Daraw Camel Market

The Daraw Camel Market in Aswan is a must-see for every tourist that finds themselves in the vicinity. Countries like Egypt are known for their vibrant markets, which attract thousands of loyal consumers every day, but this market is unlike any other. It is also not included in many of our Egypt travel packages, although it may be added to any of our itineraries upon request.

When visiting nations like Egypt, o . Sure, people in larger cities are slowly but steadily moving away from traditional markets and more relying on contemporary retail malls for their everyday needs. Traditional markets, on the other hand, continue to rule supreme, and as many travelers can confirm, they are fantastic locations to visit. The Daraw Camel Market is a fascinating market in Egypt, especially if you’re looking for something a little different. Yes, Egypt does really have a market dedicated solely to the trade of camels. Why would anyone want to go to this camel market when there are so many other excellent Aswan tourist attractions? Simply because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Why Is It Necessary To Have A Camel Market?

For millennia, the camel has been regarded in high regard simply because it has fulfilled so many roles throughout history. Camels are still employed to transport passengers and merchandise through the desert sands on both sides of the Nile, earning them the nickname “Ship of the Desert.” Camels are also a vital source of food, as many people rely on camel milk and meat to survive.

As a result, it’s natural that there’s a great need for a market where people can buy and sell such precious animals; and for those in the Aswan area, the Daraw Camel Market is the place to go.

If you’re visiting Aswan, you’ll find that taking a tour of the Daraw Camel Market is incredibly convenient; as it’s only a couple of miles southeast of the city. Visitors should keep in mind, though; that the market is only available one day a week; beginning at 6 a.m. on Tuesdays. The market is home to the world’s largest collection of camels; but there’s more to see.

Daraw is an excellent destination to visit if you want to observe (and possibly meet) nomadic people; Bedouin, and other tourists interested in this fascinating site. As the traders compete for the greatest rates on the animals; you will witness authentic Middle Eastern bartering and negotiation at its finest.

Visiting the Camel Market in Daraw

Allow five to six hours for the tour of the Daraw Camel Market as well as the trip to and from Aswan if you plan on visiting the intriguing Daraw Camel Market. Remember that; as with any huge market, a trip to Daraw does not come without risk. While it is unquestionably a safe area for travellers; it is nonetheless recommended that valuable documents such as passports and other identification be carried in an unguarded manner.

Opportunistic criminals are prone to go to any location that attracts a huge crowd. Keep a watch on any expensive photographic equipment you may be carrying. Finally, remember to wear comfortable shoes and socially appropriate attire.