Colloquial Egyptian

Colloquial Egyptian

Colloquial Egyptian and Arabic expressions 

Learning about the colloquial Egyptian and Arabic expressions or phrases is both linguistically and culturally interesting. This is due to the fact that the language utilized is fairly formulaic and does not always adhere to Arabic grammar norms. 

It can also provide you with an understanding of Arab culture and the mindset of those who speak the language. As a beginner, it could be difficult to learn the Arabic language but with a colorful history, the language has the power to captivate any linguist. 

Some colloquial Egyptian and Arabic expressions you must know of !! 

Before you plan to dig deep and learn the Arabic language fully. It would be a good start to go off with the colloquial Egyptian and Arabic expressions first. Just make sure to utilize it properly so that it makes you feel like a true local. Therefore, here are some of them listed below 

  • Yallah 

One of the most commonly used Arabic terms is “Yallah” which means “let’s go” or “come on,”. It is used when you want something to happen or someone to move. This colloquial Egyptian and Arabic Expression “Yallah” can be used for everything, from getting stalled in traffic to getting people dancing. 

  • Khallas 

It is to mean- “to finish”. However, some other ways one can mean it as

  •  “Stop it”
  • “don’t try again” 
  • “it’s over”
  • “stop talking”, etc. 

When you just want someone to stop bothering you, this is the term to use

  • Wallahy 

Wallah means “I swear to God,” which can be used in conversations between friends or relatives. And you can use this word in any part of a phrase; for example, “You won’t believe what happened to me, even if I told you, wallah!”

  • Akeed 

This word is frequently used and you must learn this colloquial Arabic and Egyptian Expression. It simply means “certainly” or “of course,” and has a bright connotation that will make the conversation seem more friendly and easy-going. 

  • Bass

Bass basically means “shut up” in Arabic. It’s a bit vulgar in English, but it’s widely used among Arab youth or during a conversation with friends while making a joke in a light-hearted way. 

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