Top 10 Restaurants In Cairo

Top 10 Restaurants In Cairo

What Are The Top 10 Restaurants In Cairo?

Here we gathered all info about the Top 10 Restaurants in Cairo based on many travelers feedback and reviews.

top 10 restaurants in Cairo

1.Carlos Cafe In Heliopolis

The first brand to operate under the THM GROUP, Carlos Cafe, was introduced in 2006, and its Alexandria city center location was one of Egypt’s most significant commercial and traffic hubs.

One of the first establishments of its kind to emerge in the region was the Carlos café.

Carlos Cafe is a casual coffee shop and restaurant that offers its customers high service, and high-quality food and drinks. This restaurant was the first brand operating under the THM Group and was considered a unique concept since its opening. launched in 2006, Carlos Cafe began as an exclusive venue operating under the strictest quality control system of any cafe. Carlos Cafe started with 5 locations in Alexandria but has now come to Cairo with a new branch in Heliopolis.

Some menu items at Carlos cafe include pumpkin soup, calypso, which are sliced sandwiches filled with large amounts of cold cuts, mozzarella, mushrooms, and olives. The cafe also offers dessert and an example is the chocolate fondue. With good service and great food, Carlos has become one of the most popular places in the city.

2.Le Pacha 1901

Located in Zamalek, Le Pacha offers 7 different restaurants and one bar. The food is always good and although that may seem like a given in Egypt, this is not always true. Le Pacha 1901 consists of 7 different restaurants and one bar/lounge area. You can choose from local Egyptian food, along with many other cuisine options. Its one of the top 10 restaurants in Cairo.

3.Abou El Sid

Abou El sid restaurantAbou El Sid is the go-to restaurant for classic Egyptian food. The atmosphere is super ambient, The decor, music and art make it all worth it! The dishes are definitely worth trying, such as the sharqisseya, a chicken dish with walnut sauce, stuffed vine leaves, the Egyptian moussaka, an eggplant stew served with rice, and a nix of other Egyptian cuisines.

4. Koshary Abou Tarek

Koshary is a vegan dish consisting of macaroni, lentils, fried onions and chickpeas. This is all covered with tomato sauce. Its extremely cheap, being less than 10 pounds per serving. Koshary is also fast and filling. This food can carry you throughout your day.

5. Pier 88

Pier 88 started out as a restaurant/bar in the town of El Gouna on the red sea. The food and overall vibe became so popular that the owners decided to open up another location in Cairo. Pier 88 sits on an open dock in Zamalek. During the day its a quietly sophisticated place, at night it is more lively with dancing by the tables.

6. Andrea Mariouteya

Andrea restaurantAndrea Mariouteya was founded over 60 years ago, and has been in the same family since the beginning. The restaurant was historically located on the Mariouteya canal, but now has a new home in New Giza. It’s especially known for breakfast, and the fateer is a must-try. Later in the afternoon and evening the cuisine switches to the grill options.

7. Zooba

zooba restaurantZooba’s is an excellent option for all newcomers in Egypt to experience street food without eating actual street food known as bougie street food.Zooba is a fancier, more gormet verson of everyday favorites such as fuul, ta’meya, and koshary.

8. Naguib Mafouz Cafe

Naguib Mafouz Cafe is located in the famous Khan El Kalilli market, and is a little cafe named after one of Egypt’s most famous writers. The cafe is relevant to Egypt’s history, and is run by Oberoi Hotels. The cafe also has AC and a kitchen you can trust.


Crimson is on the roof of a Zamalek building and overlooks the Nile River. There is outdoor and indoor seating available. The menu offers great appetizers, pasta, and grills. They also offer an extensive cocktail menu. They also offer breakfast and brunch, being one of the few restaurants to open at 8 am.

10. 139 Pavilion

Located in Haram, the 139 Pavilion is an open air restaurant located in the Marriot Hotel of Giza. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a fabulous view of the pyramids!  An Ala carte menu is offered, as well as a buffett. At night you do lose some sight of the pyramids, as they are not always lit up.

In addition to the 10 above restaurants, another famous restaurant in Cairo is Sobhy Kaber.

Sobhy Kaber is the modern Egyptian experience and great family dining experience. This restaurant is all about food and dining experience with it’s vibrant surroundings. It offers pulsating music and an overall positive family dining experience. Some of the food offered is grills and stews among other wonderful cuisine options. This makes for a fantastic evening out.

In addition, I would like to add some of the favorite food options in Egypt that you must try during your visit which are served in most of these top 10 restaurants in Cairo.

Molokhiya– A green leafy vegetable cooked with garlic in beef, chicken, or rabbit

Fattah – Consists of layers of fried bread, rice, tomato sauce and large pieces of meat

Ful Medames – consists of lava beans cooked with lemon and garlic

Ta’meya -consists of crushed fava beans, then it’s fried and usually served with ful.

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