Abdeen Palace and Museum in Cairo

19th Century jewel In Lavish architecture Bright With 90 years Unique Royal Treasure In Abdeen Palace & Museum.

While you rehearse the fashionable Cairo streets, wandering its road and green gardens that are established by Khedive Ismail, you’ve got to reach the first brick set during this modern Cairo. it had been in Abdeen Palace & Museum.

At the same time that the palace was being built, Khedive Ismail ordered Cairo to be planned within the ecu style with spacious squares, wide streets, palaces, buildings and bridges on the Nile, and gardens rich in trees, palm species, and rare plants.

Masterpieces of world art

Abdeen Palace and Museum is where you rehearse charming luxurious located on a neighborhood of 25-Fadden to seek out lavish architecture decorations, additionally to unique paintings and rare designs that mixed the creativity of Egyptian, Italian, French and Turkish architects, establishing deluxe 500 rooms to enter all finding your eyes shines with furniture adorned with gold and handmade decorations, and five large halls for celebrations, each containing 100 masterpieces of world art.

Abdin Palace and Museum also contain magnificent halls with precious antiques and majestic salons, additionally to a theater that has many gilded chairs, and there are isolated places with curtains for girls , called “the Haramlek.”

Rooms and Suites

There are many suites, just like the Belgian wing, which was designed to accommodate the important guests of Egypt, and it had been named so because the King of Belgium was the first to reside in it.

This suite includes a bed that’s considered one of the rare antiques because of its decorations and hand drawings. Also, Abdeen Palace and Museum includes a rare Library, which contains about 55 thousand great books.

A palace of great historical richness, Khedive Ismail sons and grandsons, who ruled Egypt, were keen on putting their touches on the palace and making additions that suit the inclinations and age of every of them.

You will wander among a gaggle of the Muhammad Ali Pasha family’s holdings of tools and utensils of silver, crystal, and crystal Stained and other rare artifacts that’s how Abdin Palace & Museum may be a dazzling treasure of the Muhammad Ali family located within the heart of Cairo.

It is the jewel of the nineteenth century that witnessed many events that contributed to the fashionable history of Egypt. Since its inception in 1863 until the 1952 revolution .. This palace has been witness to 90 years of intense social and political events.

The History of building Abdeen Palace and Museum

Upon starting the event of the Abdin Palace, several existing pools were filled in and leveled with the land, and sort of other buildings adjacent to the palace were purchased and removed.

In subsequent years, Khedive Ismail bought neighboring properties for several years until the acreage reached approximately 25 acres. Abdeen Palace and Museum was erected in 1863, and in 1872 Khedive Ismail decided to maneuver to Abdin Palace rather than ruling the country from the Saladdin Castle, the old seat of Egypt’s government.

By the 1952 revolution, the Abdin Palace was transformed into a museum, to be a magic bazaar for ammunition, decorations, property, and weapons.President Sadat came to assign Abdeen Palace & Museum management to the Presidency of the Republic and ordered it to be restored and renovated.

Opening “Abdeen Palace Museums” that display silverware, chinaware, crystal, and Gallé collections of Mohamed Ali’s Family.

Abdeen Palace & Museum

Abdeen Palace is where you wander many museums of unique antiques at one spot, meeting different weaponry collections that belonged to King Farouk within the War Museum, a group of royalty antiques, objects, plates, and eating instruments made from colored glass, gold, and silver.

There is also Peace Museum that displays of collection of presidential gifts and Mubarak family belongings;  President Mubarak had established it in 2005, and thus the Historical Documents Museum that contains kind of unique and secret historical documents from different eras.

Info you would like to understand About Abdeen Museum

Museum address: El-Gomhoria Square – Abdin – Cairo – Egypt.
Visiting times: daily from 9 am-5 pm.
Ticket price: 100 EGP.