Grand Egyptian Museum

Grand Egyptian Museum

Listen to the whispers of the pharaohs. They reveal the secrets of the dawn of civilization in the Grand Egyptian Museum (The GEM)

Grand Egyptian Museum

The ancient Egyptians still have more secrets, and they need to reveal them.  A huge rare Collection of Pharaonic artifacts that haven’t been displayed before are waiting for you in the largest museum globally dedicated to a single civilization. It is the Grand Egyptian Museum (The GEM).Grand Egyptian Museum

A few meters far away from Giza Pyramids on an area of 17 acres, you will find a huge building is set in the shape of pyramids that include more than 100.000 Unique Pharaonic artifacts; to be the first displaying for them.

So, if you need to see Pharaohs’ artifacts from the tombs to your eyes directly after the restoration process. Grand Egyptian Museum (The GEM) opening means that all the collection of Tutankhamun –that has been discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb since 1922- finally backs to life again to amaze more than 15.000 visitors daily. Yes, the collection of King Tut is set now in one place for the first time.

Once you enter the main foyer at the museum, you will find the huge statue of Ramses II that says hello to you. A few steps far away from this statue, you will find two halls of about 7,000 square meters display more than 5000 artifacts from the Tutankhamun treasure. Be one of those who will visit this unique historical treasure.

Grand Egyptian Museum

Grand Egyptian Museum Location. Live stunning time in an area with age 3000 years.

In a wonderful geological location where the Nile cavers its way through the desert to the Mediterranean; In where the ancient Egyptians set their great civilization, the new Egyptian museum was built.

Grand Egyptian Museum

Yes, it has been located near one of the oldest historical places, which is the desert plateau of pyramids as it is far away from the pyramids, about just 2 kilometers.

So, in an area that has a history exceeding 3000 years, you will see artifacts doesn’t been displayed before that belong to this great civilization, which is considered the largest one in history. How amazing will you feel at this time when you will find yourself in this unique place to live a history that has thousands of years back!

Grand Egyptian Museum

Feel as you are a part of a historical film about Pharaohs.

How Your Grand Egyptian Museum Tour Will Be?

It is an exciting experience that you will live, seeing the more about Grand Egyptian Museum Tutankhamun treasureGrand Egyptian Museum and the other rare pharaohs artifacts that belong to thousands of years ago, with a background of the three pyramids.

Since the Grand Egyptian Museum (The GEM) has visual axes from the site to the three pyramids, as a result of using the translucent stone façade, that is why once you enter the place, you will feel the life of the pharaohs in a building mixed with the history and the trendy in construction.

Once arriving at the Grand Egyptian Museum, you will walk over a great piazza and view the large translucent stone wall; which will be in direct relation to the pyramids.

After walking through the piazza and reach the entrance, you will find the huge statue of Ramses II welcomes you. From there, you can begin another life with the ancient Egyptians.

At first, you will be in a shaded external space that helps the visitors to find their destination easily, as the Grand Egyptian Museum includes Children Museum, Special Needs Museum, Educational corner, Conference corner, extensive gardens, coffees & restaurants.

While on your way to the main exhibition spaces, you will walk through the naturally lit Grand Staircase. There you will be in a smaller staircase that leads to the Conference and Education Centers.

Exhibition Areas

In the dramatic lighting that appears the creativity in the golden treasures. The collection of Tutankhamun and other rare artifacts are displayed. So that, you will find yourself in the middle of the greatest Exhibition areas with more than 100.000 unique artifacts. The gallery of King Tutankhamun collection will be the highlight of the visit for most tourists. You can live that yourself from.

Grand Egyptian Museum


Panels, labels, a variety of Audio/Visual integration representations, and other systems offer you all the information you curious to know in a too simple way.

Grand Egyptian Museum

Children Museum

Finally, your children can learn simply about a great civilization like the ancient Egyptian civilization. As the children’s museum offers remarkable educational and cultural material. Besides that, they will find their entertainment in a variety of games, films, activities, workshops, and laboratories that they will find there.

Special Needs Museum

If you are a person of determination, Egypt welcomes you and offers a great gift. It is the special needs museum. There, you can find programs that focus on your abilities and beat any disability you have. Come and enjoy knowing the great ancient Egyptian civilization.

Know the More About The GEM News & Info

This great museum was built by a great competition. It was the 2nd largest architectural competition in history. As it continued from January 2002 to June 2003.

Grand Egyptian Museum

Grand Egyptian Museum Opening date

Egypt announced that officially the opening date of the Grand Egyptian Museum (The GEM) would be in 2020. But the opening was delayed to early 2021. That’s why we invite you to be the first visitors to the greatest museum in the whole world.

Grand Egyptian Museum

Grand Egyptian Museum Hours & Its Fees

From 9 A.m to 5 P.m, you can live the story of each artifact of the museum.Grand Egyptian Museum

The entrance Grand Egyptian Museum fee is just 500 L.E.

Egyptian Museum vs. The GEM

Does the Grand Egyptian Museum come to decrease the value of the Egyptian Museum? It is a common question that comes to most minds, but the answer is no. Especially the Egyptian museum has its great history with a great and valuable extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. As it has about 120,000 artifacts.

There is no tour complete without visiting the Egyptian museum. But the Grand Egyptian Museum (The GEM) comes to tell us more facts about the ancient Egyptians with unique artifacts. That adds more value for the pharaonic’ antiquities, and Egypt still has more to offer.

After this exciting time you will spend, you can go into the Grand Egyptian Museum Gift Shop. There, you take a souvenir

Related FAQ

Is the Grand Egyptian Museum completed?

The Grand Egyptian Museum's Entrance Hall and Grand Staircase have accomplished 99.8% of their completion goals. More than 4,700 artefacts from King Tutankhamun's treasures have been placed in their locations in the 99 percent finished King Tutankhamun's Hall in the Grand Egyptian Museum.

Is the Grand Egyptian Museum the biggest in the world?

The Grand Egyptian Museum is the biggest museum in the world devoted to just one culture.

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