The Secret of Howard Carter House To Live As An Explorer For Tut Tomb!

Howard carter House

Howard carter House By anagh

Here in Howard Carter House, you are surrounded by the challenging life of archeologists who were digging the land of the cradle of civilization to find out pharaonic treasures. It will feel that you as if you are are on a date with a great archaeological discovery.

Then, you realize that this is the majestic archaeological exploring of the Tutankhamun tomb. That you are with an appointment with this exploring that has surprised the world with dazzling pharaonic treasures that are shining here and there all over the planet. You are in the Howard Carter House, the discoverer of Tutankhamun’s tomb, the golden pharaonic.

But How Does This House Make You Feel Once Entering It That You Are Preparing Yourself to Join the Carter Team For Digging The Land Of the Valley of the Kings?

A Real Amazing Feel Will Control You!

Howard carter House

Howard carter House by Christopher.Michel

You are wandering amid a house that had witnessed unforgettable moments in human history. A majestic treasure being swallowed up by the land of history for thousands of years. But this domed mud-brick house had a different opinion.

To meet inside it the original tools of the Tut’s tomb digging. A wow moment when finding tools revealed a majestic pharaonic secret to this persecuted pharaoh. As if they wanted to restore Tutankhamun’s right, making the world vibrate in his name after his enemies tried to hide his name from the history of ancient Egypt.

You are amidst the events, hearing the sound of Carter in an old record player at that time when he was exploring Tut’s tomb to document the moments of excavation and search for the pharaonic treasure. Also, you see the original antique furnishings that Carter found his rest during the excavation missions.

For that, you find yourself out of the control of time going back to 1914 when Carter took the order to excavate in the Valley of the Kings.

The Events Inside Howard Carter House That Will Run Towards Your Eyes!

At the entrance to the house, there is a modern sofa on the terrace. It is facing and a picture of “Lord Carnarvon.” He was the funder of the campaign to discover King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Walk along this corridor that leads to the interior rooms. The bedroom is facing you. Inside it, there is the classic bed with a mosquito net for Carter and Carter’s wardrobe. You will also find the office of this British archeologist. In which Carter was preparing the work and consulting with the workshop leaders to start digging and how to transfer the collectibles from inside to outside the cemetery.

In the room, there is an old typewriter that Haward Carter used, besides a gramophone and several music CDs that Carter listened to. Benches around the office, a clothes hanger, hats, and the famous Carter wand. Next to the library, there is a lecture room in which Carter discussed with various scholars accompanying him in campaigns to follow up on all new work plans and various digging missions.

A special room for Lord Carnarvon, the man who financed the discovery and transporting the treasures of the King Tutankhamun tomb from underground to light to roam all over the world, and inside it there are two opposite beds.

You can live moment by moment with this explorer!

And the last room in the house is partially smaller than the rest. And inside it, there is a set of pictures and important papers belonging to Carter, bearing witness to the history of the tomb of King Tutankhamun.

Also, there is an easel for drawing natural paintings that were used by British archeologist who loved drawing.

You will meet tools from the work in the historic cemetery. And also other excavations of the West Bank that were carried out by Howard Carter. While the laboratory has bottles of liquids used in the acidification process and some pictures that Carter was developing. They were suspended from wooden clips with a rope taut between the two sides of the room.

At the end of the house, there is a bathroom, and also a kitchen. Besides a wooden cupboard, in which were stacked some of the tools that were used to prepare food, including pottery vessels, bottles of spices, and other kitchen utensils. There is also a cupboard with iron for clothes and an old electric heater.

This atmosphere feels as if you are living with Carter now. And on your way to tremendous pharaonic riches and dazzling historical treasures, gold artifacts, and other luxurious pieces in an intact cemetery that thieves have not reached before, from the hands of the Pharaohs to yours directly inside Tut Tomb.

The Distance Between You And Exploring Tut Tomb In The Valley of The Kings!

The House of Carter

The House of Carter by RBETZ

Howard Carter House means that you are at a slope above the road amidst Deir El Bahri to the Valley of the Kings. So, it will be a short ride to arrive at this amazing pharaonic discovery.

So, you will feel as if you started one day with Carter in his house. And heading to the wonderful moment of discovery. Or even that you have already made it. And amid the research and excavation tools, you celebrate. Especially as the house is filled with all the memorial images of Carter and his team. They illustrate the work of excavation and research and the moment of reaching a cemetery Tutankhamun.

It will not be a visit to the pharaonic monuments. But rather to live the experience of discovering this glorious history. Therefore, this Carter house will make your vacation to Egypt a unique experience.

Wait! A pharaonic tomb appears in the garden of Howard Carter House. If you look from afar and imagine this scene, I give you good news that it is true.

The Exact Tomb of Tut Inside Howard Carter House!

A replica of Tutankhamun’s burial chamber has been establish on the edge of Howard Carter House garden. It has been reproduced exactly in the house with all the original details except the mummy of the king. It includes all the dust and pitting on the walls, cracks in the sarcophagus, and the wooden railing. So, you will be in the heart of a live simulation that shows how the tomb was discovered.