Travel Egypt during Ramadan

Travel Egypt during Ramadan

Is it easy to travel within Egypt during Ramadan? 

Ramadan is a month-long celebration marked by both tremendous restraint and enormous indulgence. 

It is the pinnacle of the Islamic calendar when Muslims refrain from smoking, drinking, or engaging in sexual activities between sunrise and sunset every day. 

However, If you plan to visit Egypt during Ramadan then you will most certainly witness the locals being at their most charitable. But if it is worth it to travel to Egypt during Ramadan remains a constant question among the tourists?

Is it easy to travel within Egypt during Ramadan?

Although several businesses cut working hours, Muslims do not forsake work or school during Ramadan. This implies that tourists can take advantage of the majority of the services that are accessible the rest of the year. Talking about traveling in Egypt during Ramadan, does not completely affect one’s tour. 

Just know that it is one of the lowest seasons compared to others. All tourist sites would be affected to some extent as their visiting hours would be cut off. Travelling might become difficult during sunset time as traffic remains heavy the most. 

Moreover, you would not get to experience belly dancing as it remains suspended during this month. Tourists must also know that they can wear western clothes only if they are not too skimpy. 

Just make sure not to wear western clothes when visiting the mosque. When it comes to flooding, you may find it difficult to try the local street food items as they might remain closed or get close early.

What can be done during the Ramadan period? 

If you are planning to travel to Egypt during the Ramadan period, then there’s nothing to worry about. You can still get a chance to explore and experience the city at its best. 

From seeing the streets and homes decorated with Fanoos, to tasting the traditional iftar dinner at local or top restaurants, you can be a part of this festive season completely. 

You can also visit El Moez Street during the evening time as this place takes a special charm during this period. 

The Unique Celebrations Ramadan Egypt
The Unique Celebrations Ramadan Egypt

With A Soul Mixed With History & Decorations Charm The Hearts To Feel The Warm it Ramadan

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