Egypt Revives The Same Majestic Pharaonic Scene of The Opet Festival In The Heart Of Ancient Egypt In The the Ceremony of the Avenue of Sphinxes! The Glory Of History Will Shine on 4th November 2021

the Ceremony of the Avenue of Sphinx

Avenue of Sphinxes, Luxor Temple by & by ninahale. Luxor Temple by Jorge Lascar

The pharaonic priests will come from here and there. They will hurry with a charming organization to carry the statues of the ancient god Amun, his wife, goddess Mut, and their son, god Khons from Karnak Temple through the Avenue of Sphinx. The illuminated sacred boats will be roaming the Nile to bright its holy water magically. At the same time, the lighting system will attract the eyes to the majesty of the Sphinx statues along the road. With impressive displaying of the rare artifacts that the recent excavation found underneath the Avenue of Sphinx. Also, pharaonic music will be rising up with pharaonic dance performances from the heart of ancient Egypt. And the shiny air balloons will light up Luxor sky, flying over the Avenue of Sphinx. You are on a date with the majestic pharaonic festival the “Opet” on 4th November 2021! Welcome to the Ceremony of the Avenue of Sphinx.

The same scene of ancient Egypt in the “Avenue of Sphinx” will be surrounding you. It will not be just the imagination, which comes for anyone as a result of going through this road after seeing the magnificent ancient Egyptian Opet festivals on Karnak and Luxor temples. But it is real as if the ancient Egyptians will become from their tomb to revive it again. The priests who you will see with the pharaonic wears are the descendants of these ancestors. They will stand to commemorate the glory of their ancestors, the ancient Egyptian priests, with greatness on this unique pharaonic spot. A great scene will be in this largest open-air museum in the world.

the Ceremony of the Avenue of Sphinx

The Avenue of Sphinxes in Luxor

Then, How Lucky Will You Be On 4th November 2021!

So, with the interplay of pharaonic music and the passage of the ancient Egyptian gods, and with this charming ancient Egyptian atmosphere, you will feel as if the pharaonic king will appear. And who will be in the scene are the ancient Egyptians. You have entered the time machine. And actually, you have good luck that returns you to the majestic festivals of the Opet.

In the path of god, according to the pharaonic name of this road, as the ancient Egyptians called it “Wat Nather,” and in the middle of 1200 statues of Amun-Re and the Sphinx, you will see a dazzling pharaonic carnival. It will be worthy of the glory of Luxor. The city, which includes One-Third of the world monuments. It is Theba, the majestic pharaonic capital.

The images and scenes of the ancient Egyptian celebrations will appear magically in the heart of the Ceremony of the Avenue of Sphinx. And also rare photographs from the 19th century of the Karnak and Luxor temples.

In addition,  the Greco-Roman sites, workshops, and monuments that explored newly underneath this road will be displayed. So, all over the road amid the Ceremony of the Avenue of Sphinx, you will see manufacturing pottery sites, amulets, and ornaments. All of that with a special lighting system amazingly.

The surprise that 4th November 2021is the anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

The Ceremony of the Avenue of Sphinx will be with the presence of Egypt’s high officials.