Major Airports in Egypt

Major Airports in Egypt

Best 10 Major Airports in Egypt

Egypt is one of the largest countries in Africa and Middle East. In fact last year 2022 Egypt Airports have received more than 20 m million passengers from all over the World. Here we gathered the 10 Major Airports in Egypt and their location.

1- Cairo Airport

The history of Cairo International Airport began in the 1940s when the American Bayn Field air force facility was built five km near Almaza Airport to support the Alliance during World War II. By the time the war was over, American soldiers had abandoned the base.

The base was taken up by the Civil Aviation Authority in 1945, who then gave it to the International Civil Aviation. “King Farouk 1st Airport” was the name of the airport. Almaza Airport was used exclusively for domestic flights in the interim.

2. Borg El Arab Airport In Alexandria

Alexandria Borg El Arab International Airport is located in northwestern Egypt and is named after Alexandria and the surrounding Borg El Arab (Burj Al Arab). It provides service to Alexandria and the Nile Delta. Because of its position on the Mediterranean Sea, the city is not as hot as the rest of Egypt. The Citadel of Qaitbay and the Montaza Palace are two of Alexandria’s most famous landmarks.

3. Sphinx Airport

Sphinx International Airport is 45 km from the Giza Pyramids on the desert route between Cairo and Alexandria. On the other hand, this Airport now helps many travelers arriving and departing Cairo and Giza.

4. El Nozha Airport

El Nozha Airport, is located approximately 6 km southeast of Alexandria city centre. In fact, The airport was built in 1947, the airport’s land area is approximately 650 acres, and it receives small and medium aircraft and private planes. The airport consists of a passenger terminal that contains two halls, one for travel and the second for arrival, the offices of airlines operating at the airport, and many other services such as banks and cafeterias, include the airport and includes an air cargo lounge, and a duty-free building.

5. Sharm El Sheikh Airport.

Sharm El Sheikh Airport is Egypt’s third busiest airport. The airport is mostly utilised by visitors travelling to the South Sinai region’s hotels and resorts.

In fact, Sharm El Sheikh International Airport is located to the north of the city. The El-Salam road leads to the airport.

The airport has two terminals. Terminal 1 is the new and contemporary terminal, which opened in May 2007. Terminal 2 is the former terminal.

6. Hurghada Airport.

After Cairo Airport, Hurghada Airport is Egypt’s second busiest airport. Hurghada on the Red Sea is one of Egypt’s most famous tourist spots. Tourists come to Hurghada mostly to enjoy the sun, beach, and sea. With a high number of hotels, Sakkala and the Hotels Zone are renowned as Hurghada’s tourism centre. El Dahar is Hurghada’s true Old Town.

7. Luxor Airport

Luxor International Airport (LXR) is located 6 kilometres / 4 miles east of Luxor city centre (Al Uqsur) and next to both Al Bayadiyah and El-dabiya, and serves as an access point for the Nile Valley’s major tourist attractions. This airport is Egypt’s fourth-largest and the closest to the famed Valley of the Kings, which is located just south of Luxor.

In addition, the airport was recently rebuilt to meet the requirements of growing aviation traffic, and it was meant to handle seven million people per year, while it now only serves roughly one million. Luxor Airport is around 740 acres (300 hectares) in size, with only one runway and considerable cargo storage. Egypt Air and AMC are now two of the most popular airlines.

8. Aswan Airport.

Aswan International Airport (IATA: ASW, ICAO: HESN), despite its name, is a domestic airport situated 16 kilometres southwest of Aswan, Egypt.
In fact, the Airport of Aswan (also known as Daraw Airport) was established in 1956 to serve Aswan, Egypt.

9. Marsa Alam Airport

Marsa Alam International Airport is located 60 kilometres north of Marsa Alam in Egypt, in the Red Sea Governorate. It is a popular leisure destination for flights from Europe.

It is the first airport to be managed by BOT for forty years following the signing of an agreement with the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority. Similarly, this airport was primarily established to support the growing tourism movement in the Red Sea region, and the runway is responsible for hosting Boeing 737, 757, and 767 aircraft.

10. Sohag Airport

Located in Sohag city, around 400 KM south of Cairo. In truth, Sohag Airport is mostly used for Egyptians from the near by cities like El Minya and Assyout.

Hurghada Airport
Hurghada Airport

Hurghada Airport Hurghada Airport is located inland, 5 kilometres (3 miles) southwest of

Luxor Airport
Luxor Airport

Luxor Airport Location of Luxor Airport.City: Luxor, Qina (Qena), EgyptName: Luxor

Airports in Egypt
Airports in Egypt

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Related FAQ

How many international airports are in Egypt?

There are major 10 Airports in Egypt. The Largest is Cairo International Airport with 2 other small airports. In addition, there are 3 Airports on The Red Sea, Sharm, Hurghada and Marsa Alam. 3 Airports in the South (Luxor, Aswan And Sohag Airports). Similarly, Alexandria has 2 Airports.

What is the major airport in Egypt?

The Major Airport in Egypt is Cairo International Airport. In addition, there are more in Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada and Sharm.

Where is the best place to fly into Egypt?

In fact, Cairo is the best place to fly to as the International Airport of Cairo is the largest. Similarly, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.

What is the safest airline in Egypt?

Egypt Air is the safest and also the best. In fact, it flies over the major airports in Egypt.

What airport is best for Pyramids?

Sphinx Airport Or Air Airport are the best to land and visit the Pyramids. in fact, if you are landing for few hours, Sphinx will be your best choice.

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