The Egypt People

The Egypt People

Who Are The Egypt People? At Each Scene, Your Soul Will Be Charmed

Egypt people

A warm atmosphere comes from each Muslim and Christian house, which spreads a unique soul of love through the Egypt streets that you will feel when you roam these streets. You will be welcomed to be hosted inside these warm houses of the Egypt people. Egypt is not only amazing by the remarkable sightseeings in the world, but also when you walk on the land of history, and while your imagination takes you to thousands of years ago, seeing huge buildings with unique miraculous designs were set by the ancient Egyptian hands, you will find the warm hearts of the Egypt people. 

Egypt people

Egyptians are Hospitable People

Every tourist is a dear guest in Egyptian houses, and the hospitality in Egypt is different from any other place; you will find the full meaning of the welcoming, the stories about their culture and religion that they are proud of will surprise you. Egypt people aim to make you spend the best times of your life in Egypt and to enjoy their magic culture that is mixed with a great history. That is the secret behind the entertainment you will find when you treat the Egyptians.

Try to ask anyone in the street; whatever his/her culture or clothes style, that you need to know the way to an address or you need something to get, and ensure that you will be surprised with these purest hearts, you will find friendly people will help you till getting the thing you need, they may also accompany you for your request with fully-love.

Egypt people

You will entirely fall in love when you come closer to the Egypt People.

Egyptian People Life

Kind hearts with various wears that carry different beliefs and cultures with different accents for one language, Arabic, they are the Egypt people. The views of the Egypt people will catch your eyes, and behind each scene, a great story will surprise you. Go to the countryside villages to visit an Egyptian farm, you will see small hands and kind smiles of little boys and girls work in the farm with women helping them to feed cattle and strongly use the ax for cultivation! which will captivate your heart while the fresh air of the farm touches your face with a pure smell, and you stand in full suspense seeing unique customs and traditions.

Egypt people

Fishermen by EmsiProduction

Egyptian Fishermen

What about these families that stay all their day in a felucca, eating, drinking, working, and sleeping their night on a tiny sailing, as this boat that stands in the heart of the magic Nile is all their life! You will be amazed by their lifestyle and fall in love with their simplicity.

Egypt people

While wandering in this scene, you will see colorful lights coming from another boat, songs, and claps, it is a wedding party in the Nile, your heart will dance with this festival that crosses via this historical water.

Egyptian People Style of Dressing and Clothing

What about the Galabia style as you will see a lot of the Egypt people wear it in different shapes! How these women that wear a full-face veil are walking in accompany of other women that wear trousers or a short skirt, and if you come close to them you may know that one of them is the mother of the other or the sister and maybe in some cases the best friend or a neighbor! But why some women wear this full-face veil and others wear a scarf covering their hair! What about the Callous that appears on the forehead of some Egyptian men!

Egypt people

It is the secrets of the Egypt People that you will know through the Egyptian streets. You will find them with welcoming let you come closer and reveal all facts, and your surprise will be more with our tourist guide that in details will tell you all these facts.

Egyptian Women Style

Let me tell you some of these secrets; the style of women clothes depend on their belief, as some of them see that wearing the full-face veil is the right Woman’s veil, but others see that covering the hair is enough, while the women who do not wear any veil that is their choice. But you will find all the meaning of the love between the Egyptian women and the freedom of belief is collecting them.

About the Callous that appear in some smiling Egypt people faces, it appears as a result of touching the prayer mat five times a day with their forehead. 

Egypt people

As long as you walk through an Egyptian street, you will be in a full-lively little world, as the boys play while men sit on the sidewalk with laughs bear the real happiness, and may you meet a wedding party to listen to Songs mixed with Zagared, is a unique massive sound the women make within the joys.

Have The Women Already Been Prevented From Work, And They Have To Just Sit In Homes!

Many minds think that Egyptian women still stay only in their homes, but that fact that now in Egypt there are many women work, they work in hotels, restaurants, malls, offices, and some women now are ministers in Egypt Government, you will see them going shopping, and walking on streets like European women. However, in Egypt now, the Bedouins desert culture still prevents women from taking part in many social activities. 

Egypt people

When you travel through the deserts, you will find nature and environment are different from Cairo and other modern cities of Egypt, those cities have a various nature than the Coastal cities that will charm you with their atmosphere and the customs of its people, which are different from the villages too, but when you go to the villages in Fellahin, you will find a variation than in upper Egypt that is calles Ṣaʿīdī.

Egyptian Streets and Families

The Egyptian streets still carry for you more surprises that cannot be locked out in lines, but it needs you to walk through Cairo Alleys to see more and more and live the full suspense. Walking through the Egyptian streets and alleys will get you the truth far away from any sources, and in this time you will truly love Egypt people, and at this point, please remember the famous Egyptian proverb; Heaven without good people, is not worth nothing to live in. Actually, their lifestyle and dealing with each other depend on this proverb.

Egypt people

For a small example, you will find that most Egypt people prefer to eat with a gathering of people who may be family, friends, or colleagues. No one you will meet while he or she is eating without telling you “Etfadal,” which means an invitation to eat with him or her.

Egyptian People Lamma

Egypt People love which they called “Lamma,” meaning the collecting of the people in one place, and with a complete love they will invite you to be one of this Lamma, at this time you will feel that you are not a visitor, but you are one of this historic country. At this Lamma you will enjoy listening to Folk proverbs, inherited stories, and great history.

Egypt people

You will be in the middle of a great scene, a man hanging the cross walking with his Muslim colleague while the loud sounds of laughter coming amid them, it is a normal matter as you will meet that often, and another scene of a girl wearing a hijab walking with another hanging the cross amid feelings of love. They are the Egypt Peaople.

The story of Egypt People’s clothes! Discover the Warm Hearts

Sure, the first thing that will attract you is the wearing styles, as there are various styles, but whatever the Egyptian person with any style you meet, you will find a pure person who will with any way help you and hosting you hotly.  

In common, you will find that the men wear casual style as trousers and shirts or T-shirts while others wear formal since some works require that. But others wear Galabia, it is a one-piece cloth. It is tailored to body sizes, some of these galabias are colored, and others are white. Each galabia has its character with the Egypt people.

Egypt people

The Galabia is mostly worn by the village men, and you will find the white Galabia is worn more by the Nubians, and more of them wear it with a colored short-jacket. The Bedouins wear the Galabia also and put a special turban to cover their hair. While in Upper Egypt, the men wear another shape of the turbans with a colored-Galabia.

If you walk through the streets on Friday within the time of El-Gomaa, Friday prayer, you will find a lot of men wear this white-tall Galabia. 

In villages, you will find the women prefer to wear Abya and a scarf on their hair, but their Abyais are different from the other Abyas, as the same as the Galabias, the Abyas has various styles, in the villages you will find that most women especially the old women prefer to wear the colorful Abyas, while the other styles of Abyas are one color and mostly it is black with a scarf, and across Egypt, you will find a lot of women prefer this style.

Bedouin People in Egypt

Keep in your mind that most of the women in the Bedouin life wear a full coverage on their face, and sometimes this cover is beautifully embroidered, as one of the Bedouins’ customs is that a woman must not show her face. You will also see this unique, beautiful embroidery on the Nubian women’s wear.

Egypt people

You can wear anything and embrace any belief, especially all the Egypt people you will meet in the street whatever their culture or beliefs are all peaceful and love each other and respect their visitors, as it is their traditions to be hospitable.

After you walk in confusion within all these styles while all of the owners of these styles carry a kind smile to renew the happiness inside your heart again, you will be in the confusion of the working systems, especially when you find that who wear the Galabia are mostly farmers and Baduims, but who wear a uniform like suits are working in the services.

Working Systems in Egypt

Egypt people

From long years ago, the Egypt people were working in the fishing, and the most were working in agriculture, the farming was one of the secrets behind the great ancient Egyptian civilization, so till now the Egypt people are still keeping the importance of the agriculture, but unfortunately, the farming now gives low earnings for the farmers, and this is the secret behind the little boys and girls who work in the farms.

Farmers in Egypt

So, while you walk in Egyptian villages, you will find little boys, girls, and women on their way to the farm riding their donkeys and horses, and when you go around these farms, while the green plants charm your sentiment, you will find these little boys, girls and women are working alone without the father, as the father works in service or construction to gain higher income. But some other families own huge pieces of land, which gives them enough income to work only on farming their lands. Whether the father helps or not, the scenes of the cooperation will surprise you.

Egypt people

You will be welcome to take a cup of tea within these stunning green plants accompanied by the kind hearts of the villagers. When you travel through the Egyptian deserts, you will find a different nature with a unique work and culture; there, the Bedouins live in tents to graze camels and cattle. 

Can you remember the families that take the boat as a home for them! Yes, there are families who are fishers who live all their lives in a boat.

Modern People in Egypt

While your eyes charmed with these simple families, you will meet in the streets a lot of men and women wearing formal clothes; they are working in banks, companies like HR, PR, selles, Marketeers, accounters, etc., while other wear casual and working in different jobs like teaching, engineers, and handmade workers. 

You may find on your road a man carrying a heavy bowel, hummer, other tools; they are builders. You can meet a high sound o knock coming from a small workshop, he is a carpenter, and you might find a professional mechanic on his side.

Egypt people

It is hard to enclose all the work systems and the services in Egypt, as, like any other country, there are a lot of works. Some of them are traditional works, and others are recent. 

Language Accents in Egypt 

Egypt people

All the Egypt people talk Arabic since the 7th century AD, but as the Egypt people have their unique tradition and culture, you will find that their language accent is special too, which is called “Egyptian Arabic or Masry,” and each area has its Unique accent, as you will find the accent of the coastal cities are different from the accent in Upper Egypt, while the accent in the Fellahin is unlike than the accent in Cairo, the same as the Bedouins, as they have their special accent. The surprise is that the Egypt people still use some of the pharaonic language words.

The situation is unique with the Nubians who use another language, and they consider it as a secret for them. 

You will be welcomed to be guested in an Egyptian house to be surprised that the Egypt people’s houses are modern and with technology, while the tents of the Beduin will charm your soul. But wherever you will meet the Egypt people in the streets, museums, temples, homes, hotels, or any other place, you will feel warm as if you are one of them. Egypt people are fully friendly.  

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