Top Sites in Egypt

Top Sites in Egypt

Majestic History Embraced By An Astonishing Nature. Best Sites in Egypt

The sun was shining on one of the greatest civilizations from thousands of years ago. And now its rays are still illuminating monuments that had left behind this glorious history. Follow this sun’s rays in Egypt. It will lead you back to the historical eras. That is how you will attend the vital events that took place in the cradle of civilization. There, you can see great artifacts built at the hand of the ancient Egyptians. As if they left these monuments to keep in touch with you today in the top sites in Egypt. At these sightseeings, you will read the messages of the pharaohs that they had carved by themselves. Then, prepare yourself for the magic of the night in charming places in Egypt.

Top Sites in Egypt

Once you touch down in the land of history, you will think of the last survivor of the ancient world wonders. It is the great pyramid. There, you will touch with your feet the footsteps of the pharaohs. You will walk on where they had striven to build their architectural miracle. You will ponder how they had carried these heavy stones. How they raised them to accompany the sky! And how these giant architectural masterpieces still being alive until now in one of the most majestic top sites in Egypt.

Top Sites in EgyptSpend a time in where the pharaohs thought that they would be gods in the afterlife since 4,500 years ago, to find their tombs in the form of great pyramids. There, they had placed their dazzling treasure. Stand in front of the Khufu pyramid and get a breeze comes from circa 2550 BC. Then look up to 481 feet (147 meters) above the plateau. You will find yourself in front of 2.3 million stone blocks that the pharaohs had stacked up till arriving at the sky. While each one of these stones weighs an average of 2.5 to 15 tons.

The magic of this most magnificent historical spot of the top sites in Egypt will lead your legs to climb down into this great pyramid. You will meet the corridors and the burial chamber. It is the place where the ancient Egyptians had set the brilliant treasure of king Khufu.

While you are immersed in your amazement, you will continue your steps in this historical sand of the pyramid plateau. Your steps will lead you to be in the presence of Khufu’s son, Pharaoh Khafre. There you will feel like if Khafre’s soul welcomes you in his majestic pyramid that was built circa 2520 BC.

Walk by the time machine to 2490 BC. when you find yourself with the Pharaoh Menkaure. While you have to greet the guard of the pyramids for thousands of years. Actually, it is a Pharaonic guard standing with a force with a human head and the body of a lion. It is the Sphinx. The pharaohs left it as a protector of one of the top sites in Egypt. He remained in his place a faithful guardian of the era of the Pharaohs.

Top Sites in Egypt

Sphinx by [ALHanouf _ Photography’s]

If you spend a night at the Giza Pyramids plateau, you will find Sphinx has great secrets to reveal about the ancient kingdoms. He narrates all of that in the light and sound show.

There, you will amaze by seeing this well-prepared path. You can walk in it comfortably. Its distance around just 2 kilometers.  When you end this road, you will in front of you another great pyramid. It seems that you will be in front of one of the top sites in Egypt. But it has been built by translucent stone façade not limestone like the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Your soul will hurry up to enter this great building. To be inside a masterpiece in an area of about 7 thousand square meters.

Treasure of Thousands of Artifacts in the Grand Egyptian Museum

Top Sites in Egypt

Tut Tomb by RuggyBearLA

Enter this home of thousands of rare and unique archaeological discoveries. It is the Grand Egyptian Museum. You will find the giant statue of Ramses II salutes you. Once entering, you will be in a dazzling world. Each inch is shining with a great treasure that dates back to thousands of years ago. From the pharaonic tombs to this greatest museum globally erected for one civilization.

A hall there will attract your attention, to feel that the most remarkable thing you may meet in your life is in this place.

Once entering, you will repeat the same words of Carter the discoverer of Tut’s tomb. As you will say “Wonderful things wonderful things.”Yes, you will be in accompany of Tut’s treasure, seeing the whole collection in one place. It seems in its same condition when the pharaohs had buried it with king Tutankhamun.

Museums in Egypt are where you live with the pharaohs in their daily life. As you will see the tools their hands had carried and used in their daily life. In addition to the statues that had carved by their fingers. So, as long as we have mentioned the museums in Egypt, you have to know that there is a museum with a great history. Khedive Abbas Hilmi II had built it, to be the first museum globally that founded as a public museum. It contains the greatest archaeological collection in the world.

The Egyptian Museum 

Top Sites in Egypt

Egyptian Museum, Cario, Egypt
by cattan2011

Not just their souls that are standing since thousands of years ago to celebrate your visit today and reveal secrets about what they had built to surprise you and the other followed generations, but also their bodies that were placed in the Egyptian Museum.

Yes, still there are royal mummies housing in the Egyptian Museum, where you spend fabulous

time on one of the top sites in Egypt, seeing the statutes of the pharaonic kings appearing in majesty and the ancient Egyptians’ tools that include their fingerprints as you will see all the pottery Toiletries, fishing tools, amulets, writing & agricultural tools, war wheels, papyri, ornaments, and other the requirements of daily life to feel that you actually live with them through the oldest kingdom.

Then, you will cross through the middle kingdom to the latest kingdom, with over 120,000 artifacts.

There, you will spend time with these pharaohs’ mummies in the museum. Like if they will revive. In order to listen from you about what you have known about them and narrate for you the more.

How Wust al-Balad streets Transfer you To Fatimid Era

After your dazzling tour inside the Egyptian museum, you will go out to find your soul will be purified with Wust al-Balad streets, the dawn town.

These streets were paved in the 19 centuries by order of Khedive Ismail to simulate the streets of Paris, but with an Arabic atmosphere, to find yourself in a unique mix, while cafes and restaurants are everywhere to live a time like the Egyptians and uncover the magic of the recent Egypt people, eating their delicious food, tasting their yummy dessert, and drinking their local tea that will charm you with its unique flavor.

There, you will find a Fatimid historical atmosphere that comes from a short distance. To go and find your feet touching historical tiles paved from narrow alleys. They are lined up in a complex to carry the greatest open museum of Islamic antiquities globally.

Top Sites in Egypt

Al Moez Street

It is Al-Muizz Li Din Allah street that is located in Al-Azhar district. At this time you will be in the embrace of one of the top sites in Egypt. It dedicated to the Fatimid, Mamluk, and Ottman eras.

Al-Azhar District, One Of The Top Sites In Egypt Along Historical Islamic Eras

Follow this charming mix of Ambergris, jasmine agate, coral, emerald, turquoise, king perfume, and various types of incense. And cross through shops that are adjacent to each other. Your eyes will shine with brilliant lanterns, shiny colorful lamps, handicrafts in one of the top sites in Egypt.  It is Khan El Khalili Bazzar.

Near there, you will find an ancient building that emits the meanings of luxury and sophistication in the architecture. It is the Al Azhar mosque.

Top Sites in Egypt

Al-Azhar Mosque by D-Stanley

Go around the Fatimid tiles of Al-Azhar mosque and enjoy the numerous enlargements over more than 1000 years. When you stand in the dazzle at this open white marble courtyard, the eras run towards your eyes. It is one of the top sites in Egypt long the historical Islamic eras. There, you will be in the charm of the pigeons’ singing. While your eyes see vibrant genius Islamic architecture. To feel as if these pigeons welcome you in great history.

There, your eyes will amaze, looking up to high to observe the high five minarets that date

from the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. As if they are standing in pride narrating the eras from 970 AD till now.

A harmonious blend of architectural styles reflects the majesty of Islamic designs. As each inch will amaze you with one of the creative an element of Islamic architecture. To wander through vibrant colors, rich patterns, and symmetrical silhouettes.

Do not let the time go amidst this greatness that you will live in Al-Azhar mosque and its wide Madrassa as you have to cross the road to the greatest open museum in the Islamic world, It is Al-Muizz Li Din Allah, where you go amidst the colorful shiny lamps and the bright lanterns to find your eyes sparkle from copper, gold and silver crafts that are decorated with glass and metal statues and various stones, in addition to oriental carpets rich in bright colors and handcrafted textiles and your soul will dance with the eastern music.

You will cross through 25 archaeological top sites in Egypt. To start from one of the historical gates of Qakhirat Al-Muizz. They are Bab Al-Futuh and Bab Al-Nasr from the northern side, extending to Al-Darassa Street. Also, they extend to the remains of the walls of Cairo from the eastern side.

The most enjoyable moments of your life will live amid these architectural decorations and forms. You will pass through the different eras, starting from Fatimid Cairo. And you will cross through the Ayyubid, Mamluk eras up to the Ottoman Empire.

The historical tiles with their unique charm and great architecture where the mashrabiyas, high minarets, decorations with unique problematic stones, and the high domes from which are hanging muqarnas, while palaces, mosques, castles, homes, forts, public buildings are achieving all the meaning of creativity and the greatness of the design, all of that is near to one of the strongest castles in the Islamic world, it is Salah El-Dein Citadel.

Salah El-Dein Citadel. It is One Of The Best Top Sites In Egypt

Top Sites in Egypt

The Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha or Alabaster Mosque – Cairo, Egypt
by David Berkowitz

Be a witness via many dynasties. As you will go through the Ayyubids, the Mamluks, and even the Ottomans that had a turn ruling over Egypt from the citadel.

When you go through this one of the top sites in Egypt with its large imposing gateways, towers, and high defending walls, you will be in the middle of one of the world’s greatest monuments to medieval warfare, witnessing the eras, while a high minaret will call you to be inside one of the greatest mosques with a unique mix of architecture, where you will know why this mosque is named Alabaster mosque, as a result of using a lot of the Alabaster marble in cladding its walls.

You will be charmed with the great design and decorations of the Mohamed Ali Mosque. It had been established on the highest point inside the Citadel of Saladin’s courtyard.  So, it will be time to visit the Al Rifai Mosque. There you will be in another one of the top sites in Egypt. You will stand in an architectural miracle. As the crosses are placed next to Quranic verses and Islamic decoration, with a Star of David in the center.

Be in a majestic mosque with a dazzling combination of architectural decorations.

It built across 43 years to be one of the wonders globally, Not Just One Of The Top Sites In Egypt.

A jewel shines in history with exquisite designs, unique stones, marble, great columns with amazing column capitals. While the lintels have been adorned with marble, and the entrances are covered with magnificent domes and ceilings.

Top Sites in Egypt

Al Rifai Mosque by Sailko

Gold, ivory, and ebony Decorations will dazzle your eyes. Follow your steps in this magic building with its great size. You will find yourself in front of charming royal shrines with rich decorations. That is how will be your alluring tour inside Al Rifai Mosque. Within your great journey in the city of thousands of minarets, Cairo, you will need to visit another one of the most attractive mosques.

It is the Time to visit the 4th pyramid in Egypt

Top Sites in Egypt

Sultan Hassan Mosque by Wicked Photography

It is Sultan Hassan Mosque. There, you will realize why it is named the 4th pyramid among the landmarks in Egypt. It is a miraculous architectural masterpiece that combines the strength, grandeur, and beauty of the decoration. In these minutes, while you go around these great designs of one of the top sites in Egypt, you have to see the 1st mosque that had been placed in Egypt.

Just go in the tiles of the Fustat city, the first capital of Islamic Egypt

Top Sites in Egypt

Enjoy walking on these historical tiles and smell the fragrance of glorious history. You will feel as if you have returned to this period to be a witness to every story that occurred in every inch in this region. You will realize why Amr Ibn Al-Aas chose this area as the capital of Egypt instead of Alexandria. Also, you will know how he turned it into an impenetrable bulwark against any invasion. Till you will arrive at the first building that Amer Ibn El Aas set when he arrived in Egypt in 632 AD. To go around this history seeing the place of the center of government.

It is the mosque of Amr bin Al-Aas, you will be amid charming architecture that Amr Ibn El Aas set in a wide place. You will o go into deep in wonders of this one of the top sites in Egypt.

It is the time to live in the Ptolemaic and Greek era

Pompey Pillar” stands in pride at the height of about 27 meters since 305 AD, to the highest monument in the world, building by the Red granite stone, which will narrate for you a great thanks story for the Roman emperor with the participation of pharaonic stones. Steps far away from this great historical column, you will smell a great fragrant history; to move to the largest and most important burial site in Egypt.

catacombs of kom el shoqafa

It is Kom El Shoqafa cemetery. Just climb down the spiral staircase to be in an abundance mix of Egyptian and Roman decorations that will uncover for you more secrets about the ancient Egyptian beliefs, to walk amid the dazzling complexity of planning, after these minutes of the alluring with the ancient Egyptians and Roman gods with vibrant decorations reflecting the meaning of creativity, walk through the magical Alexandria Corniche.

There, the fresh air and the blue water view purify your soul, to find the sea touches a great historical building. You will feel that there is a great story behind one of the top sites in Egypt. Yes, it is where the lighthouse of Alexandria was placed, but there is another majestic historical building that replaced the lighthouse.

Top Sites in Egypt

Citadel of Qaitbay by dustinpsmith

It is the Citadel of Qaitbay: from each side of the castle, the sea had witnessed stories from history

about the resistance, which you will live inside the Citadel of Qaitbay, one of the top sites in Egypt, going through its corridors that include where the soldiers had lived and where the weapons had bee prepared, and its towers where the soldiers had thrown their arrows, in addition to the third floor where the Sultan had stayed and seen the coming ships before three days of its arrival.

You will enjoy living the same experiment, then you will go down and charm your eyes with the architecture of the Castle mosque and its walls.

When you live these moments of the historical wars, you will be eager to go through these Ptolemaic streets to reach the Library of Alexandria.

 Find your soul harry up towards the fourth-largest Francophone library in the world.

Top Sites in Egypt

Bibliotheca Alexandrina by D-Stanley

It is the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. That is right, this library has been rebuilt, but it still keeps the rare books, limited editions, and a group of rare manuscripts in different languages to dive through the wonders of science in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, being at the first list of the top sites in Egypt.

Top Sites in Egypt

Inside Bibliotheca Alexandrina by Argenberg

When you get your culture and info as a Ptolemaic in the Library of Alexandria, you will be ardent to live as if you are a descendant of Muhammad Ali and spend time from their own resort as a member of the royal family, at this time, go to the Montaza Palace.

Live time in a piece of paradise, while the Antique trees and rare flowers

Top Sites in Egypt

Your eyes will be charmed with this alluring nature to be in another magic in one of the top sites in Egypt, viewing the royal palaces that are featured with unique designs to find masterpieces that have mixed between classic and gothic architecture, in addition to the Italian and Islamic styles.

While you walk through the attractive sandy cove with the stunning beaches and the fresh weather touches your face and purify your soul, and the beauty of the natural allures your eyes, going through Aida, Cleopatra, Vanessa, Semiramis, and the private beach of Helnan Palestine Hotel, and with an eccentric Victorian-style bridge, you will realize how the royal family spent their relaxing times on their summer trip in Montaza Palace, one of the top sites in Egypt.

Keep in your mind that the red sea prepares you to magic in other top sites of Egypt.

Top Sites in Egypt

Red sea by Matlock-Photo

You will travel from the Mediterranean sea while your imagination flies to the charm of the Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, and Marsa Alam resorts.

Bluewater with fresh air while a pure white sky hugs birds, you will feel that they are come from paradise to sing above you, to find the warm, soft sand carries you to the wonder of the underwater.

Top Sites in Egypt

Hurghada by girolame

At the same time, the colorful coral reefs surrounding you and the bright sea formations shine your eyes; you will meet a unique marine life with sea animals you have not seen before, it is the magic of the red sea, at this point, you will realize that the real exceeds your imaginations, seeing countless numbers of exotic fishes with various colors, and shapes in addition to endangered sea turtles and rare aquatic organisms.

Top Sites in Egypt

Red Sea, Egypt by Derek Keats

Ride a camel to go slowly following the Bedouins to the top sites in Egypt

Top Sites in Egypt

While the camel walks bit by bit, you will arrive at a colorful road in Sharm-El Sheikh; it is the colored canyon to walk through a charming maze of a dry riverbed to touch the soft and billowy sand rocks in yellow, purple, red, and gold natural colors, that is how will be your magical road to the Mount Saint Catherine, going through dried colored waves.

Top Sites in Egypt

Complete your tour in the charming desert till arriving at the Bedouin tents where the music sounds and the magical Bedouin festivals begin with special songs and dances and delicious barbecue food with the traditional Bedouin tea to live an imaginary atmosphere in the middle of the desert and the embrace of enchanting mountains while a clear blue sky in which the white stars can be seen in an imaginary landscape above you to fascinates the eyes.

Holy steps will take you to where Prophet Moses had spoken with The Lord and received the Ten Commandments, living the adventure of climbing the Mount Moses, and The Mount Saint Catherine

Top Sites in Egypt

Mount Moses Sinai

Mount Saint Catherine is where you live the adventure of climbing the highest mountain in Egypt, walking through a holy road to purify your heart in this one of the top sites in Egypt, especially when viewing the captivating scene of the sunset. If you are eager to live the suspense of climbing a mountain, but Mount Saint Catherine is too high, you have the chance to live the same excitement in Mount Moses, which is less than Mount Saint Catherine.

When you are in Sharm-El Sheikh, do not miss living in the paradise that is located on the earth, it is the most attractive place of the top sites in Egypt, which is Ras Mohamed Reserve.

Top Sites in Egypt

Ras Mohamed by prilfish

The exceptional thriving coral reef includes a unique complex of a dazzling array of vibrant marine fauna to live the full excitement in the underwater, while in the land wonderful wildlife waits for you that houses thousands of species gazelles and desert foxes.

You will smell a fresh breath coming from a unique flora life, including the rare mangrove trees and the tree that absorbs salt and at the same time, your ears will be pleased with the unique migratory birds with delightful sounds in this one of the top sites in Egypt.

Not just Ras Mohamed is the place where you live the magic of the underwater, diving and snorkeling through the endangered sea turtles and rare aquatic organisms, while coral reefs surround you, but you can live the full imagination in Dahab.

Top Sites in Egypt

Blue Hole by TheTerraMarProject

Aquatic life waits for you in the midst of the complete calm, to enjoy the picturesque and exotic nature and the pure blue water that is full of unique flora and fauna, in addition to the tunnel or arch that is 60 meters deep to enter the middle of a rare marine life and exit from the other side on the open sea at the blue hole in Dahab.

You can see charming color fishes, marine creatures, and coral reefs, while you are standing on the beach of one of the top sites in Egypt without the need for diving

Top Sites in Egypt


Ras Umm Sid Beach, where you enjoy leading your feet to walk on the sea amid all this charming nature during the day, the calm night on this beach will be ready to achieve your full relaxation while the singing of the movements of the waves chants your night, which is illuminated by shiny white stars that will be clear in the dark blue sky.

At the meeting point of the two continents of Asia and Africa, enjoy one of the top sites in Egypt. Where the warm sea and picturesque atmosphere with clear serenity attract your eyes, go deep in this fantastic nature of the white sandy to follow the gorgeous rocky view beach and dive among crystal clear water to coral reefs vibrant with countless marine lives. It is the Naama Bay Resort, one of the top sites in Egypt.

Top Sites in Egypt

Naama Bay Resort by Argenberg

In the enchanting of nature at the Egypt borders from the North, the majestic history is calling you from the south to find your enjoyment in the embrace of Luxor and Aswan.

The temples that shine as Like jewelry on the banks of the Nile invite you to follow the same footsteps of the pharaohs in the ancient Egyptian civilization. To walk on the Road of the majestic procession until you reach where the gods are worshiped. There you will find all the details of ancient Egyptian life written by the hands of the ancient Egyptians themselves on the temples. Their hands built long columns, large pylons, huge statues.

Top Sites in Egypt Luxor temple

Luxor temple by Argenberg

On a road that had been paved since around 5000 years ago by the ancient Egyptians hands, walk and salute the historical guards of this way that had placed in this road once establishing it to accompany each passer till today from the Luxor Temple to Karnak Temple. Yes, this historical road, Rams Road, linked two of the top sites in Egypt. The ancient Egyptian called this road, which is about 2,700 meters long and 76 meters wide, the name “Wat Nathr” or “WAt-nTr”, meaning the path of God.

Top Sites in Egypt

Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt by _jcthomas_

Luxor Temple, “The place of the First Occasion,” you will walk through the same way where the god Amun, his wife Mut, and their son, the moon god Khonsu, were transported from their temples in Karnak in a majestic procession to the Luxor temple, in the presence of the Pharaoh of Egypt and the Queen, as well as the nobles of the state.

Top Sites in Egypt

Karnak Temple by andrea.prave

On the ruins of an ancient temple, on the eastern bank of the Nile River, in Luxor City, King Amenhotep III stood to build the most important masterpiece of the top sites in Egypt. King Amenhotep III was the ninth of the eighteenth dynasty pharaohs, and the greatest ruler of Egypt throughout history, who ruled during the period from 1353 to 1391.

Top Sites in Egypt

Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt by _jcthomas_

While you go through the Karnak Temple, you will be in the largest religious complex in the world; it is a huge gathering of the ruins of the Pharaonic temples to wander around the places of the chapels where they worshiped their gods and the huge columns and other buildings full of drawings and inscriptions that reveal a lot about them.

While in the heart of a rocky cliff in the Deir el-Bahari area on the west bank of the Nile, you can visit the jewel of the Luxor temples

Top Sites in Egypt

Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple by ccarlstead

It is the temple of Deir el-Bahari or the Hatshepsut temple, where you will be inside the engineering grandeur and a unique architectural masterpiece, to spend your best time in one of the top sites in Egypt among the vibrant inscriptions and majestic designs, feeling the soul of the pharaohs welcomes you in one of their masterpieces.

Prepare your soul to a great surprise, as you will be inside a secret place for the ancient Egyptians

Theban Necropolis Luxor

Valley of The Kings by cattan2011

It is the Valley of the Kings. One of the most important hidden top sites in Egypt for the ancient Egyptians. And the place where the bodies of kings were buried after being embalmed, amidst amazing treasures that catch the eye with their unique luster.

There, you will attend all the burial rituals, from mummifying the king to sealing his tomb tightly and conceal it completely. So that the king’s body and his astonishing treasure are out of the hands of thieves.

And because of this, the Pharaohs made the path of their graves very secret. Even the workers did not know about it. As they were led to the road blindfolded. But you have the chance to be in the heart of this majesty, seeing all of these details are carved by the hands of the ancient Egyptians in the form of vibrant inscriptions at these royal tombs.

The valley of the queens is where you live the same suspense in this another hidden top site in Egypt for the pharaohs. But, at first, you will pass through the holy cave of the god Hathor. This god was responsible for reviving the queens again after their death.

Top Sites in Egypt

Valley of the Queens, Egypt by

Then, you will go to these impressive royal tombs.  Eternity in the ancient Pharaonic life did not limit to kings and queens. There are also amazing tombs contains dazzling treasures and had eye-catching drawings that narrate the ancient Egyptians’ beliefs about the afterlife. But this time for senior statesmen. They are the tombs of the nobles.

On your tour inside Luxor, two large statues will attract you; when coming close to them, you will be in real magic that challenges the time since 1350 BC till now in one of the top sites in Egypt

Top Sites in Egypt

Colossi of Memnon by Ray in Manila

Two gigantic pharaonic statues accompany the sky since thousands of years ago; they are the two magnificent Colossi of Memnon, which made a strange sound whenever the wind passed through it. That is why the Greeks made up myths about these two statues. Also, Colossi of Memnon was a picnic for the kings.

There, you will be in the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III to enter the time gape, walking through 385 thousand meters, and every inch in this great historical temple has a majestic story to live in details with the pharaohs in one of the top sites in Egypt.

The Pharaohs mummies, Ahmose I and Ramses I are Waiting for You amid the astonishing treasures, jewelry, amulets, vessels, and some Coptic funerary to live the magic of the ancient Egyptian Civilization in one of the top sites in Egypt, the Luxor Museum

Top Sites in Egypt

Ahmose Mummy at Luxor Museum in Luxor Egypt.jpg by Tim Adams

You cannot travel to Luxor without going through the Luxor Museum, where you spend with the royal mummies of the Pharaohs AhmoseI and RamsesI your best times, and walk through the carved stones of the temples of Akhenaten, which contains more than 376 rare artifacts. The museum is located on Corniche Road and is one of the most important tourist places in Egypt to learn about Pharaonic history.

Top Sites in Egypt

Ramesseum temple by deepstereo

You will be a witness to the great royal status of King Ramses II, where he commemorated his memory. Live the majesty of Ramses II In the charmest one of the top sites in Egypt.

Top Sites in Egypt

Ramesseum Temple, by Vallausa

Live each detail of ancient Egyptian life, with vibrant decorations. These inscriptions narrate each minute of life during that historical period of ruling King Ramses II. Also, they tell the stories of the famous Battles that had placed at that time. Witness giant statues of King Ramses II, huge buildings with unique, and genius designs in Ramesseum Temple, one of the most capitative top sites in Egypt, where you will be in the heart of one of the pharaonic miracles.

Top Sites in Egypt

Ramesseum temple by isawnyu

In a Papyrus, Ramesses III had designed his greatness of the ancient Pharaonic architecture. There you can live the magnificent of the ancient Egyptian civilization

Top Sites in Egypt

Medinet Habu by Argenberg

Opposite of the mountain of the Lord of Life, Medinet Habu was built of sandstone with black granite, gold and copper gates, and towers of stone reaching to the sky, decorated and carved in the name of the Majesty Ramesses III and the holy gods, a wall was built around it, and a lake was dug in front of it that overflows with eternal water to plant trees and vegetables.

Top Sites in Egypt

Inside Medinet Habu by Argenberg

That is how Ramesses III described his temple. And that what will you see exactly. You will cross through Military ships that are waiting for you there, and live their launching strongly to the naval campaigns. Then finally, you will see the Papyrus of Medinet Habu that Ramesses III had left.

Top Sites in Egypt

Medinet Habu Temple, Luxor by deepstereo

While you live the charm of Luxor and live the nature of this ancient Egyptian city, in the top sites in Egypt,  the alluring Nile will accompany you. It sends its fresh breezes then carries you to complete the glory of the pharaohs in Aswan. Sail amidst the majestic wait of the pharaohs and queens in Osiris procession. Till finding a jewel of the top sites in Egypt shines from afar

Top Sites in Egypt

Philae Temple by S J Pinkney

At Agelica Island live the wonder of Philae Temple, this masterpiece that is located amidst the Nile to refresh your soul with the fresh air that will touch your face, as Agelica enjoys a moderate, dry climate because it is located on the Eastern bank of the Nile, while your eyes will be charmed with the incredible unique monuments and the rare architectural treasures from the Pharaonic era and the Greek and Roman periods, in addition, the monuments from the Christian era, including rare Coptic monuments.

Top Sites in Egypt

Philae Temple, Egypt by _jcthomas_

You will live in the Philae Temple the full meaning of the fusion of ancient Egyptian religions. You will view the complete magic of this one of the top sites in Egypt. That will get you the chance to be a witness to three civilizations. Also, you can enjoy many tropical plants, trees, roses, and palm trees that bear fruits.

Go around the ancient Egyptian Hospital and birth-place. There you can witness by your own eyes how did the ancient Egyptians treat their patients. Also, you will see their surgery tools and the ancient Egyptians treatment operations.

Top Sites in Egypt

Komb Ombo Temple by ccarlstead

Kom Ombo Temple is where you find all the surgery tools that the ancient Egyptians had used in

their surgical operations to treat their healings and in the birth surgeries. Have you asked yourself how the ancient Egyptians counted the time, days, and date?

You will find the answer embodying in the Kom Ombo Temple. As you will view the ancient Egyptian calendar. You will be in a sea of the ancient Egyptian beliefs about their god, Sobek. As they had built a huge temple with unique genius designs in the company of another god, Horus. So that, you will live with the ancient Egyptians, how was the freedom of belief. All of that is amid decorations that show you the most amazing details of ancient Egyptian life.

Do you dream of seeing a temple when the hands of the ancient Egyptians had just raised out of it?

You will feel as if they had came to the life to show you how they had finished the building and collecting their buildings tools in front of your eye after creating one of the top sites in Egypt.

Top Sites in Egypt

Edfu Temple by Argenberg

Edfu Temple is the place that gets you the chance to visit the temples when they had just built by the ancient Egyptians hands. So, you will see all the magic, architectural genius, and creativity of inscriptions as if the pharaohs had just placed on the earth. As it is the most well-preserved pharaonic temple in Egypt.

While you go through  Edfu Temple, know that you are where the god Horus, the falcon god and the son of the goddess Isis, had killed set, the Evil God who had killed the god Osiris, Horus’s father, in revenge for his father,  to find within the walls of Edfu Temple all the details that narrate the intense battle that took place between Horus and Set until the moment of set’s death.

That will illustrate for you why this temple built to the west of the Nile. Although it is not a funeral temple. This is the holy spot where the god Horus killed Set. To find yourself going through the second largest temple in Egypt. The pharaohs established it over 180 years to be one of the top sites in Egypt.

A unique pharaonic architectural design. Abu Simble Temples

Top Sites in Egypt

Abu Simbel Temples by Dennis Heller

Just leave the Four colossal statues of Ramses welcomes you to the magic. You will be a witness of this majesty in one of the top sites in Egypt.

In front of the largest artificial lake in the world, Lake Nasser, one of the top sites in Egypt,  there is miracles of pharaonic architecture, they are the temples of Abu Simbel, which were carved in a solid rock cliff showing the ingenuity of the ancient Egyptians, and they decorated these temples with four huge statues of King Ramses II.

Each of which reaches a length of about 20 meters. The facade is a corridor leading to the interior of the temple. It pecked in the rock at a depth of 48 meters. Its walls include decorations with scenes recording the king’s victories and conquests. They include the battle of “Kadesh,” in which he defeated the Hittites. In addition to the religious scenes that depict the king in his relations with the ancient Egyptian gods.

Top Sites in Egypt

Abu Simbel Temples by Gary Lee Todd, Ph.D.

This is where your journey begins in the magic in the accompany of the King Ramses II family. As there are statues representing the king’s children, his wife, and his mother.

Top Sites in Egypt

Abu Simbel Temples by cattan2011

The temple witnesses important event repeat twice a year and attract thousands of tourists. To watch the sun passes over the face of the king’s statue in the Holy of Holies. That happens on the king’s birthday and the day of his coronation. That is why it is the second-rated among the top sites in Egypt after the Giza Pyramids.

Nasser Lake, Where You See the Charm of the Running Water.

Top Sites in Egypt

Lake Nasser at Abu Simbel, Egypt by David Berkowitz

It is the high dam, one of the modern top sites in Egypt, where you will be in front of the top 10 projects in the world that were established during the twentieth century. The huge building will catch your eyes with the greatness of its design. It tells the story of the Egyptian people’s struggle to achieve a dream they always wished to achieve. As you will see how the water runs in it to provide good in every Egyptian home.

Aswan, where the great monuments are abundant here and there in the top sites in Egypt. You will find a spirit that draws your attention to the magic of a unique lifestyle

Top Sites in Egypt

Nubian Island

Go through houses that have a design that combines simplicity and charm at the same time. They are decoarted with unique decorations. As the Nubians use the surrounding environment materials in building these homes to achieve complete harmony. Also, to provide a healthy, refreshing, and self-conditioned atmosphere away from the heat of the country.

It is the Nubian island, where you will be delighted to spend a wonderful time in the company of hospitable people, to try Nubian clothes, famous Nubian food, handicrafts, and crafts in one of the most attractive spots among the top sites in Egypt.

Top Sites in Egypt

You will also be amazed at the unique culture of the Nubian people. And relish the traditions that they inherited from the pharaohs. So you will feel that you are in a wonderful mixture amidst mingled groups. You will enjoy the exotic Nubian language and Nubian celebrations.

Nubia is the place where the details of real history live. There, you can see the crocodiles hanging on the houses as a legacy of the pharaohs. Then to sit with women in the streets and take your unique Nubian gift. You will spend an enjoyable time in this dazzling island’s nature in the company of the Nile River. That is how Nubia is one of the best choices among the top sites in Egypt.

A secret in one of the top sites in Egypt at Aswan

At each temple you enter, you will stand in puzzling how this huge obelisk cut as a single piece. And how it raised to the sky in this way to illuminate the temple majestically.

In a pharaonic engineering site,  you will feel that the ancient Egyptian will appear any time to complete the highest obelisk globally.

Top Sites in Egypt

The largest know ancient obelisk – Unfinished Obelisk would have been 32m. high
by Jorge Lascar

That is how the unfinished obelisk in Aswan, where you see signs appear on the obelisk of about the cutting that was determined by the ancient Egyptians hands to reveal to you all the steps from the formation of the obelisk in the quarry until it was moved and then raised in the temple, and something will appear to you upon checking this great obelisk.

You will know then why the completion of the carving of this particular obelisk stopped.

Bent Pyramid

Top Sites in Egypt

Dahshour by Jorge Lascar

One of the top sites in Egypt, Dahshour, prepares for you a surprise about the pyramids.

The whole history of building the pyramids will run towards your eyes in Dahshor pyramids, one of the top sites in Egypt,  crossing through the Bent Pyramid, where you will be inside the mind of the ancient Egyptians to uncover how Senfru thinking developed up to build the 1st true pyramid in history, the red pyramid in north Dahshur, seeing incarnations the theory of building the pyramids.

Top Sites in Egypt

The Red Pyramid


In conclusion, as if the ancient Egyptians revive again to show you the steps of establishing the 1st pyramid in history. Till arriving at these magnificent buildings, the pyramids of  Giza. Not only see the antiquities, but you can enter into the Egyptian mentality that has reached all this greatness that will amaze you in every historical inch of the top sites in Egypt you visit, but you can see the 1st stone building in human history, the Djoser pyramid.

Related FAQ

What are the best historical sites in Egypt?

Some of the best historical sites in Egypt include the pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Abu Simbel, and Philae Temple.

What are the best beaches in Egypt?

Some of the best beaches in Egypt include Ras Muhammad National Park, Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Hurghada, and Marsa Alam.

What are the best museums in Egypt?

Some of the best museums in Egypt include the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Museum of Islamic Art, the Coptic Museum, and the Luxor Museum.

What are the best activities to do in Egypt?

Some of the best activities to do in Egypt include cruising the Nile River, visiting local markets and bazaars, exploring the desert on a safari, snorkeling and diving in the Red Sea, and taking a hot air balloon ride over Luxor.

What are the best places to shop in Egypt?

Some of the best places to shop in Egypt include Khan el-Khalili market in Cairo, the Luxor market, the Aswan market.

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