Which airlines fly to Alexandria Egypt

Which airlines fly to Alexandria Egypt

Airlines that fly to Alexandria Egypt 

Alexandria is one of the fascinating cities that is home to some of Egypt’s most remarkable discoveries. From sprawling boulevards to open gardens and pristine beaches, the place is known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean. 

It attracts tourists from all over the world as it gives a glimpse of Egypt’s past. Anyone who is willing to plan a trip to this place should know about the airlines that fly to Alexandria so that they can book their tickets on time.  

Which Airlines fly to Alexandria, Egypt? 

Alexandria is where you can feed your soul and has a medium-sized Airport called Borg El Arab. However, booking immediate tickets can cost you high rates. This is why here is a list of airlines that fly to Alexandria, Egypt listed below so that you can book your tickets prior to a month on best deals. 

Egypt Air

Egypt Air is one of the renowned airlines to fly to Alexandria Egypt frequently. It has its headquarters at Cairo International airport and is certified as a 3 Star Airline rating for the quality of the onboard products and staff services. 

Turkish Air 

The next airline to operate in Alexandria Egypt is Turkish Air. This airline has also been certified with 3 stars for its quality staff services and onboard products. However, some of the onboard products are considered to be in the 4-star category.

Fly Dubai 

Fly Dubai is a government-owned low-cost airline in Dubai that operates in Alexandria frequently. These airlines maintain consistency in providing top services to the passengers so that they can have a world-class experience.

Air Arabia

Here comes another certified 3-star low-cost Airline that flies to Alexandria Egypt. Its product ratings including cabin comfort, cabin cleanliness, crew members, food, and beverages have been declared to be of great quality. 

Book your ticket from the best airline to Alexandria, Egypt today!! 

There are 22 airports with direct flights to Alexandria around the world, distributed over 20 locations in 11 countries. 

Some direct flights come from places like Jeddah, Kuwait city, Istanbul, Riyadh, Dubai, Doha, Milan, Muscat, Athens, and Paris. Not to mention, Alexandria Airport gets more than 400 flights, averaging 98 flights per week or 14 flights per day.

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