the Meidum pyramid, which was being built at the same angle of building the bent pyramid, collapsed, so the architect was quick to change the angle of the building in order to avoid what happened in Collapse of the Meidum pyramid.

Meidum Pyramid

Meidum Pyramid by derivative work

Studies about the Meidum

This theory is opposed to the fact that scientific studies have proven that the Meidum pyramid was initially built as a step pyramid, and after that, the construction plan was modified to be built as a complete pyramid. As for the bent pyramid of Dahshur, it was built from the beginning as a real pyramid and not a stepped pyramid. But this theory drives us into another secret about the Meidum pyramid, who was the owner of this pyramid? Some doubt that he was king Snefru.

The Secret of The Meidum pyramid Builder!

Meidum Pyramid

Meidum Pyramid by Olaf Tausch

Meidum pyramid was originally ascribed to king Huni, the last king of the 3rd Dynasty who ruled for around fourteen years. But the most Egyptologists consider the builder of the Meidum pyramid was Snefru, Huni’s son and successor and the first king of Dynasty IV; he is the father of King Khufu, the owner of the Great Pyramid of Giza, especially; Huni’s name has not been found inside the Meidum Pyramid or even near it, which makes it quite unlikely that this monument was built for him.

However, inscriptions were found inside the cemetery and tombs surrounding the Meidum pyramid, bearing the name Snefru was mentioned.

So, the specialist Egyptologists in studying the period of the pyramids agreed that the Meidum pyramid is one of the four pyramids built by Senefru, nicknamed “the greatest Egyptian builders for about 4,650 years.”So, Meidum Pyramid is the first attempt to build a real shape of a pyramid by king Senefru 2500 BC.

Facts about the Pyramid’s Construction

The construction of the Meidum pyramid was started as a step pyramid, and for an unknown reason, Senefru left it without completion and began building the pyramid Known as the bent pyramid of Dahshur, and once Senefru finished building the red pyramid, he returned again to Meidum to complete the construction of this pyramid to become a real completed pyramid and not a step pyramid.

In fact, leaving the pyramid and then returning to complete it represents a unique case in the ancient Egyptian civilization and one of the mysteries of the ancient state that has not yet been solved. You have the chance to follow the ancient Egyptians footprints for more discovering inside the Meidum pyramid.

What Will You Uncover Inside The Meidum Pyramid? Still, There are Mysteries.

Meidum Pyramid

Meidum Pyramid by laf Tausch

Bend your height to begin the thrill tour inside the 40-meter-long ramp inside the Meidum pyramid; from there, the entrance begins with a height of 5, 1 meter, and 90 meters wide down. After this short entrance to the bottom, you will be in front of a historical deep well that the ancient Egyptians may have been dug to receive water that might leak from the pyramid to prevent water from entering the other rooms.

Complete your way in the entrance that ends with the 1st room with two corners to the right and left, both 7.1 meters high and measuring 2, 60 meters x 2, 20 meters. From here, there is a branch to the second room, approximately the same dimensions as the first room (2.65 m × 2.10 m), which is located on the right side of the entrance. Both entrance rooms have a low ceiling, and the ceiling of both rooms is roofed with wide, intact stones that have no cracks.

A new hallway will start from the second entrance room, with 5, 4 meters long, then find a vertical opening up to the top that leads to the main room, the funeral chamber.

Funeral Chamber of Miedum Pyramid

The funeral chamber measures 5, 90 meters x 2.65 meters, 5, 05 meters in height, and is facing north and south. The roofing has a stepped dome, which distributes the pressure of the pyramid on either side of the funeral chamber. There are wooden panels in the room and in the vestibule, which may have been intended to transport the wooden sarcophagus to the funeral chamber.

At this spot, you will be the heart of another secret of the Meidum pyramid mysteries, as however these wooden panels, there is not any trace of a sarcophagus or a king’s remains were found in the burial chamber, So, your question will be was there never a burial? Maybe these remains of a plain wooden coffin that you will find in the entry corridor, which is considered to possibly date to the Old Kingdom, will answer you.

Related FAQ

What is unique about the Meidum Pyramid?

Meidum Pyramid

Residents of Beni Suef gave the Meidum pyramid the odd name Al-Haram Al-Kadam because of its peculiar appearance (Pseudo Pyramid). In order to give the Meidum pyramid its pyramidal shape, multiple mastabas were once joined to one another. The ancient Egyptians filled the spaces between each mastaba with limestone casing.

What was the purpose of the Meidum pyramid?

The pyramid at Meidum, which was originally a Step Pyramid but was later transformed into a true pyramid, signifies the change from the Early Dynastic Period to the Old Kingdom.

Who built the pyramid at Meidum?

Buider of Meidum Pyramid

The Pyramid of Meidum was constructed in the shape of a step pyramid by King Huni, the final ruler of the 3rd Dynasty. Eight stairs were erected directly on top of one another when it was first built. Egyptologists once believed that King Snefru, the architect of the two pyramids in Dashur, had erected the pyramid.

How old is the meidum pyramid?

Huni, the last pharaoh of the third dynasty, is thought to have begun the Meidum Pyramid, which was continued by Sneferu, the first pharaoh of the fourth dynasty (2613-2589 B.C.). Yes, this indicates that the age of the building is considerably over 4,500 years!

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