Wander Around The World Of 180 Million Years Ago In The Black Desert; The Dinosaurs Age!

Black Desert, Egypt

Black Desert, Egypt
by lju photo

A word resonates in your mind as soon as you arrive here in the Black Desert; Does me in a fancy world, or I have landed on another planet. You are in the heart of the strangest deserts in the world; to walk around scattered black hills, some covered with barite or calcite crystals.

The features of volcanic eruptions and the depth of lava wrinkles appear magically on some hills. The iron oxides in their red, orange and yellow colors shine on these black hills amazingly.

Here the second-largest dinosaur in the world had found. Live a time amid the “Jurassic” period, which dates back to 180 million years in the Black Desert of Egypt.

All of That Is Only Five Hours From Cairo! What About the Black Desert Magical World!

A layer of black powder covers all over the land. All the mountains, plateaus, and sand around you wear this historical black layer that narrates about a volcano that erupted and then subsided. It drew its features as if it was an artist who wanted to make from the nature his own painting to fascinate us with a world unique of its kind millions of years ago, using the volcanic material called jasper!

These black sands that cover that magical desert are black basalt overflow due to the presence of this previous volcanic activity in that area and volcanic eruptions. Therefore, some hills shimmer with iron oxides in their red, orange, and yellow colors in a unique magical mixture.

Black Desert, Egypt

Black Desert, Egypt by lju photo

The hills are here and there with different sizes, compositions, heights, and shapes. Some of them are dark in color and consist of ” Dolomite” and “iron quartzite.” And some of them tend to be reddish in color as the surface rocks consist of iron sandstone, and a few From these hills consists of white limestone.

These black hills are glowing, casting a special charm on the desert at sunrise and sunset, and on lunar nights, the desert appears as an oil painting for an ecological resort amidst the clouds. What made this desert a nature reserve. In fact, dinosaur skeletons were found here in this real fancy world. You view the nature fluctuations since millions of years ago with your own eyes.

Then, Was There A Life On This Land! You Are Wandering Amid The nature’s Changes and Witnessing It!

While you are astonished by this artistic painting drawn by the hands of nature,  you can meet these remains of shrubs and petrified wood. That indicates that the desert had once dressed in greenery and freshness cover. And even it provided a luxuriant life for many herbivores and carnivores, even dinosaurs.

One of the greatest discoveries globally was found by the geologists in this black desert; it is the second-largest dinosaur in the world near to Dast and Scout mountains on the border of the Black Desert.

It is not just the only discovery on this spot, but history is waving in its hands there! On this highest mountain, the owner of the black robe, like the rest of the mountains around it, rises high with historical traces that take you to the secrets of the First World War!

The Secret of The English Mountain

The English Mountain is the highest peak in the Black Desert, and from which you can contemplate the wonderful and unique world there.

On this mountain, you find the remains of ruins dating back to the First World War. During the World War period, the British occupation forces exploited that mountain and stationed it, as it is the highest point in the Black Desert, and on its top, they could detect any infiltration from members of the hostile forces. That was why the leader “Wilmes” from the English army ordered the construction of a building consisting of three rooms and a bathroom in order to monitor the Libyan Senussi forces that were attacking the oasis at that time.

Amid this dazzle, you meet other charming hills that take you to amazing views

Al-Marsous Mountain is the most famous mountain in the Black Desert. It is a volcanic crater completely covered with volcanic jasper, which is spread over the mountain in a fantastic way.

And “Mountain Panorama” to see from above an unusual view of the Black Desert and take panoramic pictures of this charming world. After one hour of driving, you can find another white world that appears magically!

You will see white crystals covering a wide land, white mountains rising and shining from afar. It is the white desert with its limestone formations that take shapes as if they were carved as a chicken, mushrooms, and others.

White Desert

White Desert by CairoCarol

The White Desert is located on the outskirts of the Black Desert.

Info You Need To Know About The Black Desert!

The Black Desert is located in Egypt in the New Valley Governorate. The Black Desert is a little bit far away from the north of the White Desert about, 1.81 km. It is close to Bahariya Oasis.

You can visit both the White desert and Black desert from Cairo/Giza by vehicle to taking around 4.30 to 5 hours of driving.