Luxor East Bank

Luxor East Bank

Landmarks Take You To The Pharaonic Daily Life To Wander Amid Ancient Egypt Like As a Pharaoh!

Luxor East Bank

Luxor Temple by Argenberg

Here, in the Luxor East Bank, you are in the heart of where the daily life of the pharaohs was running since the millennia. You are surrounded by what the hands of the ancient Egyptians had established. To walk amid the majestic statues and great columns while the amazing pharaonic decorations meet you magically. Glossy pharaonic treasures shine from the museums amid the greatness of the ancient Egyptian enormous temples. The charm of Luxor Nile attracts you. So, while you stand on Luxor Nile shore, you look towards the Luxor West Bank, finding the glory of the afterlife life’s world of the ancient Egyptians appears miraculously with majestic royal tombs and splendid mortuary temples.

Then, you are amid the settlements of the pharaohs in Luxor East Bank. And from the other side, you see the magnificent life of resurrection and immortality of the pharaohs where they would be gods amidst their precious, unforgettable treasures in the Theban Necropolis. It is the enchantment of Luxor. To automatically find yourself out of the circle of the current time and wandering in ancient Egypt with the accompany of the pharaohs. Magical imagination will take over you in the heart of this great history.

Surprisingly, you find yourself wandering amid a fabulous pharaonic route, while the two lines of the Sphinxes statues accompany you wondrously. As if they celebrate your tour in the heart of ancient Egypt in the Avenue of Sphinxes. Then, you realize that you are where the majestic pharaonic festivals were established! You are in the way of the pharaonic gods.

How Ancient Egypt Waves It Hands-On your right and left in Luxor East Bank!

Look around you! Two majestic temples appear from far on both the right and left sides. And you are in the middle of them. A magical view that is not be repeated except here on the Avenue of Sphinxes in the Luxor East Bank that links the Karnak temple to the Luxor Temple.

 How the Greatness of the Avenue of Sphinxes!

Avenue of Sphinxes

Avenue of Sphinxes by zolakoma

Can you imagine the view in the heart of this road in front of these extraordinary Statues of sphinxes! The pharaonic king, the queen, and the royal family were staying majestically. The priests held on their shoulders the Third of Thebes on bricks. It was a great scene amid the ancient Egyptians with the pharaonic music and dancing show; yes, you touch with your feet this route that had witnessed this great pharaonic festival the “Opet.”

Opet Festival was the journey of the Thebes god from their shrines at Karnak Temple to the temple of Luxor, crossing through this Avenue of Sphinx amid the great pharaonic celebrations. After living this great event that will come to your imaginations automatically once wandering amid this amazing pharaonic road with its great statues and its design that has remained the same since ancient Egypt, you can witness these pharaonic views on the Karnak temple.

The sphinxes with the ram heads will take you to the majesty of the second-largest temple globally. To wander amid this complete religious complex with its magnificent pharaonic temples, the great chapels, pylons, and other ancient Egyptian buildings with fantastic pharaonic designs. Then, amazingly, you will meet the real ancient Egyptian scenes of the Opet Festival on Karnak walls carved by the hands of pharaohs.

You are amid the greatness of ancient Egypt history in Luxor East Bank to see what each pharaoh has established

How Will Your Tour Be Inside The Karnak Temple?

Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt by _jcthomas_

The history fragrant spreads in front of this majestic temple; to find your soul rushes to get into it. You are in the heart of the charming pharaonic eras as soon as you pass one of the eight gates through this pharaonic majestic huge wall that was built by the strong ancient Egyptians hands around the temple. What is behind then! Welcome to the majesty of ancient Egypt in this largest religious Pharaonic complex.

Karnak temple

Karnak temple in Luxor
by Michael Cavén

“The temple of heaven above the earth!” That is what the Greeks called it because its columns almost touch the edges of the sky thousands of years ago with distinctive designs.

In fact, it is not a single temple, but rather includes a variety of temples. And those temples were built by a large number of kings throughout ancient times.

Each successive king tried to make his temple the most magnificent. To be distinguished from the predecessor. For that, the Karnak temples turned into a massive religious complex with gigantic pharaonic temples. Huge ancient Egyptian buildings and assortment show the stages of development of ancient Egyptian art and the distinctive Pharaonic architecture.

So, Karnak Temple is the greatest of all buildings to worship the gods and is located on an area of ​​two hundred acres. It includes many temples like the “Temple of Amun-Ra,” the temples of “Ptah, Mentu, Khonsu, and Aten.” As well as the temples of the goddesses Mut and Apet.

Take The Same Route Of The Pharaohs; You Walk With The History In Luxor East Bank!

From this temple, the Opet festival was launched to Luxor Temple. So, the same as the ancient Egyptians, you can take your next tour in Luxor Temple. To spend time amid the secrets of the pharaohs amid the majesty of this Luxor temple.

Actually, those two temples show how were the pharaonic miracles in architecture. Because you will meet majestic statues, high columns, towering pillars with amazing capitals, marvelous shrines.

From Karnak Temple Go A Head To Luxor Temple. Just walk with  The Sphinxes With Human Heads In The Avenue of Sphinxes. You Are On The Same Ancient Egyptian Rout of the Opet Festival

Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple by Argenberg

Pharaonic architectural harmony of special features that embrace majestic events from ancient Egypt represented in front of your eyes in inscriptions in order to live a great history narrated by its owners, the ancient Egyptian themselves.

Luxor East Bank, Luxor Temple

Luxor East Bank, Luxor Temple by Argenberg

The soaring columns with the pharaonic inscriptions and statues of Ramses II welcome you to the impressive Luxor Temple. Here, the secret of  Amenhotep III to rule ancient Egypt, and there the conflict between Hatshepsut and Thutmose III is embodied in front of your eyes. The surprise is that you will meet a mosque with a unique rare mix of Islamic and pharaonic designs! It is Abu al-Haggag Mosque.

On your road between the Karnak Temple to Luxor Temple, historical treasures will shine to attract you towards the Luxor Cornish. Then, you will find the Nile touches this building where the fragrance of history magically comes from it; it is the Luxor Museum.

Welcome to The World of The Pharaonic Rare Artifacts In The Luxor Museum In Luxor East Bank

Amidst a group of historical treasures that were located inside the tomb of Tutankhamun, these rare huge statues of Tuthmosis III and the largest alabaster statue in Egypt of the god Sobek and Amenhotep III, you will find whispers coming from everywhere! You are a few meters away from the great kings of ancient Egypt!

Yes, you are in the presence of these Pharaonic kings, Ahmose I and Ramses I. To meet their mummies that rest in peace in the midst of the land that they ruled with power and majesty and made a history full of miracles here at Luxor.

You will find yourself standing in complete amazement at how the ancient Egyptians embalmed the bodies of their kings to stand thousands of years; and today, you can meet these greats. The Mummies Museum can answer you, as it is just a few meters away from you now while you are in the Luxor Museum.

Just leave these two floors that are teeming with the pharaonic monuments, including 376 rare artifacts, and go ahead to the Mummification Museum.

But at first, view this unique painting that includes a hieroglyphic text related to the struggle of the rulers of Thebes with the Hyksos that will lead you amid those great events that Egypt witnessed. So, you will live with a time with ancient Egyptian kings during the Hyksos war. And also see the charming granite head of the statue of Amenhotep III, the head of the goddess Hathor in the form of a cow. As well as the statue of the god Amun, the rare head of King Senusret III. In addition to, the magnificent statue of King Thutmose III from schist.

Uncover The Greatest Pharaonic Secret In The Mummification Museum In Luxor East Bank

Mummification Museum

Egyptian Mummy
by Lunchbox Photography

150 pieces reveal the secrets of life after death for the pharaohs. From the first step of the Mummification process and its tools to the majestic pharaonic funeral. And then to the burial of kings in these secret enchanting tombs.

You are in the heart of the story of preparing the body after death, in preparation for eternal life. You will see the embalming bed of the pharaoh. And also the tools they used and all the steps in front of you. To live with them those moments like as an ancient Egyptian attends with the priests the process of embalming the kings. Then, you have the choice to visit the Theben Necropolis to walk amid historical secret routes. These roads transfer you amid the royal tombs. Inside these tombs, you can witness all the details of the pharaonic burial ceremony and its secrets through unique bright inscriptions.

That is how will be your tour amid the life of the pharaohs in the Luxor East Bank, to be ready for another tour in the magic land of the pharaonic afterlife.

Related FAQ

What is Luxor known for?

The biggest open-air museum in the world and the location of some of Egypt's most famous temples, tombs, and monuments, Luxor served as the capital of the ancient kingdom known as Thebes.

Is Luxor located on the east bank or the west bank of the Nile?


From 1353 to 1336 BCE, this city, which had an estimated 80,000 citizens, held the title of largest city in the world. The Nile River divides Luxor into the East Bank and the West Bank. On the East Bank of Luxor is where you'll find Luxor Town.

What is the Luxor East Bank?

The East Bank of Luxor, which serves as the geographic centre of the township, is home to the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak.

Can you walk around Luxor?

Walking along Luxor's Corniche to eateries and the strategically located Luxor Temple at night is secure.

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