A Tour With The Accompany Of A Pharaonic Governor In The Heart Of the History In Bakhet  Tomb!

Bakhet  Tomb

The majestic pharaonic columns that take the shape of a lotus flower greet you. To begin a journey in the heart of history with the accompany of this pharaonic ruler, Bakhet. You will wander amid the details of his daily life and administrative work and moments of entertainment in pharaonic celebrations and hunting trips. A pharaonic world is surrounding you here in Bakhet Tomb.

Bakhet was the governor of the El Minya during the reign of the 11th dynasty, ‎during the beginning of the 21st century B.C. ‎Before Bakhet assumed the position of Governor of Minya, he took treasurer of the king of Lower Egypt, confidential friend, true royal acquaintance, and mayor of Nekheb. Bakhet Tomb was the first to be excavated in these spectacular tombs of Beni Hassan. And it was numbered as the 15th tomb (BH15).

How Does Bakkt Tomb Reflect Exactly the Pharaonic Life?

Remarkable vibrant ‎paintings display accurate details about daily life and the policy during this period in ancient Egypt.

This rectangular tomb starts with an open courtyard. In which your feet meet a land that had carried the feet of the ancient Egyptians who came to visit the deceased and where they offered the sacrifices.

And then continue your journey on the same approach as the ancient Egyptian visitors to the tomb to reach the columns chapel. You will pass between the giant Pharaonic columns and to the burial chamber. You find yourself in the midst of drawings by the hands of the ancient Egyptians. They still retain their luster and brightness. These vibrant decorations make you move from the ground on which you stand to a fantasy journey in the heart of those paintings to the majestic life of the pharaohs.

Paintings push you imaginarily to attend with Bakhet and his wife weavers and acrobats – mostly women in diaphanous dresses in flexible poses and pharaonic wrestling. Then to a gazelles hunting trip in the desert where you will meet pharaonic mythical creatures. Potters, metalworkers, and a flax harvest. Ancient Egyptians are aiming their arrows at crocodiles. Some pharaohs are collecting papyrus. Others fishing, and scenes of the ancient Egyptian barbers. It is an integrated pharaonic society with its bakers, hunters, netters, potters, winemakers. And also, pharaonic wars surround you. In addition, goats climbing the desert trees in a wonderful view to eat from the branches. And here you are attending the majestic Pharaonic Buck’s funeral.