Trains in Egypt

Trains in Egypt

Trains Facilities In Egypt 

No matter what you want to see and when you want to see, traveling around Egypt is easy. And the most comfortable way to travel is by Egyptian railways. Not only are the views wonderful but it gives an insight into the country. 

Types of Egyptian trains 

Basically, there are two types of Egyptian trains- ordinary and express. Express trains are air-conditioned and have first and second-class seating facilities along with refreshments. They are all reserved and tickets include a specific assigned seat. 

Ordinary trains are non-air conditioned and have second and third-class seating facilities. These trains are basically slow and are not reserved. However, few trains have second-class compartments and are air-conditioned with reserved seats.

Sleeper trains

Running between Cairo and Aswan, sleeper trains in Egypt offer privacy, a comfy bed, delicious dinner along with wine or drinks, and good service. And the sleeper trains usually have 8-12 sleeper cars. 

The sleeper train in Egypt is decorated with brass lights and wood paneling along with cheerful waiters catering to your needs. 

Cabins are either single or double. However, single cabins cost more than double as per person. And the cost of food is included in the ticket cost.

Facilities offered at Egyptian trains

  • Food Service- In both classes, dinner of good quality and taste can be purchased. Also, you’ll be offered coffee, mineral water, tea, cheese sandwiches, or sweet rolls throughout the trip. 
  • Toilets- Toilets are located at the back of each car and are functional and private. However, you can’t expect clean toilets every next minute. It offers a standard western-style flush toilet as well as a sink. 
  • Conductor- The train conductors in Egypt come dressed in blue with a patch saying- Chief of the Train, in the Arabic language. After the first stop, he checks the ticket. 
  • Security- All trains in Egypt have security officers. A transit police officer serves as normal security and a general security police officer serves on trains with a large number of tourists from the tourism police. Besides, you’ll see tourist policemen in uniforms and security police dresses normally though all carry some type of weapon. 
Watania Sleeping Train
Watania Sleeping Train

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