The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt History, Facts, And Information

The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt experienced a decline during the Second Intermediate Period (1650–1550 BC) due to the eastern migration of the Hyksos people. They created a dynasty that ruled over Lower Egypt and the Nile Delta, dividing the Nile Valley for several centuries, until Ahmose I was ultimately able to make the 18th dynasty that ruled over the entirety of Egypt, ushering in the New Kingdom period in 1550 BC.

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Rise of The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

Egypt attained new heights of riches and power during the New Kingdom (1550-1069 BC). The rulers of Egypt constructed temples and palaces that were unmatched by any in the world up to that time in history. well after it as the realm, they reigned over and grew into new frontiers in the south, west, and east. The 18th dynasty’s territorial expansion was a response to the dangers that had previously made Egypt vulnerable. Different kingdoms had successfully invaded Egypt during the Second Intermediate Period from the south and the east, hurting the area economically.

Kings Of  The New Kingdom

Some of Egypt’s most well-known kings, including Ahmose I, Hatshepsut, Thutmose III, Amenhotep III, Akhenaten, and Tutankhamun, were members of the Eighteenth Dynasty.

It is believed that Ahmose I founded the eighteenth dynasty. Until he once more united the kingdom, he carried on his father Seqenenre Tao’s and Kamose’s campaigns against the Hyksos. In order to stop further invasions of Egypt, Ahmose would thereafter continue his campaign in the Hyksos’ homeland of the Levant.

The New Kingdom pharaohs sought to create geographic barriers as a solution to stop further incursions. The end result was an empire that, at its height, spanned all the way from Syria to present-day Sudan and Ethiopia. This empire created new trade opportunities and produced an economy that made it possible to concentrate on the arts and construction at a level that had never been possible before.

The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

The Real Builders And Pharaohs Of  The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

The most well-known pharaohs of ancient Egypt, including Ramesses II, Hatshepsut, Thutmose III, Akhenaten, and Tutankhamun. Were all born during the New Kingdom. With the exception of those from the 4th dynasty. These powerful rulers built the great pyramids and left an unparalleled archaeological and historical legacy.

Particularly, prolific builders were Ramesses II and Hatshepsut. These two pharaohs, or Ramesses’ descendants, built many of Luxor’s famous archaeological sites in Thebes, their ancient capital.

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