Blue Hole – Red Sea (Dahab)

Blue Hole – Red Sea (Dahab)

Blue Hole Red Sea Is Each Diver Dream To See Unique Marine Life Mixed With Adventure

Carved into a reef, the most famous diving site in the world, just follow the yellow sand of the desert the 8km north of Dahab to find the blue water. At this point, prepare yourself to dive into one of the most attractive scenes you may see in all your life as you will be accompanied by the picturesque coral reefs, and complete marine life, with plants, colorful fish, and the magic light formations, in addition to the “arch” area, which helps tourists to reach the open sea without swimming. It is the diving in the Blue Hole Dahab.

Blue Hole red sea

You will fall in love with the Blue Hole Red Sea with the scene of the reflecting view of the mountains in the blue water while inside this sinkhole a wonderful sea life that is full of colors.

This sinkhole is around 130m/426ft deep, while between the exit hole from the sinkhole and its entrance, there is a long tunnel with 26m/85ft, it provides unparalleled pleasure for the diver thanks to its coral reefs and the plant and animal life, and known as “the arch.” There is a shallow opening around 6m/19ft deep, which is called “the saddle.” 

So, you will find different parts to the Blue Hole Dahab – and a variety of different depths!

How Can  You Arrive At The Blue Hole Red Sea!

You can go to the Blue Hole Dahab by riding camels to run through the desert and enjoy the Bedouin life till arriving at this place, and you can go by car as well. 

Blue hole Dahab is where you enjoy the view while the mountains surround you and enter the suspense of the blue hole Red Sea to see a scene that will print in your mind that there is no visitor can forget. Whatever your imagination will take you, not as what you will see there.

The blue hole Red Sea invites you to leave the life pressure and enter the full relaxation in real magic surrounded by the blue water and the coral reefs’ colors that will catch your eyes.

Info You Need To Know About The Blue Hole Dahab

Blue Hole Red Sea

If you are not a professional diver, please do not go deeper, especially there is plenty to discover close to the surface. It will be a risk, Recreational divers don’t get to ascertain the Blue Hole Red Sea arch when doing the Bells to Blue Hole dive.

The expert divers can enter at the Bells; it is a narrow breach in the reef table that forms a pool close to shore. But you have to monitor your depth carefully, to finish up by swimming across the sinkhole towards the shore, as you will sail through 27m on a ledge that opens to the sea, then Swim south along the wall, a saddle in the reef at 7m allows entry to the Blue Hole Red Sea. 

Blue Hole Red Sea

Diving in Blue Hole (Red Sea)

 In the blue hole Dahab area, you will find cafeterias, changing rooms, toilets, and small shops for renting diving supplies.

You can dive safely dive into the blue hole Dahab when you will be accompanied by an advanced diver, and even if you are a professional diver, we will offer you all the facilities you need.

Near the blue hole Red Sea, you can easily find many hotels, such as  Tropitel Dahab Oasis, that place right on the beach and offers 1st class customer service. Deep Blue Divers Hostel is one of the 1st rated hotels in Dahab and owns a PADI-certified dive center. And the perfect hotel,  Monica Hotel.

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