How Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum Embodied The Unique Spirit of Egypt

Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum

A spot is full of one hundred seventy-five statues of bronze, stone, basalt, marble, granite, and plaster—an unprecedented talent in the art of international sculpture inspired by the ancient Egyptian heritage in Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum. It is one of the most important art museums in Egypt that enables you to uncover The Egyptian character in its various transformations. But via fabulous artistic touches.

For that, Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum is a wonderful way to get to know Egypt differently.

Get to know Egypt Through Mahmoud Mokhtar’s eyes. Dimensions of the Egyptian Personality Rooted in The Heritage of History.

Here is a strong woman who stands tall and graceful in unique pride and leans on the statue of the “Sphinx” in a rare majesty. That indicating the transcendence of the national spirit and strength of will. It is the statue called Egypt’s Renaissance. It is a pink granite statue with 7 meters high and 8 meters wide at the base.

The statue of Sheikh al-Balad meets you to reflect other details of the Egyptian rural life that Mahmoud Mokhtar influenced by it in his art. The figure of the farmer standing on the banks of the Nile and carrying her jar will have its own mark. It is a 40 cm high statue.

As for the statue of the return from the river, it will have its special effect amid these artistic works from the heart of the cheerful Egyptian countryside. It depicts three peasant women returning from the river carrying water jugs.

And you will meet the cheerful peasant statue, which will spread happiness mixed with amazement in your soul. It is one of the last works that joined the museum exhibition in Mahmoud Mukhtar museum. This statue was made of bronze. Its height is 40 cm, and it has a square base of 10 cm x 10 cm.

Delicate facial features, so you feel as if you are standing in front of the owner of this statue. The personality traits are clear and evident. It is the statue of Saad Zaghloul, the Egyptian leader and leader of the 1919 revolution.

Saad Zaghloul Statue

Another statue dates you back to 1913. So you feel as if you were in the Paris International Art Salon at the time. It is the statue that won the admiration of everyone. It drew the attention of the audience in this salon, the statue of Aida.