The shores of the Red Sea

The shores of the Red Sea

The Shores of the Red Sea                 

The Red Sea is an intercontinental sea that separates Africa and the Middle East. It has captivated mankind since antiquity. This sea’s name is odd considering that its waters are not red. 

It represents the fact that every visitor is struck by the brilliant colors that greet them as they gaze out over this huge and fabled stretch of water.

Visiting the Red Sea: an awe-inspiring scenery

The northern shores of the red sea which is the end of the Gulf of Aqaba lie Jordan’s only port and the gateway to the inland region’s incomparable ochre landscapes. It gives way to the vivid red of Wadi Rum. 

This open-air film set is a favorite of Hollywood directors and was explored by T. E. Lawrence in his day, with a wealth of geological and petroglyphic curiosities dating back over 10,000 years. 

The distinctive buildings are half-built, half-carved into the orange, pink, red, and golden sandstone cliffs which feature the influences of Greek. Next south, the shores of the red sea lie Safaga that is expanded to the sandy desert meeting the beaches. 

One can also get a chance to spot the lush greenery flourishing on the south shores of the red sea.

Holiday on the shores of the red sea !! 

A trip to the Red Sea and its environs is an opportunity to gaze at stunning blues and experience the best life. There are, of course, clear and cloudless skies, since the region is blessed with bright sunshine all year. But it’s the color of the water that really stands out: a rich and welcoming deep blue-green.

The turquoise waves on the shore of the red sea make one feel like they are in paradise. The Red Sea’s water is very salty and is denser than other seas. It allows one to float around carefree while basking in the year-round sunshine. The show’s climax, however, takes place underwater. 

Its depths blend the brightest colors to provide scuba divers with memorable experiences. So next time you are planning a high-end luxury trip, don’t forget to visit the red sea. 

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