The Ancient Egyptian Builders

The Ancient Egyptian Builders

Ancient Egyptian Builders 

The first place hits the mind when talking about the world’s greatest and longest civilization in Egypt. Egypt has been a part of the world’s most extended continuous historical period. Not only this, but ancient Egypt has many enduring pieces of architecture. 

And the ancient Egyptian builders have built unique monumental sites that still capture the interest of thousands of tourists. So here are a few names of builders who have played a significant role in Egyptian architecture. 

  • Imhotep 

Imhotep designed and built the Step Pyramid at the necropolis (cemetery) of Saqqarah in Memphis with the intention of King Djoser’s final resting place. The Pyramid comprises six steps and rises to a height of 200 ft. His works were prevalent, and they consider the Step Pyramid his most outstanding achievement.

  • Hassan Fathy

Born in 1900, Hassan Fathy is another Egyptian architect who committed his life to architecture in the Muslim world. Fathy wanted to pay tribute to the traditions of nature. So he built many projects like New Gourna Village, Hamdi Seif Al-Nasir House, Andreoli Residence, Akil Sami House, and many more. 

  • Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut was another great ancient Egyptian builder and the most prolific builder of pharaohs of ancient Egypt. There are hundreds of construction projects in upper and lower Egypt. Almost every museum in the world today has Hatshepsut statues. Her most outstanding achievement was the enormous memorial temple at Deir el-Bahri. 

  • Sneferu

Snefuru is another great Egyptian builder who constructed and designed a true pyramid. Apart from the Real first pyramid, his significant accomplishments include the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid. They have shown in history that King Sneferu set the standards for art in Egypt. He built spectacular life-sized statues and also established artistic conventions and standards. 

An outstanding contribution to the ancient Egyptian history 

The ancient Egyptian builders’ contribution and massive structures bear witness to the Ancient Egyptians’ enjoyment of their culture and kings. Undoubtedly, Egypt’s architecture is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. 

Also, many monuments and architectures show their deep belief in the afterlife. The unique architectural creations by the ancient Egyptian builders embody its beauty and mystery. 

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