Pure Glorious Nature and Majestic History Create The Best Romantic Things To Do In Egypt for Couples.

Romantic Things To Do In Egypt

Romantic Things To Do In Egypt

One of the best romantic things to do in Egypt for couples is to spend time amid the pure life of this land that had witnessed the pharaonic majestic civilization. Then, how about the charm of this great spot where a unique, glorious history had been established in it!

The alluring blue water will take you to its wonder; to spend time with brilliant and vibrant coral reefs teeming with rare marine creatures. You can witness countless numbers of colorful fish with different exotic shapes.

Romantic Things To Do In Egypt

Romantic Things To Do In Egypt

The fresh sea breeze will attract your soul magically to lay down on soft, warm sand. Enjoy this fantastic view of the sea. The enchanting mountains surround that gorgeous sea which locates in the heart of the desert. It is a view that captivates hearts, while the monuments calling you to be a witness of your real love.  That is how enjoying this fantastic nature is one of the best romantic things to do in Egypt for couples.

Accompany your lover for the oldest destination in the whole world. You will be the embrace of one of the greatest civilizations in the land. Historical monuments that have thousands of years ago will create your best memories. As if they celebrate your love story in the great world of history.

There, the Pharaohs are standing in pride witness to your best moments with your lover. On a historical road, ride a camel or horse with your lover. Follow the pharaohs’ steps till arriving at one of the ancient world wonders.

Lead Your Soul To Spend Your Own Best Romantic Times, Where The Pharaohs Had Set One Of  Their Great Memories

In the place where the pharaohs had dreamed of building one of the most attractive landmarks in the world to lead humanity to their majestic history, create your own stunning romantic times. Find a great memorize with your lover. It will be an amazing time when these great monuments, the Giza pyramids, share with you this memory.

Romantic Things To Do In Egypt

Romantic Things To Do In Egypt

Just walk in front of the guard of these royal tombs since thousand of years ago, the sphinx that will welcome you. Then, pass through this world of magic, where you live your romantic time among where the ancient Egyptian kings had left their fabulous dazzling treasure to begin their next life as gods.

Walk On The Pharaons Lovers Road To Create Your Own Love Memory

While you are sinking in these ancient Egyptian beliefs with your lover, wondering how they had built these huge buildings, remember that you can walk in the same road as the owners of the greatest love story in the dawn of the civilization had walked, Isis and Osiris.

This trip will lead you to Aswan, so the best way to visit Luxor and Aswan with your lover will be by the Nile Cruise.

Just let the longest river in the whole world writes in your love story the best romantic sentences as it did when it wrote in the history of humanity, the greatest civilization. Live suspense time when sailing in this ancient Egyptian god, the Nile, and finding dazzling temples appear sparkly in the Nile banks.

Elephantine Island

When stopping at each temple, let the obelisk that had established by the hands of the ancient Egyptians illuminate your romantic days, they had built in order to spread the sun rays all over the temple. Then live with your lover each detail at the ancient Egyptians life among their high columns, the messages that they had left to keep in touch with humanity these days in the form of decorations, and the complex buildings that will captivate your eyes.

Complete your sailing as where the gods had sailed to their lover wives or vice versa, as you will sail on the same way of goddess Hathor when coming back from its temple to visit the statue of the god Horus in Edfu Temple. Also, you will sail through where the statues of each of the gods Amun, his wife Mut, and their son, the moon god Khonsu, were transported from their temples in Karnak Temple in a majestic procession to the Luxor Temple.

Narrate to Isis & Osiris, Those Historical Lovers, Your Own Love Story

Arrive at Philae temple, where you live the greatest love story. In which, Isis had found the heart of her husband, Osiris, after his brother, the god of evil, Set, killed him and cut his corpse and scattered it all over Egypt. So, his wife and his beloved, Isis, searched for the body of her husband and collected it unless she found his heart where the Philae was set up.

The Best Romantic Things To Do In Egypt for Couples.

The Best Romantic Things To Do In Egypt for Couples.

Isis and Osiris had left for you and your lover all the details of their love story, narrating each minute that had been happened in the temple’s decorations. So that, you can find vibrant messages carry all the story to share your best romantic times with your lover, leaving you the chance to show them also your love story.

Aswan Is One of The Best Destinations for the Best Romantic Things to Do in Egypt for Couples. Just Wait for The Sunset After Going Down in the Charm of the Nubia Islands.

Walkthrough colorful, simple houses, finding smiley faces with kind hearts hosting you to spend your best times. Every inch will attract you with simple beauty mixed with a great civilization and enchanting nature.

After minutes you will listen to unique songs coming from the streets that attract your soul. Follow these amazing sounds, and arrive where you can attend with your lover cheerful festivals. It will be a great time when sharing your lover the Nubian dancings, while the magic Nile sends its breezes to purify your spirit. Then go to the Nubian women who are staying in the streets, keeping the Nubial culture.

They will narrate for you magical stories from their traditions that they had taken from the ancient Egyptians. They will get you at the end a Nubian souvenir. Complete your romantic time, riding a Felucca on the Nile. Say goodbye to the sun that has witnessed your most interesting time with your lover in the land civilization. Your eyes will charm with the look of the sunset. Since. the Nile huges the sun.

But Your Night In the Red Sea Will Be More Alluring

After spending your day at the luxury resorts, swimming, diving, snorkeling, and riding the waves, lay down on the gold soft sand. You will see an amazing view of the sunset.

Then, you will find a dark blue sky and the bright white stars illuminates it. The music comes from the Bedouin tents to attract your soul. There, you can spend your best romantic times among the Bedouin festivals. The mountains add a more romantic view to your night.

live the suspense of going through this charming desert with your love, riding a camel. You can arrive at rocks of various colors in the form of slopes. It is a valley with walls dyed with mineral veins that draw lines on its sand and limestone stones. Which giving these stones crimson, orange, silver, gold, purple, red, and yellow hues. It is the colored canyon.

Colored Canyon

How romantic will it be while you walk through Ras Mohamed Reserve? There, you spend your romantic time among blue gradient waters, unique mountains, rare cute animals, and rocks. Also, you can find amazing plants such as mangroves and shura. The fresh air will purify your soul. Great nature embodying for us a charming palette in harmony unique to the world. It invites you for relaxation while the wonder waits for you in the surprising marine life underwater!

Pure sky, charming blue water, majestic history with incredible romantic sites of great love stories,  alluring underwater world, enchanting nights, enticing desert, and charming cities with the marvelous Nile that will carry you, that is how will be the best romantic things to do in Egypt for couples.