Ain El Selini Spring

Ain El Selini Spring

The Rare Nature of  Ain El Selini Spring; How The Huge Green Gardens Hug Singing of Sulfur Water!

Ain El Selini Spring

Walk inside a splendor panoramic view with the singing of flowing water and the birds sound while the huge green fresh gardens surround you magically. Green terraces take you to a special taste of nature. Fruit gardens and orchards surround the terraces that fill the place, emitting purified nature breezes. The old mill and water springs take you to the beauty of nature and ecological purity. It is the amazement of Ain El Selini Spring; it is a charming nature that is mixed with fragrant history.

Ain El Selini Spring is located halfway between the city of Fayoum, which is located at a distance of 8 km, and Lake Qarun, which is located at a distance of 13 km. To find a greeny spot with water springs surrounded by gardens takes you to its rare beauty; picturesque nature, fresh air, rumbling waters. Besides the old mill house that used to process crops using water power and grind grain, they used the power of water flow from small canals into the house to mill the crops. Also, you will meet the unique atmosphere of the markets of handicrafts.

Ain El Selini Spring started flowing in the thirties, adding to Fayoum a wonderful tourist destination. Also, the Ain El Shaer flowed in the seventies to add depth and breadth to the region. Sulfur water rich in calcium, potassium, and magnesium that come out from the ground was flowing from its four springs. This is confirmed by the marble sign that still survives and bears confirmation from a laboratory in Switzerland.

A bridge was built on the canal overlooking the stream, linking it to Ain El Selini Spring, which added beauty to the area. How amazement you feel when walking amid this rare nature on that bridge!

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