Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser

How Lake Nasser Takes You To Sail Amid Its Wonders and Facts

Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser by Laurent de Walick

Lake Nasser, the largest artificial lake globally that takes you to where the birds are singing around you, while history waves its hands from far to attract your soul. At that time, you feel that as if the Lake of Nasser is a bridge to your way to a majestic history, to salute the pharaohs, taking you to their wonders.

Common Chiffchaff

Common Chiffchaff
by Becky Matsubara

How Lake Nasser Takes You In a Journey In the Heart of History Blessed By God Sobek

The Lake of Nasser

The Lake of Nasser sunsets by Verity Cridland

Crocodiles, god Sobek for the ancient Egyptians, are queueing in the Lake as if they bless your way to history. It is your magnificent procession in the heart of this spectacular lake of Freshwater while the wonderful desert scenery along the banks. It is a magical moment when the colossal Pharaonic statues appear in front of you to announce your journey arrival in the depth of ancient Egyptian history, going amid temples that had been carved in the mountain embrace.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel by D-Stanley

The Secret of Abu Simbel Temple!

Giant statues carved in the heart of the mountain to cast terror into the hearts of the ancient Egyptian enemies and announce the greatness of a history that tells of a great king who ruled Egypt1303 BC – 1213 BC, Ramses II. It is the Abu Simbel Temples. Amid the great design and architecture of these temples, walk on the same road of the sun. The sun takes a specific road inside the greatest temple on two special dates of the year to illuminate particular statues.

Temple of Hathor and Nefertari, Abu Simbel, AG, EGY

Temple of Hathor and Nefertari, Abu Simbel, AG, EGY by w_lemay

That makes the world think that King Ramses II took a promise from the sun

Temple Abu Simbel,

Central Hall, Temple of Hathor and Nefertari, Abu Simbel by w_lemay

to hold a celebration inside his temple twice a year, and it has not failed him until this day.

In this magnificent journey in the heart of Lake Nasser, the dazzling Ptolemaic and Roman architecture and the inscriptions open the arms to wander amid these eras. It is the Temple of Amada.

Amidst the amazing of this temple, the breezes of the Lake call you to this monumental rocky island, Qasr Ibrim.

It is a charming trip leaving from Aswan or Abu Simbel through a Nasser Lake Cruise to sail several days.

When Living This History, What Will Be The Treasure that Beneath You!

Nasser Lake

Lake Nasser
by Justin Otto

Sailing in Lake Nasser means that you split a 500 km long lake. Of which, 350 km is in Egyptian land, and the rest is in Sudanese lands. This means that 83% of the total area of ​​the lake is located in Egypt, and the rest is on Sudanese lands. You cross a lake with a depth of 180 meters with a total storage capacity of 162 billion cubic meters. That makes it the largest artificial lake in the world and the second-largest lake in the world. To be beneath you, a giant fish revolution.

Nasser Lake is home to moonfish, two species of tilapia, and a number of catfish species. In addition to the legendary giant phono fish. It carries thirty-two different species of fish. So if you are a fishing lover or even want to live that adventure, Lake Nasser will be an experience you can’t forget. It currently produces about 26,000 tons per year

This lake can absorb the entire flood for two years. That was why Nasser decided to establish this lake for his country! What is the exact story of the Nasser Lake creating!

A Story Led To Naming The Largest Man-Made Lake, Lake Nasser! The Facts of This Lake Creation!

Taking a boat on the Lake

Taking a boat on the Lake Nasser to Agilika Island by Jorge Lascar

The time came to make Egypt enjoy the goodness of the Nile River, being an estuary country. Enough of the floods, and it’s time to generate hydroelectric power so that Egypt shines with light and goodness. This was the thought of the ruler of Egypt in 1960; he was Gamal Abd AL Nasser, who established the huge dame, Aswan High Dam.

It was formed as a result of the water collected in front of the High Dam. That was after its construction in the period from 1958 to 1970. Its construction required the transfer of the Abu Simbel temple and about 18 archaeological sites in Egypt. As well thousands of Nuba residents were displaced from their villages that sank under the lake.

Related FAQ

Is there crocodiles in Lake Nasser?

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Lake Nasser are the crocodiles, Because Lake Nasser crocodiles establish biological balance, they are at the top of the food chain.

What is special about Lake Nasser?

The historic sites that line Lake Nasser's shores are what draw the majority of tourists there. The most well-known of these is unquestionably Abu Simbel, whose enormous temples carved into the rock were constructed by Ramses II and contain the greatest figures to have survived from the Pharaonic era.

Can you swim in Lake Nasser?

In the desert of Nubia, swimming is available all year round. These beautiful beaches are entirely out of the way and can only be reached by boat.

How many crocodiles are in Lake Nasser?

African Nile crocodiles

Up to 10,000 African Nile crocodiles—the only crocodile species in Egypt—live in Lake Nasser in the southern part of the nation, according to Ezzat Awad, an oceanologist and former director of Egypt's fisheries authority, who spoke to The New Arab.

How far is Lake Nasser from Aswan?

220 kilometres separate Lake Nasser from Aswan.

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