Sokhna port Pure Colorful Nature and Great Economic Investment

Sokhna port Pure Colorful Nature and Great Economic Investment

The Pure Colorful Nature Invites You To Be Inside A Great Economic Investment In Sokhna Port

Among the yellow mountains, blue water will catch your eyes and heal your psyche, feeling rest, relaxation, and calm, while the Sulfur springs spread with warm water that has an incredible ability in treating the body diseases and your soul will be amazed by the pure beauty of nature, especially when focusing on the birds’ sounds that extend fly in the blue sky of the Ain Sokhna in sokhna port. Besides all this amazing nature.

there is the Ain Sokhna Port, which is a huge investment project that includes oil and gas fields in the Ain Sokhna region, refining and gas liquefaction projects, a petrochemical project, and a ceramic factory.

sokhna port

sokhna port
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Amidst the serenity of mind, tranquility, and comfort that you enjoy in the nature of Ain Sokhna, you will be attracted by the luxury in the buildings.

the sophisticated and upscale design, and the beautiful hotels until you reach the Ain Sokhna port, particularly Sokhna seaport, which covers an area of ​​22.3 square kilometers and is expected to accommodate two million TEUs annually.

Near the port, there is a large refinery for refining sugar and vegetable fuel and a plant for the production of ammonia.

the forlon beach of ain sokhna

the forlon beach of ain sokhna
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The Ain Sokhna port is within the axis of the Suez Canal, considering that it is a major and essential part of it, which leads to an increase and recovery of economic movement.

which gives Sokhna economic importance, since Sokhna port Egypt is one of the Egyptian ports affiliated with the General Authority for Red Sea Ports and is located on the western coast of the Gulf of Suez on an area of ​​22.3 square kilometers and at a distance of 43 km from Suez City.

and the port currently accommodates more than 350 thousand containers.

El ain el sokhna

El ain el sokhna
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As a result of being the Ain Sokhna characterized by its mild weather throughout the year, all-year-round, you can enjoy Mount Galala, which is one of the most beautiful areas, where you see the majestic view, to move into the petrified tree reserve.

which is not just a geological landmark but it also has become a rare relic that there is no like in the world with the skeletons of extinct animals, as well as seeing rare reptiles and birds such as the white owl and the sad bird, and hiking between Caves and valleys.

and see flowers that are rare, such as narcissus, which can be used to reduce heat and treat depression, then your way to Port Ain Sokhna will begin, to be inside a great economic investment.

ain sokhna

sokhna port
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Some Info about Ain Sokhna Egypt

  • Total area: 24,919,337.85 square meters.
  • Water area: 3,400,000 square meters.
  • Floor area: 21,519,337.85 square meters.
  • The area of ​​the customs area is within one million square meters.
  • The maximum length of the port is 7 km.
  • The largest width of the port: 5.5 km.
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