Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower

Majestic View Over Landmark Monuments On The Top Of Lotus In Grand Cairo Tower

Through the Lotus plant with a height of 187 meters, you can enjoy a majestic view via Cairo. On top of this Lotus, you will be higher than the Great Pyramid of Giza. So, if you need to view the pyramids from a higher level, the Grand Cairo Tower invites you. Not just the Pyramids, but you will explore the whole city with its landmark monuments, Cairo. You can see all the magnificent artifacts in one scene as if the eras run towards you to take you to the wonderful history. It is the Grand Cairo Tower that has been built in the shape of the Lotus plant with its latticework casing with 16 floors.

Cairo Tower

Unique Design

By the same genius of the ancient Egyptians, the Cairo Tower has established with a unique design; and built from Aswan granite stones that were previously employed by the traditional Egyptians in building their temples and tombs. It will not just be a scene from the hight, but it is a miraculous view of the city of a thousand minarets, seeing the craftsmanship of Islamic Art architecture in the historical mosques and the tiles that had paved streets of previous great eras, as you can from a height of 600 feet see monuments like Saladin Citadel, Al-Azhar.

Cairo Tower

a great experience when sitting at a revolving restaurant at this height that has been placed on a rotating platform revolves around to offer the visitors an exquisite scene of the landmarks of Cairo from all sides within the sunset. This revolving restaurant is on the top of the Grand Cairo Tower. It takes 45 seconds for the journey inside the tower elevator to reach its top. When you stand on the top, you see a full panorama of Cairo.

The Grand Nile Tower has been built between 1956 and 1961 in the reign of Gamal Abdel Naser; and made of reinforced concrete, designed by the engineer Naoum Shebib.

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