The Voices of The Ancient Egyptians Resound in Revolution At The Time Their Hands Made Rare Artifacts With High Accuracy in Aten City. Let These Pharaonic Treasures Take You From The Limits Of Time On A Historical Journey Inside The Akhenaten Museum.

Akhenaten Museum


6,000-10,000 unique shiny pharaonic antiques are displayed in a stunning lighting system that shows the beauty and the majesty of each relic made by the ancient Egyptian hands. Each piece of these rare monuments reflects a detail in the history of ancient Egypt, especially in that sensitive period as a religious revolution led by Akhenaton to


Akhenaten by joncallas

unit the gods in Aten. The voices of the ancient Egyptians resound at Tell el-Amarna, and their hands made glory to change a pharaonic belief. At the same time, some hands of those ancient Egyptians made artifacts of the utmost accuracy and beauty. These artifacts are what you see in this Akhenaten Museum.

Fourteen museum exhibition halls teeming with these pharaonic treasures of the Akhenaten collection. You will roam amid the story of the city of “Akht Tun,” known as Amarna. Also, you wander in the midst of the life of King Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti. Hence, you will uncover unique lines of Pharaonic life. And attend the events when the pharaoh and his followers from the ancient Egyptians revolted against the corruption of the priests of Amun. You are walking inside 17 years of pharaonic life in this third largest museum in Egypt and the largest in Upper Egypt.

Akhenaten Museum transfers you magically to the history of the city of Minya through the different eras in the ancient Pharaonic civilization. So, it is not only the Akhenaten period. But this great pyramid-shaped museum contains an archaeological treasure of unique historical periods.

So, it still has many historical stories and secrets to witness with your eyes through these fantastic artifacts.

A Brief Tour In Akhenaten Museum

It is a tour around five floors. Bright artifacts shine in the eyes to go towards them. At this point, you will be in the main hall and surrounding you the history of Al-Minya through different ages. With amazement, you complete your journey in the heart of history. To find 14 halls illuminated with artifacts that narrate the history and art of the Atonic period.

After spending charming minutes amid the daily life of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, you can meet a theater, a cinema, a large conference hall that accommodates about 800 people. You can also find a great archaeological library.

In addition, a bazaar area with 19 bazaars. A magical scene will catch your attention for those five artificial lakes overlooking the Nile magically. And a number of cafeterias, where you take your rest. In addition to an administrative building with a center for training workers and another for reviving traditional industries and crafts.

Info You Need To Know About Akhenaten Museum

This museum, which is considered as a monument itself with spectacular artistic touches. It is located on the east bank of the Nile river in Al-Minya city in Upper Egypt on 25 acres. To appear from the western bank of the Nile in the corniche in dramatic scenery.

Akhenaten Museum was established with a budget exceeding 150 million pounds in three phases to create this glossy world that you will wander with complete dazzling and amazement.

This Akhenaten Museum is a German design. It is a joint work between the Egyptian and German sides. In order to produce a masterpiece of archaeological treasures that illuminates the world’s path towards glorious Pharaonic history.