Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Trip to Egypt

Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Trip to Egypt

Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Trip to Egypt

There are various major travel suggestions that travelers to Egypt should consider and bear in mind while planning a trip to Egypt. There are many tips for a safe and enjoyable trip to Egypt the most important of which are as follows:

1- Your Money

Only bring a little sum of money with you. It is an excellent reason to take ATM cards on hand. Another key suggestion would also include a fallback bank account/debit card as well as a secondary credit card that you maintain separate and distinct from your wallet.

Make sure to have some bit of extra cash in a few different places to effectively protect yourself in emergencies. You’ll be thankful you did it if you lose your wallet, your card ceases to function, or the ATMs run out of cash.

2- Daily Weather in Egypt

Check the weather forecast in Egypt and make your plans accordingly. Drink plenty of water since Egypt is extremely hot, especially during the summer.

3- Clothes to wear

If you are planning a trip to Egypt, pack suitable and comfortable attire. Wear garments that are loose-fitting and made of breathable cotton. As a basic guideline, try to avoid showing your chest, shoulders, or legs below the knees when planning on visiting mosques, markets, or souks.

4- Learn about Egypt Sites

Learn about Egypt’s most fascinating sites and attractions. Before exploring a new nation, it is recommended to read an ideal book to properly understand more about its culture and traditions, and practices. Your on-the-ground travel adventure would be far more rewarding if you already have had some awareness about the country you’re traveling to.

5- Learn about Egypt Festivals and Events

Try learning about the exciting and fascinating festivals and events that take place in Egypt each year and make an attempt to pay a visit to a few of them. These events will play an essential part in actually making your journey an unforgettable experience.

6- Try Egyptian Food

Find out what the greatest traditional Egyptian cuisines are. Grab a little taste of everything when traveling. Take assistance from individuals in your area. Eat street cuisine from sellers with long queues in front of their food stalls.

7- Add more fun to your trip to Egypt

Do the greatest things while on tour in Egypt, such as taking a camel ride in Giza, simply going on a dinner cruise in Cairo, flying in a hot air balloon in Luxor, and so much more.

8- Make Egypt Vacation The Best in Your Lifetime.

Take your advantage while in Egypt, tours to a distant desert oasis, and excursions to the Coptic monasteries of the Eastern Desert are among Egypt’s other tourism destinations. Windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and jeep safaris make it one of the most favorite tourist spots on the Red Sea.

9- Get ready for every moment of your trip to Egypt

Every day tour, make sure to bring all your personal stuff with you; Undoubtedly, this must include your smartphone, camera, charger, sunglasses, cap, sun-block, sanitizer, and anything personal things gives you clear sight. Nothing is more annoying and frustrating than someone in the middle of a good photo opportunity but cannot capture the true moment due to a dead camera battery! Hence carry additional camera batteries with you.

10- Hire an expert tour guide

To unveil the finest of Egypt, your tour guide must be a skilled and experienced Egyptologist. If you are planning a trip to Egypt, we absolutely guarantee that you will have the most beautiful experience ever with our professional tour guides.

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Related FAQ

 Is it safe for a single woman to visit Egypt?

Egypt Safety

Yes, If you have decided to walk and explore Egypt on your own, there is nothing wrong, but always using caution is encouraged, for example buddying up with someone, not wandering in vacant streets, avoiding strangers, etc. In order to not feel out of place in Egyptian culture, it could be a good idea to dress conservatively. Don't be afraid to raise your voice, however, if someone is harassing you or making you uncomfortable.

As universal as "Stop!" and "Walk away immediately", you will get many people to stand by your side. Whenever possible, avoid going to bars or wandering alone in the evenings. Egypt is a safe country in terms of statistics Overall, Egyptians are quite hospitable when it comes to tourists, and they will do whatever to show you the best side of their country! Keep yourself in check and you'll be alright.

Is Cairo safe for solo female tourists?

Cairo Travel Safety

Sure, but with prudence and common sense, especially if you're alone on the street at night. Throughout the day, Egyptologist tour guides with years of expertise guiding tourist groups will accompany you which will add a lot to your safety. Even if you opt to go and explore the city on your own, always exercise caution, such as walking with a friend, avoiding empty streets, and staying away from strangers.


Dressing modestly could help you feel more at home in Egyptian society. The only time you should try to raise your voice is when someone is pestering you or otherwise causing you to feel uneasy. There are many people who will stand by your side if you yell "Stop!" or "Walk away immediately." As much as possible, avoid going to bars or strolling around alone in the evening. Regarding statistics, Egypt is a safe country. When it comes to tourists, Egyptians are generally very welcoming, and they will go out of their way of showing you the finest of their country! You'll be fine if you keep your wits about you.

Is it safe to visit the pyramids of Egypt?

Safe Trip to The Pyramids

Touring around the great Pyramids and sphinx in Giza will give you a sense of adventure, excitement, as well as greatness. You will be left wondering how this engineering brilliance was there at the start of history! It is totally safe; nothing significantly bad can happen at the pyramids; However, there are some issues that you can avoid which may cause you discomfort. For example, you might find many locals trying to persuade you to buy from them whatever they sell; this could be a camel ride, horse ride, snacks, souvenirs, etc. You might be subject to fraud or high prices if you are not accompanied by an expert. This is not very common, but there is a chance for these issues to happen to you.


The weather at the pyramids is often very hot and sunny, especially in the summer, so if you are too sensitive to the sun, you might get actually sunburned or a decent tan. Your wear at the pyramids should be made of a light material with a light color, wearing a hat is recommended, sunscreen, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes for you are going to be excited to walk a lot! Exploring the three great pyramids, the sphinx, the queens’ pyramids, and the interior of each of them is going to leave you speechless.

Tour Guide

Hiring a tour guide would make you feel safe, and he/she will be translating to you what locals are trying to say. He/she will notice if anyone is exaggerating prices. Narrating for you the backstory of the monuments you see will be the responsibility of your tour guide. With Egypt United Tours, safety or planning your trip are no longer a concern. Your Egyptian tour itinerary is held by experts in the field of tourism who will make sure you are enjoying your trip to the maximum.                

Is it safe to visit Alexandria Egypt?

Alexandria City, Egypt Safety for tourists

In comparison to Cairo, Alexandria is a much smaller city. There isn't as much traffic noise as you may find in the capital. As a result, the city's vibe is safer, quieter, and more tranquil, so it doesn’t provide a room at all for violent crimes. Violent crime is nonexistent, especially among tourists

Is Luxor city in Egypt safe to visit?

Luxor, Egypt Safety for tourists

Yes, Luxor is generally regarded as a safe destination for travelers. Petty crimes are normally considerably less prevalent here than in other Egyptian cities like Cairo, and visitors can roam freely throughout the city at will.

Is it safe to do a Nile cruise 2022?

Nile Cruise Safety for tourists

Yes, river cruises in Egypt are highly safe in 2022 because the Egyptian authorities provide adequate security. Covid-19 safety measures are applied onboard all Egyptian Nile cruises and at all touristic sites.  In order to protect tourists, metal detectors and X-ray scanners will be placed aboard the Nile Cruise ships in 2020 and 2021.

Is Sharm El Sheikh Egypt Safe 2022?

Sharm El Sheikh Safety for Tourists 

At Sharm El Sheikh, measures are taken to ensure the safety of everyone, no matter where they are from in the world. By avoiding solo or unsupervised wandering, you can reduce your risk of falling victim of crime. Use basic logic wherever you go. The number of Egyptian covid infections is decreasing due to increased vaccine coverage, which is excellent news for Egypt's epidemic situation.

Is Dahab Egypt Safe 2022?

Dahab City, Egypt Safety for Tourists 

Dahab 2022 is safe for all nationalities as long as you take precautions. There are ways to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime in any situation, including avoiding unoccupied spots, walking with a friend, and not chatting to strangers alone Use smart judgement wherever you go. Egyptian covid patients numbers are reasonable and decreasing as more people are becoming vaccinated, which is also good news for Egypt's pandemic situation.

Is Hurghada Egypt Safe 2022?

Hurghada City, Egypt Safety for Tourists 

Currently in Hurghada, taking measures makes it safe for everyone from any country. When avoid wandering individually or in an unattended area, you can lower your risk of becoming a victim of crime. Wherever you go, use your common sense. Because of increased vaccination rates, the number of Egyptian covid cases is reducing, which is good news for Egypt's pandemic situation.

Is Marsa Alam Egypt Safe 2022?

Marsa Alam City, Egypt Safety for Tourists 

Everyone's safety is ensured at Marsa Alam as of today, no matter where they come from. You can lower your risk of being a victim of a crime by not venturing off alone or unaccompanied. No matter where you travel, use basic logic to guide your decisions. Due to enhanced vaccination coverage, the number of Egyptian covid infections is declining, which is great news for Egypt's pandemic scenario.

Is Red Sea Egypt safe?

Red Sea, Egypt Safety for Tourists 

Due to Egypt's popularity among Middle Eastern and North African tourists, the Egyptian government is notoriously protective of foreigners. In the cities of the Red Sea, security is of the biggest importance. If you're not with a group or without a tour guide, you should avoid talking to strangers and stay in populated areas. as part of your common sense while being abroad

Is the train from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan safe?

Trains in Egypt Safety for tourists

Because of the heavy traffic, especially in Cairo, driving in Egypt is more dangerous. Train delays are significantly more uncommon than driving. If you want greater comfort, take the first-class flight—you'll get a nice view of the countryside.

What is safe to eat in Egypt?

Food in Egypt Safety for tourists

Fruits and vegetables are safe to consume in Egypt as long as they have been properly washed! Any reputable hotel or cruise ship will wash them before cooking them, so don't worry about that! Refrain from eating too much at cheap restaurants or local eateries, but you can give it a try once to get a taste of Egyptian culture. Only drink bottled water.

Is it safe to visit Abu Simbel in Egypt?

The area around Abu Simbel is safe, but do not drive in Egypt. Things are far apart, and the roads are generally in bad condition, especially for inexperienced drivers. You'll be safe in Luxor and the Red Sea resorts but avoid travelling too far from the big tourist attractions.

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