Islamic architecture designs

Islamic architecture designs

Islamic architecture design in Egypt 

The architectural styles of buildings related to Islam are referred to as Islamic architecture. 

Roman, Byzantine, Persian, Mesopotamian, and all other lands acquired by the Early Muslim conquests in the seventh and eighth century inspired early Islamic architecture design

From Islam’s early history to the present day, it encompasses both secular and religious styles. Most of the architectural design of Islam can be witnessed in Egypt and its cities.

Islamic architecture designed in Egypt 

Someone once approached Titus Burckhardt, a well-known European specialist of Islamic art and architecture called Titus Burckhardt.  They asked him to provide guidance on how to comprehend Islamic art. In reply, he said to Go to the Ibn Tulun Mosque in Cairo and witness its art’s meaning and spiritual value.

Egypt’s capital Cairo, also dubbed as “the Mother of the World,” is home to one of the world’s most extensive collections of Islamic architectural marvels. Some of the key characteristics of Islamic architecture design that you would witness include Minarets, Domes, Muqarnas Vaulting, Mihrab, Arabesque art, Hypostyle hall, courtyards, Iwan, and Arches. 

Minarets are striking to look at while domes are often decorated with mosaic tiling.  While Muqarnas Vaulting adds monochromatic touch and style, arches are precursors to gothic.

Besides that, the ornamental details include the use of Arabic calligraphy scripts such as phrases from the Holy Book Quran. Furthermore, some outdoor elements of architecture design of Islamic culture feature gardens, walled interior courtyards, and so on.

Some top Islamic architectures in Egypt !! 

If you wish to go on a tour to Egypt and witness some top architectural designs of Islam, then know that there are enormous places you can check out. 

From Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-As, Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Mosque of al Azhar to Mosque of al-Hakim, Al Aqmar Mosque, Juyushi Mosque, and Mosque of Salih Tala’i, the list is endless.  

Other than that, you can visit Harem Palace, the Palace of Mangak al Silahdar, Manasterly Palace, and El Gawhara Palace. You would undoubtedly get to witness an abundance of art that no other city has to offer. 

Mosques in Egypt
Mosques in Egypt

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Islamic Art Unique architecture and Interesting Cultural
Islamic Art Unique architecture and Interesting Cultural

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