Kitchener’s Island

Kitchener’s Island

Kitchener’s Island Aswan Is The Real  Tranquil Paradise On The Earth

Kitchener’s Island Aswan

Kitchener’s Island Aswan by w_lemay

Your peaceful tour will begin with a felucca that will take you to sail through the charming water of the Nile, till

Kitchener’s Island Aswan

Kitchener’s Island Aswan by Olaf Tausch

arriving at a tranquil paradise full of trees, beautiful flowers, unique plants, and a haven for birds whose beautiful feathers can be seen on the branches of most trees and the sound of their singing are pleasing to your ears, to find your relaxation amid Kitchener’s Island Aswan.

Kitchener’s Island is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world to find on an area of ​​17 acres; rare and perennial plant life is divided into 27 squares with horizontal paths cutting each other, including Tropical fruit trees, Phoenix Palm tree, Medicinal, and aromatic plants: such as cloves, Royal Palm tree, Sabal Palm tree, Spice plants: such as chili, and brown pepper, Ornamental plants: such as jasmine, Oily plants: such as oil palms, coconut palms, and olive trees, and date palms.

Kitchener’s Island hosts plants and trees from five continents, some of these plants were naturally found on the island, and others have been brought in from different continents, to find yourself walking through a huge variety of plantations and trees, while a nice atmosphere touches your skin to be amid the magic of the trees and plants smell and the sound of the birds in this cool place.

A museum of plant and aquatic life was established on the island; which made it a destination for all those interested in studying geology and ancient biology, and it also hosts a research center specializing in this scientific matter.

History of Kitchener’s Island

Kitchener’s Island Aswan

Kitchener’s Island Aswan by Justin Otto

Nubians previously settled on Aswan botanical garden; or the Island of Plants (Geziret an-Nabatat), to be known as ” Jet Narty” Garden. Later, Lord Horatio Kitchener took control of it in the 1860s; and it was used as a military base; at this time, Aswan botanical garden was called as lord’s house, and then it became known as Kitchener Island.


However, King Fouad I, changed its name to King Island, until the Egyptian revolution in July 1952; when President Gamal Abdel Nasser ordered it to be called finally ” Geziret an-Nabatat “.

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