Red Sea Diving Safari

Red Sea Diving Safari

Red Sea Diving Safari- One of the Best Attractions in Egypt

The name ‘Red Sea’ is believed to have come from the seasonal red algae blooms which appear at the surface of the sea at various times of the year. But despite its name, the waters of the Red sea have an amazing blue color. 

This destination i.e. the Red Sea has comfortable water temperatures all throughout the year. It has superb views and is one of the best diving destinations in the world. Since some of the most wonderful dive locations are far away from the shore, a dive cruise is one of the best possible ways for visiting the more remote areas of this area.

The Red Sea is basically a seawater inlet that extends from the Indian Ocean and lays amid the continents of both Africa & Asia. It is known as one of the saltiest bodies of water on earth, mainly due to its geological structure and environmental location, which leads to high evaporation levels in this particular sea. 

Due to the high salinity level of the Red Sea, divers should always be aware that they would require to add extra weight to their normal body weight for compensating for the extra buoyancy which is being provided by these salty waters.

The Red Sea is bordered by Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and most diving liveaboards, cruises in the Red Sea offer numerous diving safari packages directly from Egypt, with multiple renowned and established tourist destinations located throughout the nation starting from North to South. A diving experience in the Red Sea is possibly the best way to see this wonderful dive and snorkeling location.

Diving areas are split between North & South, with different kinds of dive trip itineraries offered in both areas.

Northern Red Sea diving location

The northern region of the Egyptian Red Sea is a divers abode, as it offers amazing dive cruises at famous dive sites such as the Straits of Tiran, Ras Mohammed National Park. If diving adventures is your go-to thing, then the Dunraven wrecks would surely be a must-do on your diving agenda. 

A dive liveaboard either from Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada can be an excellent way to fully explore the different dive sites available in this location.

Southern Red Sea diving location

To the south awaits some of the world’s most fantastic diving locations. This location provides divers with numerous opportunities to stay away from the crowds and experience a lifetime adventure by visiting on a liveaboard diving trip. Dive sites that are only accessible by overnight safaris can only be explored. With various well-known sites like The Daedalus Reef,  St. Johns, 

The Brothers, Fury Shoals, and Elphinstone it will surely make all divers go crazy and delighted. Most liveaboard itineraries which operate in this southern area generally depart from either Port Ghalib or Hurghada.

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