How To Find a Spot Takes You Through The Dazzling Beauty Of Taba Nature During The Pharaohs Times In Taba Great Museum!

Taba Great Museum


Crystal blue waves dance calmly. Since the pure breezes touch this Turquoise Sea while you walk on the soft golden sands. It gently and warmly touches your feet. And the sea breezes come to refresh your soul to look around you and view the mountains appear magically and uniquely. You are on the land of Taba, the paradise of the earth. Amid this beautiful nature, you will find remarkable architecture meets you, and the mountains surround it as an amazing background. So, you will come close and amazingly finding yourself inside a time gap that takes you to where this beautiful nature was in the time of the Pharaohs. You go from an era to another inside this Taba Great Museum.

You wander amid the museum’s exhibition halls that are filled with hundreds of unique shiny artifacts of Pottery pots, manuscripts, and excavations. So, you will roam in the Sinai Peninsula in the time of the Pharaohs. To find yourself in the middle of a rare mixture that combines ancient Egyptian history with. While walking through the pharaohs’ eras, bright historical pottery tools, decorations, and mosaic floors take you to transfer through the dazzling nature in Sinai during the Greek, Roman, Coptic, Byzantine, and Islamic eras.

A Spot Takes You To Be The Leader Of Historical Wars In This Taba Great Museum!

It is clear that history has left messages for you inside that museum. So, you will come close and find yourself reading historical lines in hand manuscripts belonging to the Arab leader Saladin, one of the rulers in the Ayyubid era. In the company of these important historical manuscripts, you live as a war leader with Saladin during the period of the Crusades in Egypt to get to know more about these war secrets.

And this shiny warrior’s armor that was found on a hill facing the Sinai Peninsula during an expedition will increase this feeling inside you; it will be a fantastic experience.

So, if you are in Taba, do not miss the chance to see this wonderful nature that you roam inside its beauty during the historical periods inside Taba Great Museum.

Info You Need To Know About Tab A Great Museum!

The museum contains 3 exhibition halls containing about 700 rare artifacts that take you to Taba from the Pharaonic era to the modern era. The film materials displayed inside the museum also help to get to know more about these historical periods.

Not only that, you are in a spot that takes you to the history and culture of other cities and countries. Taba is a meeting place for four countries, which made its museum also a meeting place for the history of these countries.

You can visit this museum from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Friday.