Aswan High Dam

Aswan High Dam

Aswan High Dam Site Narrates a Story of the Egyptians Battels

The Aswan Low Dam was constructed in 1898 under the direction of Sir William Willcocks and was completed in 1902, was followed by a further two between 1929 and 1933 to alleviate the Nile flooding. But it was not adequate to control the annual flooding. So, it was time to build the Aswan High Dam.

When seeing the Aswan High Dam while the water runs between its sides, to irrigate and feed all over Egypt, ensure that you are in front of a Dream of the people and an epic that the Egyptian people witnessed with their will and resulted in all good for the entire Egyptian land.

This Egyptian challenge is materialized in the form of this Aswan High Dam, which is an enormous building with 111m tall, 3.5km in length, and about 1km wide. The width of the base is 980 meters, and the width of the top is 40 meters.

aswan high dam

The size of the dam is 43 million cubic meters of cement, iron, and other materials, through which a flow of up to 11,000 cubic meters of water can pass through it per second, and thus it caused in increasing the area of ​​agricultural land in Egypt from 5.5 to 7.9 million acres, and cultivating crops more as a result of water availability.

Why The High Dam IS Called A Miracle!

It has become the top 10 projects in the world that were established during the twentieth century. As it is a rubble dam, and this type of dam is not common and of a special nature. So establishing this dam in the early sixties is a real great achievement.

The Aswan High Dam is constructed in order to provide Egypt with hydro-electric, and it already has provided most of Egypt’ villages with electricity, and some of these villages it was the first time to use electricity, as the High Dam offers hydro-electric, with six turbines, capable of producing 2.1 million kilowatts.

The High Dam is the story of the Egyptian people’s struggle

aswan high dam

When you arrive at the Aswan High Dam, remember that it was just a dream in 1960. As the president, Gamal Abdel Nasser had decided to build a great national project. But the dam was above Egypt’s potential in financing and technological capacity. The challenge came from this point, especially since the project of the High Dam is faced with western refusals.

But the Soviet Union had offered technological and financial assistance to build a dam with 43 million cubic meters of rock and sand. With Egyptian arms, this huge foundation was built to bring goodness to the whole country. The construction was completely done on 15 January 1971.

More than 34 thousand Egyptian workers had built the high dam with their hands. In addition to many companies that carried out earthworks and concrete.

Other Results of the Aswan High Dam

Building the High Dam Egypt caused in creation of the largest man-made lake globally. It is the Nasser Lake. This lake protects Egypt from the danger of Nile flooding. It has the capacity to preserve flood water for two years, about 10 km wide in some places and 500km long.

When you sail through this great lake, ensure that this water includes a massive commercially exploited fish population.

But unfortunately, there is a bad side to building the Aswan High Dam, as raising the water in this area where the Nubia located, caused in threatening the Nubian population, which led to the displacement of about 100,000 Nubians, in addition to exposing many of the antiquities to danger, but with the help of UNESCO, they were removed and protected from dangers.

Your Visit To Aswan High Dam!

aswan high dam

The Aswan High Dam is only about a 15-minute drive south of Aswan. It is on the Egyptian and Sudanese border. Your visit will be remarkable to see this important sightseeing as a magnificent building narrates a story of struggle. While an amazing view of the largest man-made lake is behind this high dam to catch your eyes, especially in the sunset.

This Is The Time, Egypt Is Ready And Safe

Related FAQ

Why is the Aswan High Dam so important?

The Aswan High Dam's 132 km3 reservoir can hold enough water to irrigate 33,600 km2 of land. It meets the irrigation demands of both Egypt and Sudan, prevents flooding, produces electricity, and aids in bettering Nile navigation.

Why does Egypt constructed the Hugh Dam?

in 1961 it was too important to build a new dam because the old dam of Aswan was cracked and Nasser had to build the high dam to protect Egypt from the annual flood.

Who built Aswan Dam?

The Soviet Hydroproject Institute and a few Egyptian engineers worked together to create the massive rock and clay dam. The dams were built with the assistance of 25,000 Egyptian engineers and labourers. Arab Contractors, a company owned by Osman Ahmed Osman, was in charge of the project on the Egyptian side.

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